Cost: 280 pesos per night
Dates stayed: 16-21 November 2014
This is an RV park/tennis club in the center of town. The primary business is the tennis club and there are many long-term stay in the RV park. It is small with only 12 spots. We had spot 6 which was excellent for tent camping because it included a covered area, table/chairs, and a counter top that we were able to set up as a kitchen. Downside is there are many feral cats that some of the RV people are feeding and then took it upon themselves to pee on our stuff. The wifi is excellent and the owner speaks English. We emailed with them prior to arriving and he had reserved the spot 6 for us because it is the best one for tent camping.


Place: San Miguel RV Park

Visited: November 16th, 2014

Location: 20.90714, -100.74898