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Still operating and still free. There is from to go around the building to position yourself on line.

Bayard public free RV dump 41.75537, -103.32628

The clerk at the nearby Cenex station told us RVs park here and just down the road at another dirt lot at the end of the row of silos. The latter is right beside the train tracks so we chose this one. Very good cell signal. Mexican Restaurant across the side street and in the residential section of town there's a library with very good wifi. It's located at 539 Baxter, just a few blocks away in an historical home. There is even outside seating if you'd rather sit inside! The road noise dies down over night and we were lucky no trucks came to park with us during the night.

Empty dirt lot 40.58523, -102.30541

14 day camping limit. So many great sites with fire rings, pit toilets, no water. Great cell reception and close to silverton

Kendall campground NF (free) 37.82022, -107.71362

Yemeni food — excellent. Huge portions and lots of flavor. Try the Sheeba platter for two. Some of the best lamb I’ve ever had. 10/10 would do again.

Sheeba 42.30308, -83.14584

Nothing special. Just your basic Walmart. A little too close to major roads for our liking, but it did the trick for a night.

Walmart 42.20260, -83.20946

at the moment closed due to covid. Don't know when they will open again.

Fossils and Local History Museum 6.67814, -73.23992

Looks like a good spot. there are a couple others here too

Iroquois Lock / Écluse Iroquois 44.83066, -75.31381

Pasamos una noche super tranquila detrás de la oficina de turismo. hay wifi abierto del hospedaje La Peninsula.

Villa Ventana Tourist Office -38.07407, -61.92738

Still rockin the $3.00 unlimited hot shower. Private stalls. Super nice facility. Slow WiFi.
And if you’re a mountain biker, this is a great place to get clean after riding Phil’s World.

Shower - Rec Center 37.35214, -108.56929

Beautiful! Lots of beautiful spots and alcoves for parking. Good ATT signal. No problems in my sprinter for a few nights. Pretty quite, but Lightly trafficked but some people in and out.

Government Cove Peninsula 45.68889, -121.84620

Good place for a night, a bit of noise from the road but the view is great

Dogtooth Lake 49.76134, -94.16779

As described, great place right on/next to the beach. And Cindy who runs the place now is super friendly (unlike across the river at Alicia aka "the monster")
Paid usd5 per night for a car with RTT with 2p and 2kids.
Board repair (Yepi, very nice guy) right next to the place

Cholos Place 13.17175, -88.11927

Water is still turned on and working beautifully!

Integra Tire 60.73404, -135.07875

great campground right on the beach. beautiful long sandy beach for walking and beachcombing. paid $24 per night for a site. combat camping to get a spot beachfront, had to stalk someone that was packing up to leave and asked nicely if we could put our chairs in their spot while we went to pay. but worth it!

Olympic National Park Kalaloch campsite 47.61138, -124.37605

spent a few nights here but honestly it's a hard pass for me from now on. the road is in awful shape and the spots are few, far between, and taken. very easy to damage your RVs and rigs out here, from the giant ruts in the campsites (can't see them in the mirrors either), to the steep entrances to get to them. plus the sun is ruthless on what seems like all the sites. but mainly it's the road and the long distances without finding a site that will keep me away in the future.

Coconino National Forest 34.81915, -111.90565

Similar to site 0.3 miles away, it’s a turn out off the road. DRY CAMP ONLY. Room for a single vehicle: van is great. Full size pickup or small RV would also fit.

Easy to get out of sight of the road. Gravel covered. Informal but well tended fire pit. Somebody’s clearly done work to clear & gravel this spot, but not clear who’s done that work. The spot (and the other one down the road) clearly get regular use, though, so keep it tidy & keep the owner happy about sharing this great spot!

VZW LTE works well here.

Forest Turn Out 47.83140, -124.25968

Not only is this we’ll kept- it’s the safest I’ve felt since I started my travels. There is an attendant at the gate. It cost me $30 for my car. There are mostly RVs/campers here. There is one shower in the female restroom & very clean. The campground runs along a Slough & has a playground at the picnic area. I like the irritated grass is nice for the dogs, but they must be kept on leash. I’m glad I found this place using this app. Thanks!

Plymouth Park Campground 45.93341, -119.34554
Instagram: @savannatales

price is now 45kw per kg. helpful and nice staff

Ankufa Supplies Gas Refill -17.85520, 25.85353
Instagram: @savannatales

Good campsite with friendly staff, 2 swimming pools, 2 ablution blocks (charmless). Hippo and elefants may come into the site despite the fence. Very nice bar area and good food. written price was 200Kw pppn.

The waterfront lodge -17.88708, 25.84300
Instagram: @savannatales

Very nice and peaceful spot to the river and fully in the nature, green and shady even in dry season. Good facilities. Still 15USppn.

Kubu Zambezi (former Kubu cabins) -17.83009, 25.64869

Everything said before my stay here I completely agree with. This is a really, really nice "garden" camping area.

Landi Campsite 41.10046, 20.02822

no overnight allowed, security guy came by and told us it's just for truckers, we had to leave

spanaway Walmart dirt lot 47.07180, -122.41830

Right off the hwy, so lots of road noise. However, it is the trains that are LOUD! Our friend had earplugs making sleep possible. We were in a rooftop tent, a van or rv with windows closed would fare better.

Right off I-40 35.03293, -114.12716

I’m not a big fan of museums in general, but this museum is a museum itself!!! Veeeery old style, with ancient employers)))
And the architecture inside is even nice!

Ethnographic museum 47.02336, 28.81966

just amazing. go here! this is more like an adventure/experience than just a restautsnt visit.

its a good idea to reserve because here are a ton if guests and you need to be very lucky to gwt a free table if you get here without a reservation.

Mrizi i Zanave 41.89860, 19.67236

vehicles over 3,5 must go there; you will get a paper as a confirmation

Weight bridge -6.28889, 38.38517

After having read the reviews, we decided to stay over at this site. The main attraction was to be able to plug into shore power, in order to fully charge the house batteries for a change and do other chores requiring 220V. The venue was however totally neglected, the attendant could not understand English and it turned out that they did nit have electricity at the time. We made no further enquiries and proceeded to Kundalila Falls.

Escarpment Camping Site & Lodge -12.74520, 30.93952
Miss Daisy

Odongo Bazil
Good mechanic in Kasese

Odongo Bazil Mechanic 0.17163, 30.08698
Miss Daisy

Very rich selection, also cold suply, also cans and snacks

Kasese Kruper supermarket 0.17619, 30.08032

local para pernoite. não permitido acampar . mirante lindíssimo . estacionamento plano e amplo.

MIRANTE PRAIA PÉ DA SERRA -14.47707, -39.03136

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