Nice national park with a lot of potential. A lot of birds and butterfly, and the hiking trails are well designed and maintained even though a bit short.
We actually didn't sleep upthere because the access (2km of dirt road) was a bit muddy after several days of rain.
As a consequence we slept at the little camping-lanchonete just before the entrance and it was actually nice : a bathroom and toilet correctly maintained, sink and a shelter for rain for 30.000Gs for 2 people and a car.
Thus we began the trail at the Museum / Iron Fabric, only paid for the whole entrance for the Park (10.000Gs per person) and added something like 4 or 5 kilometers to the walk (back and forth)

Blog: akombicicleta

Place: Parque Nacional Ybycui

Visited: October 4th, 2021

Location: -26.07807, -56.85042


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