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July 19th, 2021

As described - a big turnout and great cell service! I hung out here a bit to do work but ended up not staying the night when I saw a sign that said camping was prohibited (picture added) (the sign was a bit ambiguous - staying camping at established campgrounds was prohibited. But - I didn’t want to risk it & there’s a trusty Cracker Barrel close by 🤷🏼‍♀️😅)

State Forest Parking area 40.603358, -76.023540
July 19th, 2021 katjaquez

This is a small pull out in the Navajo nation. Marked on Google maps.
It is a dirt lot with spots to park under trees. Close to the freeway so you do hear that noise but the only place on a long stretch to rest at.

Wagon wheel rest area 36.701159, -110.296673
July 19th, 2021 megan.mensch

GOOD LUCK! went up the tough road everyday for 4 days straight all at various times & various weather conditions to TRY and get a spot, people are so reluctant to share they leave chairs/rocks/other shit on the ‘driveway’ to prevent people from pulling up, i can definitely respect one’s privacy and i don’t love the idea of sharing either but there is simply no where for people to go, we tried various other spots listed on ioverlander with no luck, many people are camping on NPS pull offs just to have somewhere to park

Shadow Mountain 43.704176, -110.621695
July 19th, 2021

Showers are now open again, although there is no towel service. You can't beat two bucks for a hot shower with no time limit. It is a communal locker room shower if that bugs anyone.

Showers at Olympic Peninsula YMCA 48.112019, -123.422993
July 19th, 2021 nathalieadams2014

Espace de location pour véhicule récréatif et tentes

707, avenue de la Grande-Anse, La Pocatière 47.372022, -70.038045
July 19th, 2021 mwhite1606

Inn with rooms. RV spots with full hookup. Tent sites. Laundry. Showers. Restrooms.

Fish Inn 44.467400, -119.536120
July 19th, 2021 mwhite1606

RV park at the fairgrounds. Very nice little RV site. easy in and out. Full Hookup. Grassy area for each site. They also have tent sites. Very quiet and easy walk to see historic courthouse, historic church and to store and restaurant on mainstreet

Wheeler County RV Park 44.997500, -120.210278
July 19th, 2021 vbgoold

The campground is as described, a wonderful quiet place to camp. Max 7 day stay, self-pay $15/night. The bathrooms (pit toilets) are still boarded up but there are portable toilets in the central parking area.

Rhododendron Park Campground 48.205538, -122.650991
July 19th, 2021 oliver

This place is just as described. Lovely spot on the lake in wildlife refuge. Volunteer hosts very welcoming and camp is immaculate.

Deadman Lake 62.982326, -141.669429
July 19th, 2021

Small lot, maybe 6-7 car spots after a steep windy drive up. Sign 2 miles or so before the spot states RV and trailers not recommended but we made it up in our 37’ skoolie. Beautiful sunset views are worth the trek up! Portajohn on site if you’re into that kinda thing.

Overlook Sonoma lake 38.686548, -123.014873
July 19th, 2021 jennaj1256

They no longer offer $2 showers, you have to pay for either pool or gym time which includes the showers/changerooms. Both gym and pool are $5.90 per person. Also seems like you have to book when you want to go ahead of time. We were lucky and walked in there at 9:30am not knowing and they had room in the gym during that time so they just charged us a ‘gym’ fee, but we just showered. Showers and change rooms are nice and clean.

Showers - Crystal Pool & Fitness Centre 48.433500, -123.358000
July 19th, 2021 sebastien.boulerice

easy to access and clean
The Sani-star system seems broken, it was free for us but be ready to spend 5$

Alice Lake Provincial Park 49.272937, -123.086513
July 19th, 2021

Nice hostel very close to the Center of town. Payed 50€ for two nights with a very good breakfast included. Parking though might be a problem for everything bigger then a „normal“ car. There is free parking on the street - but I didn’t see many free slots around. I was also struggling to find my way to the hostel. Try to reach it from the eastern side of town ;-). I was very happy to park my motorbike inside the premises - should be space for +- 4 bikes if necessary. Very friendly staff - no English.

