On these coordinates there are 3 spots. Roads are just a bit a tad bumpy coming up. Took some time after arriving to pick up some trash, along with a sandwich bag full spent gun shells, none recent. Looks like in the past sime locals had a bunch of fun. Area has no amenities, be self sufficient.

The spots are as follows. The first spot is a tad bit unlevel mulch/dirt. The second is the one mostly pictured, and has a fire ring. The third you can get to, only if you aren't low to the ground, 4×4 is ideal. Witnessed a Subaru Outback get through the "tree stump hump". Sadly didn't get a picture of that one.

Enjoy Washington!

Blog: cloverman525

Place: DNR Dispersed Camping


Location: 48.01556, -122.96302


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