Parks and Rec and/or rangers obviously patrol here. And thanks to them this place remains open. For us good-souled Boondockers there will obviously be a bit of trash to pickup tomorrow, but for the most part at the time of this writing, it seems clean and safe to stay here for the evening. High clearance is A MUST to get down to the beach with your vehicle- heavy rigs will struggle more can easily get stuck, and don’t ask AAA to help you because they won’t make the trip into off-roading sites like this. TIDE CHART KNOWLEDGE is a must if staying on the sand.

Knowledge from Parks and Rec which we called beforehand: required is an orange flag at least 9 feet high and a $10 ATV (this is a permit that covers all motorized vehicles at the beach and not just ATV’s ((Traditional ATV’s are NOT ALLOWED at this location)) ) permit is required which you can buy online and will be mailed to you within 10-14 days. Until then save a copy to your phone or print it to show the ranger. Any persons acting like vagrants will be cited and kicked out and it IS ENFORCED.

The clearance to the last part of the beach is akin to owning a pickup truck if you don’t want to get stuck. On this night we had very good neighbors who kept to themselves and were kind and helpful if someone needed anything. Ask for a cup of sugar or a jumpstart and you’d get it. I measured 18” from level at the pavement. Good luck and keep our forests green :-)

Blog: junkeemailer

Place: Whiskey Run


Location: 43.21079, -124.39391


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