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4353m. Camping free with NP entry fee: B/30 per person. No facilities


Laguna Huanakuta -18.04723, -68.93510

3722m. No facilities / Decent Cover / Not much to look at


Bush Camp #1 -17.97343, -66.78150

No facilities / much prettier than Bush Camp #1. There are a few turn-offs in this area with decent cover, coordinates only approximate


Lakeside Bush Camp #2 -18.83125, -66.73167

4072m. No facilities / Nice views over the red rock valley / Good cover from road


Mirador -19.22507, -66.09127

3405m.Bathrooms / 30* C Thermal Baths / Laundry Area. Tranquil setting, wonderful swim, not to be missed

B/35 per person.

Ojo del Inca (Crater Lake) -19.46718, -65.79472

Hot Shower / Bathrooms / Low Overhead. Paved courtyard parking. Residential Copacabana down the street has parking and charges B/30 per night. Koala Candelaria Cafe is the only wifi in town, free with a meal

B/50 per night.

Residencial Tarija -19.58448, -65.75578

Slow cellular wifi / hot showers / water / lavernderia / elec. Nice grassy yard with a shared communal room. Easy walk to the square. Need to check in at 416 Arcento Arce around the corner. Routing Advice: we heard many people complain about the back-road from Cochabamba to Sucre (Highway 7 and Route 5) and avoided it. “Uninspiring bad roads with poor views.”

B/60 per night.

Camping Alberto and Felicidad -19.04300, -65.25505

3800m. No facilities / poor cover / beautiful setting. Plenty of bush camping in the area, not much cover. See our Overland guide to Bolivia’s Southwestern Circuit for much more info such as additional campsites, propane plant, gas stations, bathrooms, ticket control, etc.


Canyon Steam Bush Camp -19.79953, -66.06063

not much to look at but had electricity (for an extra B/10, plug in at the workshop), water and nice hot showers. Many overlanders camp near Minutemen Pizza or near the square

B/25 per person.

Hostel Marith’s parking lot -20.46568, -66.82670

B/30 entrance fee per person gives you access to the island which has services such as bathrooms, a water faucet, restaurant, trash cans, and hiking trails. You can camp anywhere on the Salar. The sunsets are gorgeous


Island Incahuasi -20.24097, -67.62762

(approximate):. Past San Cristobel you will be on the sparsely-populated altiplano. You can camp anywhere in this area, but there is little to no cover from the road.


Camino San Cristobal Alota -21.28078, -67.28295

(approximate). Much better place to camp as there are numerous large boulders to block the wind and view from the road. Several great places to turn off and camp several miles before and after the given coordinates.


Camino Averoe Alota -21.40510, -67.76283

4462m. The first flamingo lake you will come across. No facilities, just flamingos and snow capped peaks.


Laguna Chulluncani -21.54023, -67.87682

4157m. Overlooking the lake on a turnoff, great spot. Great spots to camp out can be found all around Lagunas Chulluncani, Hedionda, Chiar Kkota, and Honda. After these lakes you will pass through a beautiful altiplano with 360 degree views of snow capped mountains. Camping here also great but a little higher in elevation compared to the lakes.


Laguna Hedionda Camp -21.02300, -68.05193

4317m. Campsite overlooking the red lagoon. Nice spot but an even better spot may be before the registration and check point: S22 09.885. W67 47.915. . Camping here buys you an extra day in the park.


Laguna Colorada -22.21278, -67.79913

4393m. Excellent spot next to 29C hot springs. The geography gives you a bit of a break from the wind. The hot springs are crowded during breakfast and lunch time but wait an hour and you will have them to enjoy in solitude. Hot springs are free to use, bathrooms cost B/3, there are trash cans and snacks for sale across the road.

Hot Springs Camp beside Laguna Chalviri -22.53588, -67.64933

4369m Overlooking the lake and famous Volcan Licancabur (5960m). If the wind is low this would be a better spot overlooking the lake: S22 47.180 W67 49.051


South Laguna Verde Bush Camp -22.80313, -67.82887

2440m Amenities: 4 / price: 4 / our rating: 2. C:4,000/per person; 2,000 for elec; 2,000 to fill water tank. Elec / solar showers / climbing wall / dirt lot. Free wifi on town square. We learned later that Hotel Takha Takha has water, elec, and wifi

Over $20US for two people elec and water.

