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Great, reasonably-priced campground, with the necessities, and friendly new owners.

Bella Coola Valley campground 52.38948, -126.55383

This was a great little park with a lot of history to stay for a couple of nights. Caretaker came by and thank us, said we take care of the park better than the locals.

No electricity, but nice clean water and good cell signal.

Might want to stay away in the late winter/early spring.

Old Crossing Treaty Park 47.86161, -96.42635

This was a great spot. You can hang on the beach up the road before you park or park and walk to the beach. I felt safe there as there were several other obvious overnighters. Just happened to get the last spot. I would stay again for sure. I would say to just be as discreet as possible... you are right across from some very wealthy residences.

Santa Barbara Point 34.39857, -119.70332

We spent 2 nights basically alone in this beautiful wide open meadow on the mountain. A steep climb up but we’ll worth it. There are logging trucks passing by even during the night, but we were in enough that it didn’t bother our sleep. When you think you’re there, another 200m and there’s an entrance by a no dumping sign. Good for almost any size rig, willing to make the steep climb.

Lower Stemwinder 49.37451, -120.13436

Beautiful place. Stayed one night. Payed 15$, pit toilets and a beautiful lake. All the road (paved road and gravel road) is in perfect condition. All vehicles can make it, from the small car to bigger rigs. I really recommend this place.

Hydraulic Lake Recreation Site 49.77696, -119.17255

Open Wifi network provided by Mt Rushmore Brewing Company.


Can sit outside enjoy a beer and surf or get work done.

Mt Rushmore Brewing Company 43.76381, -103.60519

Un buen camping a buen precio, 30dhs tienda persona y moto, ducha y baños limpios. Personal excepcional. Recomendable 100%

Kasbah Mohayut 31.13112, -4.01930

Small truck stop
Charges $15 to spend the night but works if you’re in a pinch as I was

TA truck stop 40.02000, -76.18237

forget this Place. there ar Manly a construction Site.

Plazhi Palasë 40.16610, 19.58900

Overnight at the public parking lot.
Flat and with a wonderful view from the island and the Le Fort du Guesclin just in front.
Nice beach with the low tide.
No camping with tents allowed, but OK for vans, rooftent and campers.
There is a hight limit to enter the parking lot. 2,20m.
Keep this nice place clean.

Saint Coulomb 48.69510, -1.89205

Awesome spot for a night walking distance to all of the restaurants bakeries and bars :)

NF-7300 side road 47.59133, -120.67069

Open lot, no signage saying overnight prohibited, and is on state lands which should be boondockable legally

State game land 133 parking lot 41.40956, -77.03907

This spot was full around 5pm on a Wednesday. I just ended up parking down the street next to a camper. Bear sign posted, hoove as evidence next to it? Not exactly level.

Dirt Pull-off in Gallatin NF 45.05273, -110.65554

Medium sized parking lot on RR 22. Space for several RVs. Quiet at night with only the occasional car going by. Nice spot for a quick overnight. No amenities. No signs that say you can’t park overnight.

Parking Lot 40.06658, -106.36281

County-run fairgrounds. Campground is closed when the fair is happening. Always self-service check-in at the pay station. Check-in after 3 PM, check-out by 11 AM. $15 for dry camping, $30 for a hookup site. Pay with cash or check and drop the envelope in the pay station. AC allowed only with generator running. Dump is just down the road, a sign asks for a $5 donation at the dump site. Passport America discount no longer seems to apply. National Parks Pass never applied as far as the signs and pay envelope indicates. Bathroom access only available to group site campers.

Desert Sage Event Center....Malheur County Fairgrounds 44.03650, -116.97372

Boat launch is below the rapids. We found a spot down the same road, but above the rapids. There’s a trail connecting the campsites with lots of fire pits overlooking the rapids on the way. We have a 20ft trailer and couldn’t quite turn around there, but backing out was easy enough.

Boat launch 46.15702, -80.92922

Climbing gym parking lot, very clean ample parking.

