Other than the trash this was a spectacular stay in mid October. We picked up a couple of bagfuls of trash so our immediate area was pristine. Locals come here to play on the beach. It seems they all leave after sunset. Quiet even on Saturday. There were a couple of parties last night a short distance away with music but we slept fine and they we’re gonna in the morning. We did clean up a pile of Bud Light cans on the beach in the morning but could have been much worse. Stayed at Condominios Pilar next door about ten years ago in March. It was great then and is still a wonderful beach and bay. Would definitely stay here again. Read the warnings of people entering RVs etc but we had no issues. Locals not as friendly as Baja but a sweet spot.

Blog: Clarityoffgrid

Place: San Carlos wild Camp

Visited: October 16th, 2021

Location: 27.96215, -110.99323


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