Sicily Rooms Enna (motorbike friendly) 37.568207, 14.277492
July 19th, 2021 Ants_and_Elefants

The place was build long time ago, and is not aging well!
You get better value for money at the lodges along the highway.
They wanted to charge me 300 Kw for a very basic room, which is far overpriced.

Bayama's Lodge -11.845601, 31.446521
July 19th, 2021 djeeppy

wild camping in forest.
clean and wonderful.
please respect this clean place.
good place to running trail or outdoor activity

saint sixte 45.422878, 5.639762
July 19th, 2021 Nomads-travelforicecream

Very well stocked shop all basics including wine

Green fronted shop -19.123531, 13.625997
July 19th, 2021

Very nice camping, quiet exept some trains, direct on the river Mosel and just 15 km outside Metz. Open from may 1st until September 15th.
Campervan for two with electricity 20 EUR the night. Free spots to choose and lots of trees for a shadow place. Friendly staff. You can order bread and there is a snack restaurant in the evening (burgers and co).

Le Paquis 49.038670, 6.057923
July 19th, 2021 olivia.katz

We went there to evaluate the area, thought we could spend the night there. It felt a little bit sketch and did not have any outside shower as indicated in the comments... so we left.

Next to pic nic area and Crevier 49.130754, -66.486349
July 19th, 2021

Fuel station with dumping option in the selfcare wash box. Fresh water available. For 20 kr.

XY Fuelstation and dumping 61.302096, 7.207959
July 19th, 2021 OuelMich4

Now there's a real estate sign. So it's private and the road as been transform for a residential zone.

Quiet overnight 44.764660, -62.802237
July 19th, 2021

Quiet and really nice place next to the lake.

Wild camp next to lake 60.819369, 11.451276
July 19th, 2021

Nice place for a stop over.
We parked alone, just with four cows.

Lonely Bay off the main costroad 36.797021, 21.765551
July 19th, 2021 Enrique

Sandy clearing on E side of Hwy 113. Lots of space, a few small trees and brush, sandy soil, little grass. No signage of any kind. Some highway noise, but not bad as road is not very busy. Nice bird sounds, only a few bugs.
Edit / update: Sandy soft ground could be a challenge here. Easy to sink into the sand and get stuck. We failed at our first exit path but found another way, fortunately without getting stuck. Beware!

Hwy 113 Sandy Clearing 48.648114, -77.097787
July 19th, 2021 BobbyMakesCamp

Great spot to set up for the night and wake up to the waves and the birds. There were some other people around fishing and kayaking, but no kids going crazy, and everyone was considerate and friendly. Overall it was very peaceful. Access is a short and very smooth dirt road that I think any car could drive down, and it widens towards the end which gives people space to spread out. It's also surrounded by tall bushes which gives it privacy.

Kings beach 41.454062, -71.342508
July 19th, 2021 g.lenegaret

The archeological site about the whales fishing by the Basque. Doesn’t look so attractive from outside but what a story inside. It makes thinks about World History. Owned by Parc Canada (in French or English). New site is under construction. Possibility to go on the Island.

UNESCO site 51.732869, -56.428907
July 19th, 2021 g.lenegaret

Still the same (price, internet, place, laundry...) than below comment. Black flies still there. Sea was 4°C.

Pinware River Provincial Park 51.632717, -56.696362
July 19th, 2021 SproulSpree

Parking at the harbour. Signs up saying motorhomes are ok; suggested £10 donation. Public toilets available, big grass area, and overlooking the bay. Lovely. Vodafone speed: 39 mbps, 21 upload.

Cruden Bay Harbour 57.411286, -1.845744
July 19th, 2021 Constant

Verified. If you park just right you can fill up on water and gas at the same time. At least we could in our 19’ van.

Smith's Gas Station 35.660431, -105.980591
July 19th, 2021

This pullout is suitable for big rigs with low clearance. Other wild camping sites in the area have difficult access that requires high clearance. The road noise is low during typical sleeping hours.

Palisades Road (Hwy 26) Pullout 43.205369, -111.051312
July 19th, 2021 sl92102

It appears to be overflow parking for apartments down the road. I just got here but it’s quiet. I got lost in the neighborhood and found it in accident.

Sausalito roadside 37.861806, -122.492752