Warning - we came here together with our friends in a sprinter van, two chilean plated cars, they arrived about an hour before us. When it got dark, about 4-5 cars came to the spot (it's basically middle of a field between two villages) and roughly 20 people walked out and started to look with flashlights in our cars.
As we were in the sprinter, after discussing what we should do I decided I'll try to speak to them - they started very angrily speaking to me saying "son chilenos!", several times. After I thoroughly explained them, as nice as possible, that we're not chileans and proved them by showing a sticker on our car from Slovakia, they calmed down a bit (took about 5-10 minutes of a debate), they asked to see an ID (still didn't believe I wasn't chilean). After that, I asked if we could stay there or should move somewhere else, they said we can't stay there, because "some bad things have happened here".
We didn't think about if it was a warning or a threat and when we said that we'd leave, they left us as soon as we started packing. Went to the nearest iOverlander spot and stayed at the main square of the next village.
Overall, nothing happened, but I definitely wouldn't stay there, especially with a chilean car. They probably just saw two chilean cars heading to their field almost at night and thought we're the bad guys. The anti-chilean mood (google "war of the pacific") is still strong here...

Blog: Wedding Travellers

Place: Wildcamp

Visited: July 9th, 2016

Location: -17.41345, -67.52999