Private guide with safari vehicle can take you on daily drives to South Luangwa including a night drive. We chose to do two drives, one departing from the park gate at 06h00-10h00/11h00 and another departing at 16h00 until 20h00.

The guides name is Standwell, his number is +260963876511. He is quiet but knowledgable and looks to please his guests.

Please remember that the park is not a zoo, you aren’t guaranteed sightings. That being said, it’s an excellent park and with the network of guides around, you’re sure to see something amazing.

If you decide to night-drive you will need to pay $20USD for the vehicle (this is not part of what you pay to Standwell). Park fees are also over and above his fee ($20USD pp SADC).

This works out cheaper than drives with some of the surrounding camps/lodges and you’re supporting the local community.

Have a great safari.

Blog: Nomadic_Hagrid

Place: SAFARI GUIDE - South Luangwa (Standwell)

Visited: October 11th, 2021

Location: -13.09847, 31.78583


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