Great spot to camp when visiting SMA. The owner is very friendly, we had the place to ourselves courtesy of Covid, a few ghost camper and left by owner who fled back home... we were tent camping and managed to find a shady spot right at the back of the campsite. It’s a popular spot for tennis players (mostly gringos) but quite at night and before 7:30 so no dramas getting a decent night sleep. Very safe place with locked gates (you get the key to enter at night) a few cars around so be aware, they feel very much at home on your camping chairs (or motorcycle seats in our case!) it’s not a cheap place but it right in town so all in, a very good option. Oh yeah, hot showers, WiFi, water and power... everything you might want!

Blog: 2ADVriders

Place: San Miguel RV Park

Visited: April 10th, 2021

Location: 20.90714, -100.74898