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June 17th, 2021 Vanna Black

Absolutely not. This spot is super sketchy even during the day. I thought I might go paddle boarding but when I walked down to the beach to scope everything out, it was pretty raucous. The parking lot was even worse. There seemed to be some longterm residents who were partying hard.

Sutter’s Landing Parking Lot 38.585203, -121.463941
June 17th, 2021 jess.marie.moore94

We slept here after watching the sunset. The place completely cleared out after 940, mind you it is covid times... but there are no signs and we were not disturbed.
if you want to walk out to the cliffs to see the beach you need to arrive before 9am or after 6pm because there is a security guard now as there has been many deaths. it's really beautiful but be very careful and don't go near the edges... it's over a 100 meter drop.

parking lot for navagio beach 37.861763, 20.625883
June 17th, 2021 kitrca

Got here at 1:38 am I guess it will do free parking

Free Public Parking Lots 48.274793, -116.549915
June 17th, 2021 ernst.bair

Perfect Workshop for unimog drivers. Very helpful guys here.

C&D Unimog Specialists -25.098091, 30.767515
June 17th, 2021 mathilde.jollivet2

The parking isn’t free anymore, 5$ / 1 hour, 20$ max.

Free parking close to the falls 43.074685, -79.080987
June 17th, 2021 partiudivan

We were wondering about the possibility of sleeping by the beach (Praia do Futuro) but many people said that it's dangerous, you can be robbed or worse.
so Felipe's cousin told us about this place.
They charge R$25/pp including cold shower and power.
Katia the owner is really friendly! We spent more than one hour talking about life.
She also rent rooms but I don't know about the price.

Pousada Praia Sul -3.732141, -38.458198
June 17th, 2021 sylke.neidlinger

The supermarket is still there but is is closed at the moment. Not sure if it will open again?

Panone mini supermarket -3.469477, 37.541690
June 17th, 2021

We were hesitant to stop here after the last review, but opted to anyway. Stopped to get an error code read and they wanted 100,000ugx!!! If they wanted to charge 30USD just to have an error code read, imagine what the rest of the bill would be. We left immediately. Would NOT recommend. Go elsewhere for sure.

Stitch And Sew Garage Services 0.657529, 30.278003
June 17th, 2021 For The Love Of Kate

An absolutely beautiful location. We took our 32’ Skoolie all the way to the top of the road and OMG it is beautiful!
We even have 3 bars of AT&T 5gE!

Wild Utah 41.406776, -111.524626
June 17th, 2021 evoraleite

Very nice camping with a great space for RVs and vans, the beach is beautiful and really calm. We stayed here with a van, it was R$ 35,00 per person, they have two two clean toilets and showers. No wifi but 4G works great.

Muy bueno espacio para furgonetas y RVs, la playa es muy linda y tranquila. Nos quedamos aquí en una furgoneta, fue R$ 35 por persona y tienen dos baños y duchas limpios. No tienen wifi pero la 4G funciona bien.

Bom espaço pra van e RV, a praia é bonita e super tranquila

Beachfront Camping -15.017300, -38.997800
June 17th, 2021 marcusjachalke

A German family with children cordially invites you to a 6HA large chacra.
Beautifully located in the Sierras de Carape.
Absolutely quiet campsite in the heart of nature. The only sound is the birds singing
Horses, sheep, donkeys and cows as neighbors
Swimming pond
BBQ area
Toilet and shower with hot water
Electricity and internet possible
20 min from the ocean (Punta Ballena)
25 minutes to Punta del Este

Chacra Unomismo Aleman -34.712270, -54.978800
June 17th, 2021

Great place at the end of the Erongo mountains Ombu road. Nice for unwinding and getting in touch with nature. Stop on your way in at Ombu Farm and get some their springbok biltong and farm meat.

Camping is 200 pppn.

