Shelburne Bay boat ramp, about 15 minutes south of Burlington, VT. Not much free, open land to boondock around here, but there are lots of boat ramps. This one was not listed on any apps or websites, except iOverlander....which is one of my go to apps when I need a sneaky spot. The Lone review was just posted a couple weeks such now that the day use folks and boaters left, I have the whole place to myself, as it seems not many know about it. I pretty much right on the water and have a great view of Shelbourne Bay and the boat lights still cruising around. Very big wide open and level lot. Internet/data very fast. Vzw is 30 mbps down/3 up, ATT is 39 mbps down/3 up. 17 OTA TV stations come in. one last thing....if coming in from the North, GPS will tell you to turn down Bay Rd.....thats going to be a no go for most....there is a low bridge with only 11' clearance. Keep going about 2 more miles and take Harbor Road'll have no issues.

Blog: stev1e99

Place: Shelbourne bay boat ramp

Visited: August 2nd, 2021

Location: 44.39955, -73.23534


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