It might be a little expensive for camping (80 bol.), but over all it´s definetely worth it. Real camping in walking distance to the center, a little kitchen, good wifi, cosy indoor lounge, electricity, good showers and toilets, it´s quiet, perfectly safe - and - there´s a good chance of meeting overlanders!.
And if you need a mechanic, coming through Alberto to José, a very good one, you´ll get a very fair price, which can be worth much more, than saving a few bolivianos on camping. He even comes to the campsite for bigger vehicles. Alberto, his wife and daughter are also trying to help with anything else as good as they can. I had a great time.

Blog: albi

Place: Camping Alberto and Felicidad

Visited: October 4th, 2017

Location: -19.04300, -65.25499