Omukutu Camp -21.627846, 15.605985
June 17th, 2021

There is a maze of dirt roads you can follow past this place and easily find a pull off spot anywhere. The farther you wander the roads get a little hairy but nothing crazy. I posted up somewhere on top of a hill with a view and had 2 bars of ATT reception

Large dispersed camping off of 3N96 38.093825, -120.080929
June 17th, 2021

There is now a closed gate blocking the road with a “no trespassing” sign. This spot is basically in a neighborhood

Mountaintop 38.021612, -120.188968
June 17th, 2021 anotherstoryentirely

Amazing moto or 4x4 destination for camping or just for views. Nice free community cabin at the top where you're allowed to make a fire, cook and relax. Non-motorized visitors are allowed to stay overnight in the cabin. Overlanders can just camp at the yard. Small lake next to it for water. Don't miss this little off road gem and enjoy!

Kalkkoaivi (mountain) 68.727720, 22.097080
June 17th, 2021

There are a ton of dirt roads you can wander up in this area and find places to stay easily. Some spots have a bit of att reception. Bring mosquito repellent...

Maze of dirt roads 38.119657, -120.057151
June 17th, 2021 jess.marie.moore94

beautiful view of Navagio beach from above. *There is no way down to the beach from here* you need to take a boat taxi or tour to go to the beach (it's about 10-20€ depending on which one you do and when) and leaves from the top of the island, which is about 30 mins away from here.

***if you want to walk out to the cliffs to see the beach you need to arrive before 9am or after 6pm because there is a security guard now as there has been many deaths. it's really beautiful but BE VERY CAREFUL and don't go near the edges... the path is very uneven and it's over a 100 meter drop.*** I'd also recommend running shoes or boots.

Navagio beach viewpoint 37.861763, 20.625883
June 17th, 2021 Khayaonwheels

Take away only due to ‘covid’....still great coffee and lunch stuff but you will have to eat it in your car, burgers and salads

coffeeberry -15.891404, 27.777819
June 17th, 2021 VinnyVanDiesel

Great village pub with large car park, landlord very happy to accommodate overnight parking for up to 4 large campers, providing the odd pint or glass of wine is purchased, with or without food (Good wholesome food btw) No campsite facilities as such, but you could arrange for your drinks to brought over to your van. Dog friendly.

The Punch Bowl Inn 52.824350, -2.970740
June 17th, 2021 lesplages919

No overnight camping sign
Nice rest area

Close to Grande-Vallée 49.227278, -65.145163
June 17th, 2021

We payed 23TL to cross with a VW Passat. NO BIG RIGS!

Short cross 36.825120, 28.634500
June 17th, 2021

Great coffee, desserts, sandwiches, wifi, sockets. We felt very welcome to work here for a day. If you're not too big, you can park in front. Terrace in the back.

Mo–Sa 10:00–15:00 & 16:30–20:30

Oromo -23.659940, -70.399020
June 17th, 2021 Peter Johnson

Gas cylinder refills, gas stoves, geysers and spares/parts

GasSa -32.986850, 27.919610
June 17th, 2021 Chris+Nicole

Spent the night here and very happy with the find! Two clean pit toilets, lots of space to choose where to park. Picnic tables scattered throughout. Easily can fit tents, vans or a big rig or two.

Seton Provincial Park 49.902147, -99.214745
June 17th, 2021 rickihoffman537

Incredibly large turnout on the side of the road. Almost like a gravel lot. Big enough for multiple RVs. No privacy and no amenities. Road noise dies down after 9. 1 bar Att that goes in and out

Large gravel turnout 41.809291, -124.047821
June 17th, 2021 lesplages919

Nice rest area . Closed signs but you can park .
No overnight camping sign
Nice view

Halte municipale Madeleine 49.238778, -65.312012
June 17th, 2021 kaziel

Gas station with lot of places to sleep in camper or car.

Shell 52.435073, 16.776063
June 17th, 2021 kaziel

Parking is located around trees and stay quiet during all night. There are no water or toilet but there is a gas station near parking.

Parking near ZOO and aquapark 52.402993, 16.989611
June 17th, 2021 bacontexas

RV Dump $5. Propane. Diesel. Car wash. Free air fill.

7-Eleven Gas Station 40.638976, -111.281996
June 17th, 2021 ed_habert

Wild vew on the lake, swimming pool, hot shower in the rooms, very quiet, 3 rooms, don't know the price. 15 us $ for camping in the garden. 2 adultes and 2 childs< 8 years

Kabila River Lodge -17.587946, 27.355585