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Parking only

s/3 per night.

municipal parking lot -6.23070, -77.87247

Free with entrance to ruins. No facilities / bathrooms are a 2km hike up / grass lot with amazing views


Kuelap Parking Lot -6.42690, -77.92675

Wifi / cold showers / low overhead. Hard to find without Perut GPS, ask locals once you reach Avenida Peru

S/10 per person.

Hacienda San Vicente -7.16313, -78.52880

Beach side / parking in back lot / hot shower with room key. Plenty of hostels on the beach

s/20 per night.

Hostal Los Delfines Chicama -7.70393, -79.44348

One block from beach / pool / wifi / elec / water / laundry/ hot shower with room key. Good overlander meetup locations.

s/15 per person.

Huanchaco Gardens RV Park -8.07298, -79.11842

No facilities / 50 ft off road (right) / well hidden


Roadside -8.78910, -77.88427

Wifi / elec / water / hot shower. Nice spot, patio w/ mountain views

s/35 per night.

Los Pinos Lodge -9.04843, -77.81280

(4200m) 2.5 hours from Caraz / lake view / porta-potty

s/10 per night.

Lago Parón National Park -9.00023, -77.68492

(3625m) Restaurant / hot shower / English owned and spoken

s/15 per person.

Llanganuco Lodge -9.09585, -77.69948

Camping free with entrance fee (s/6 per person). Did not stay, just spotted


Yuraccorral camping -9.05280, -77.61808

ocean view room low season. secure parking (we took a room, camping may be possible). hot water / no internet

s/80 per night

Hostal los Delfines -10.75733, -77.76562

Notorious for not filling cylinders full

Llamagaz (US and EU bottles) -13.55825, -71.85127

Wifi / water / elec / hot shower with room key

s/35 per night.

Ollantaytambo Lodge -13.26017, -72.26183

Secure parking in back parking lot (over bridge). water / elec / hot shower access to pool and athletic facilities. Great for tent campers. We were not allowed to camp at the Pisac ruins without purchasing admission

s/20 per person.

Hotel Royal Inka -13.42272, -71.84145

Free / no amenities / okay cover from road (best we saw)


Bush Camp #1 -13.10077, -71.56878

3667m. Only amenities are pit toilets

S/10 per person to access s/10 per person to camp.

Tres Cruces View Point -13.12095, -71.61157

Free / on large pullout / no cover. Buggy and beautiful


Bush Camp #2 -13.20435, -71.62625

4000m. Free / on hill overlooking town / good views / no cover. Better cover 12km before this on a turn-out


Bush Camp #1 -14.78180, -71.39533

4250m. Free / pretty / very well hidden


Bush Camp #2 -15.98253, -71.38383

Bathrooms only open in the AM

s/ 35 per person to access canyon, camping free.

Mirador del Cruz Parking Lot -15.61245, -71.90410

2310m. water / hot showers / elec / wifi in lobby / central location. Park by the gate if you want wifi in your camper. Big Plaza Vea with wifi and a good car wash 1 block away

s/22 per person.

Hostel Las Mercedes -16.40033, -71.54233

Did not fill, just spotted

Llama Gas - Arequipa North -16.33183, -71.59318

Free, s/1 for use of bathrooms (no showers). others have camped on the futbol field or lakeside

Free, s/1 for use of bathrooms

Sillustani ruins parking lot -15.72417, -70.15085

3855m. Water / use of bathrooms (no shower) / dial-up wifi in lobby. Hotel Chasqui del Sol was B/70 with hot showers but no internet

B/30 per night.

Hotel Gloria -16.16727, -69.08867

Free and beautiful / 1km out of town. Hostel nearby advertising camping was not open

Lakeside Bush Camp -16.17378, -69.09458

Free, No facilities, short hike to beach for tent campers, wood for campfire

Road to Isla del Sol -16.11477, -69.08388

Water / elec / english / hot shower / restaurant / no internet. Hike to the San Pedro cave if you have a free day

B/30 per person & 30 per car.

Altai Oasis -15.76958, -68.65492

3290m. Water / elec / english / wifi / resturant / hot showers. B/20 taxi to downtown, take the southern bypass road to avoid driving through downtown

B/50 per person, 20 for elec.

Hotel Oberland -16.56838, -68.08938

Camping free with vehicle service. Services: Bathroom / elec. Good mechanic, speaks English and German


Volks Auto Shop - Ernesto Hug -16.51538, -68.13572

4300m. Camping free with NP entry fee: Use of thermal baths: B/30 per person, B/2 for use of bathroom. No services in park but you can drive and camp anywhere surrounded by absolute serenity. Only downside is the temp: it will freeze most nights

B/30 per person.

Thermal Baths -18.09307, -68.97897

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