Here’s the scoop, the coordinates end at the offshoot road to take. Hang a right not to far after, up a slight hill and there are about 3 spots to choose from. Two will fit a camper (nothing huge) and one is good for a small set up.
If you go straight (like a we did mistakenly) a patch of pavement goes over a wash and there is a decent drop off, sketchy with the camper, had to get traction boards out to lessen it. Do NOT go right after the pavement, there is a nasty washout that is impassable.

We drove all the spots in the area, many of the dirt road off shoots lead to the canyon and some have spots for a small set up. Almost everyone was not camper friendly in terms of required ground clearance. Some flat spots by the road, but we prefer not to be so visible in an area like this.

Locals use this area as a dumping ground, party area and shooting range. Shame how trashed it is. Be very aware, if not for the off season I’d feel pretty sketched in this area. 180 is not patrolled at night either.

Blog: taylorabney.adventures

Place: 180 Little Colorado River


Location: 34.84153, -110.06375


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