Stayed here for a night already and plan to stay another. Wonderful spot - so quiet, and close to bathrooms. 4 bars LTE and telcel. Bathrooms in the municipal building are open late and early and are free (bring your own TP and please put it in the trash not toilet). Only park on the right side - you’ll get ticketed if you park on the left. Very narrow and only one exit out to the left - it’s a dead end if you go any closer toward the square past the road on the left. Saw a few big rigs get very stuck. The shop on the left right before the brewery has amazing food and is reasonable for the area - his date smoothie is huge and delicious for 4.50 usd and he has vegan and vegetarian options. Short walk to a beach (some people looked like they were camping out there). Super cute area with lots of food and drinks. The square has free wifi but we didn’t connect.

Blog: sillyyshmee

Place: Quiet road near public plaza

Visited: January 11th, 2022

Location: 26.01169, -111.34192


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