Definitely take the detour to avoid this checkpoint! We decided to give it a go and had a completely different experience to the ones below. They took photos of our license plate, and bidones and then told us to come to the office where they demanded receipts for gasoline. We told them we didn't have any and we'd bought the gasoline in Argentina and it was only for emergencies.. Amazingly we were able to find some old receipts in the car but they weren't too happy about that either - they then tried telling us that it was illegal to bring fuel from other countries, but we told them the Aduana said it was ok and we pointed out our previous checkpoint stamps. After 20 minutes of arguing, us filming them, them filming us, us pretending not to understand them, and threatening to call our embassy, they gave up and begrudgingly gave us the stamp on the back of our TIP and let us go. Strangely enough they didn't ask us for/demand any money. It seems like they've changed their game plan and are now focusing on foreigners buying fuel.. Quite an entertaining experience but avoid it if you're not up to the challenge!

Blog: outonalimshaw

Place: Police Station/Toll

Visited: September 29th, 2017

Location: -18.162268, -63.506088