If you pay to use the gym you get a shower, bathroom and WiFi

Be respectful

Climb time Oakley 39.15565, -84.42065

This is a gas station where you can park and stay at night. There is security 24 hours, is not too close to the road so you can sleep well. There is showers and toilets, and also they offer water.

Biomax Gas Station 5.37392, -72.68897

The camping spot is right at the end of the street (on the right hand side). The street here is only doable with a 4x4 at least if you are not a local (these guys do crazy things with normal cars). The river you have to cross was at least knee deep (during rain season). Once you are here you get a paradise beach all for yourself with perfect sunset and camping on green gras right next to the beach. About 20min walks down the beach is a restaurant and hostel where you can get something to eat. The place is perfect for small tents and also for big rigs. Also there are open showers like 10min down the beach.

Rincon Beach Campsite 8.65182, -83.71304

This is a safe, well lot Walmart. I am a local and stay here in my camper van every time I visit "home." You can camp at both Walmarts in Knoxville even though they have "no overnight parking" signs. I've stayed at both of them for a week at a time with no issues ever. This one is near a TON of restaurants and shopping. I've seen RVs and trailers stay here before, too. Don't be deterred by the signs :) Currently only open until 11 pm because of covid.

Walmart Knoxville 35.90170, -84.14832

Pasamos una noche en este punto, no tuvimos inconvenientes ni con la policía ni con la gente del lugar.
El suelo no está derecho, esta bastante inclinado y hay que tenerlo en cuenta a la hora de dormir.
La hostería que esta enfrente tiene un wifi abierto que llega un poquito de señal.

Villa Ventana Tourist Office -38.07144, -61.92432
An Unknown Adventure

San Francisco North of the Panhandle (NOPA). There are some level streets here. (Broderick and McAllister) It’s residential but you can park and sleep overnight. It’s 2 hour parking until 6pm. Just keep an eye on the street cleaning signs. It’s not quiet, it’s San Francisco, but it’s not terrible. It was much louder (drag racing) on an empty street in Novato.

NOPA Street Parking 37.77834, -122.44021

Endroit tranquille pour passer la nuit pour petits VR

Parking Lot 46.75547, -71.10583

The yellow gate was closed and there is no access. I think this area might be close due to burn area restrictions

BLM open space 42.48302, -122.67560

Very nice Lodge/ Campsite direct at the river
the campsite is also direct at the river. Green grass under nice tree. The staff is very welcome and even gave us a welcome drink. The also set up a campfire for you. Two nightguard are around.
Go there and enjoy!

remarks: I personally think it is okey for big rigs
i mean they also drove there with trucks when they built it!

Bullbush river camp -0.59958, 29.73514

superb spot. if there is daylight look around a bit higher, there are awesome, hidden spots. nice smelling bushes. local people early in the morning walking their dogs. no problems though.

Oceanview 43.46032, 3.74290
James Smith

Easy access from I-80, shaded RV sites with plenty of tent camping available. Laundry, bathrooms, showers and decent wifi is available. Staff is incredibly friendly and very accomodating.

Holiday RV Park Campground 41.11153, -100.75755
James Smith

Getting here is a little sketchy...the area around the casino is a little rough. the RV park has a gated entry, so you have to have a reservation. I have a 41' rig and there was plenty of space to maneuver in and out. Sites for big rigs are pull through with full hookups available. Sites are gravel and level. Laundry, shower and bathrooms are also available as well. There is a lot of road noise when sitting outside, and traffic happens all night long. I would hate to stay here on a busy weekend.

Casino Queen RV Park 38.62595, -90.16629

Free dump station & potable water behind the station. Looks like they also fill propane, although we didn't need to use that service. Very convenient before we headed north into the Ten Lakes Scenic Area.

Zipp Trip Cennex 48.39947, -114.33427

great place for a night. just a pull out as described bit the rocky beach is a fantastic spot to have dinner or breakfast before moving on. and the view of the mountain is worth the stop.

Pull-out 50.41211, -122.28984

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