Positive things first: Great location in town, very clean and tidy bathrooms. However, the person running this ace is extremely unfriendly. Trading the other reviews, I am not sure if it is just towards young people, but our experience was extremely unpleasant. The first encounter with the owner / manager on the street was already telling: First thing he told us:One condition: No showers, but you will have to pay the full price. When asking if we could bring our cat in, he just made disgusted noises. Friends of ours with a kid got told earlier that the kid needs to stay in the van at all times and was not allowed to play outside. When we asked the next day, of we could leave the vans until the afternoon, he only asked "what time?", and I answered with around 3 or 4 pm. He replied, give me an exact time, so I that 4. After that he replied with "Yes, but if you are one minute late, you will pay the full price for the next night". I think it just shows his character, nitpicking on useless details just to excert the little power he has aa a campground owner. As I said, the location is excellent to explore the town and I guess that is the reason why he is still in business, but don't expect to be treated friendly. (By the way, we planned to stay here with a group of friends over Christmas, so he could have earned a lot more, but after that impression we left the next day)

Blog: someunexpectedjourneys

Place: San Miguel RV Park

Visited: December 22nd, 2020

Location: 20.90714, -100.74898