We have been here for three days so far and the friendly reception and unstinting assistance have continued the whole time. Unlike many campgrounds that are crumbling into the mud, here they continue to put their earnings back into the business, including recent upgrades to the internet - now quite fast and reliable - as well as increasing the width of the gate so we could park inside rather than out on the street.
As for the cost? $14 us dollars per day for absolute security, electricity, internet, common room, water, toilets and shower and basic laundry and kitchen with sunny aspect well off the main roads with good local transport at the end of the street close to the middle of a premier tourist destination, and with all the help you could ask for from the owners!!!!!! Some peoples expectations are quite unrealistic. Wait until you get into Brazil or Chile.
BTW Alberto, and especially Felicidad, are concerned that one recent isolated incident - borne out of trying to help campers rather than to make money - has been given too much credence. All the appreciative comments posted in the visitors' book give the true picture .
The place is open, the locals are friendly, and overlanders are very, very welcome

Blog: Tony LEE

Place: Camping Alberto and Felicidad

Visited: June 12th, 2017

Location: -19.04300, -65.25499