Had a long driving day and finally arrived at the campground. Felicidad wanted us to pay 200bs per night for the car and family but then Alberto mentioned to her that he quoted 150bs to us earlier. Even at 150bs, that is a lot, if not the most we've been charged in all of South America. We mentioned we don't need any services as we are fully self contained (we have a 110v rig, kitchen and shower within). She seemed not to believe us about having hot water and she said we would need her electricity. Finally we convinced her we were self sufficient by telling her we had propane tanks. She then focused on wifi, which yes we did want to use. She then asked us what we would like to pay, we offered 100bs for the car as that was the price written in one of the recent posts. She yelled, "No!", made some gestures and showed us the door. I thought it was really rude. Then she stormed off back to her house. Alberto seemed super nice but embarrassed he couldn't help as he called his wife the "Minister of Finance". We left. Too bad, great comments here but a bit of a monopoly. If she wasn't willing to negotiate, she shouldn't have asked what we wanted to pay. Small area but very well maintained from what I saw. We are now at -19.040311, -65.263952 paying 15bs for a secure park, three times as large. Flat and suitable for big rigs. See our other post.


Place: Camping Alberto and Felicidad

Visited: September 20th, 2017

Location: -19.04300, -65.25499