Los Perales -22.91322, -68.20067

Amenities: 0 / price: 0 / our rating: 3. Beautiful treed riverbed for bush camping and popular as we saw others bush camping too. These coordinates are only for one rocky road that will take you down to the river. Pick any road in 10 mile zone north of town.


Riverbed Bush Camp (0,0,3) -23.73983, -65.50707

1175m. Amenities: 4 / price: 2 / our rating: 2. A/31 per night. Dirt lot / dispersed sites / some grills and tables. Not much to look at when the pool’s drained (9 months out of the year). But it is cheap and the only camping option in Salta. There is a Chango Mas (big box grocery) just across the river. There is wifi and tables at the Refinor gas station on Av. Paraguay. The 3B bus will take you from the campground to the square (A/1.75 per person, change only).

Camping Municipal Carlos Xamena -24.81272, -65.41920

We purchased a propane adaptor here for use in Argentina. You will need to take them your tank so they can fit an adaptor to it. We weren’t sure if we needed an adaptor to fill our propane tank in Chile and Argentina but we went ahead and got it anyway for AR$20. This store also sells the necessary reflective stickers for campers/RVs. We were told we only needed a speed sticker (110 since we are a camioneta, other campers different) and red tape on the back. Longer rigs will need white or yellow on their sides.

OCANA - Gas Adaptor Shop -24.79407, -65.42057

The only plant in town that sells propane and not butane according to the gas adapter shop salesmen. Though you’d probably be fine with butane (see other gps listing above). You’ll need the adapter here. Also note that butane is often referred to as propano throughout Latin America.

Sergio Gas (Fill Bottles) -24.77140, -65.41067

Amenities: 4 / price: 1 / our rating: 3. To access the auto spots continue down the street and take the next left. Grassy area / shaded / laundry area. Man comes around at sunset to register campers. Oliver’s Cafe has wifi

A/15 per night for nighttime only elec. A/20 per night for the nicer auto camping spots up above with 24 hour elec.

Camping Municipal Cachi -25.12135, -66.16652

Amenities: 4.5 / price: 2 / our rating: 3. There are 6 campgrounds in town! This was the only one with campers when we pulled in.. Laundry area / snack shop / dirt lot / grills / shade / walk to centro. Slow wifi available in campsites near the snack shop. Good potable water (for the first time since the US).

AR$ 10 per adult, 10 per car.

Camping Luz y Fuerza -26.08045, -65.97703

Amenities: 0 / price: 0 / our rating: 3. Just before Quilmes ruins entrance.. Nice spot for the desert lovers, a dry 95 degrees when we pulled in.

Entry gate of Ruinas de los Quilmes -26.46723, -66.03270

Bathrooms / elec / grills / river views. We read on a few camping lists it is free. Stopped for lunch, didn’t stay the night. GPS coord may not be accurate.

Camping Municipal El Dique -27.61817, -67.02127

Plug-ins but only cold showers (hence the 3.5) / pool / dirt lot / snack shop / ample shade Great facilities (except for the bathrooms), well outside of town. Channeled river system runs throughout the campground.

We were told AR$10 per night, but we are unsure of the actual cost as nobody came by to collect in the two nights we stayed!

Camping El Molino -27.69930, -67.16655

. 8km from town / pool / grills / pleasant setting. We passed by 3 other campgrounds on this dirt road out of town but this was the only one being tended to. This area would make for fine bush camping along the river further down the road but we wanted a hot shower (wood fired!).. Chilecito has free wifi on the town square

AR$25 per person, overpriced

Camping Las Talas -29.12943, -67.56254

AR$10 per person, great value. Dirt lot / nice views / no shade / cafe / no faucet for water fill up. Decent wifi, just on the slow side. Facilities are just average but it’s a nice spot to spend a couple days

AR$10 per person

Parque Ischigualasto -30.16312, -67.84232

1.5km from centro / grassy lot / shaded / wood fired hot water / Small dirty pool. The bandwidth on the wifi was great but the connection was off and on (mostly off). The friendly owner said the satellites were often down. Recurring theme here; I had wrongly expected Argentina to have internet and hot water figured out.. According to our tourist map there are 2 other campsites west of town and just as close to the town square.. Routing: The drive from La Cumbre to Jesus Maria is a recommended drive through the central sierras.

AR$30 per person.

Camping El Paso (4.5,3,3) -30.97500, -64.48380

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