Beautiful spot! Arroyo is dry now in winter, would love to see it flowing. Seriously sad that people have dumped trash and there are broken bottles everywhere, I'd love to participate in a clean up if there was one. Do what I can while I am here but a lot of it is large debris. Don't let it deter you from coming through, the beauty of the spot is more powerful than the trash. It's windy but I think the rocks help protect you a bit. I didn't park up higher for that reason but it was totally doable in my 30' skoolie. Definitely NOT if it's wet though. A lot of the track has a rock base but not all of it. Road in was in good shape, a little washboard but I've seen far worse. Decent Verizon signal.

Blog: jenfitzh20

Place: 180 Little Colorado River


Location: 34.84122, -110.06265


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