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Nice wild camping spot by the kaslo river at the end of a dead end. Drive past it on the mossy tracks.
Close to highway but quiet.
No cell coverage.

Some houses couple hundreds meters away.

Please keep clean!

By the kaslo river 49.90262, -116.92931

A campsite under trees directly at the beach about 2 km from the main boulevard of Sopot. The stuff is friendly and helpful.

Park 45 54.43110, 18.58819

Alfredo is a super nice and helpful person as well as his whole family. He is a real allrounder and is in the business since ever. Alfredo knows a lot about motors and mechanic stuff. He fixed our car and also showed me a lot so that I can fix stuff on my own. He is super patient and will tell you everything about fixing cars. He also let us camp in front of his workshop while we were waiting for our parts to arrive from Lima. His wife Jenny is also a warm hearted person and offered us toilet and shower. It was a really awesome time here. Gracias por todo Alfredo!

Taller Tito -12.93318, -74.25971

On victoria St, follow the signs for RVs parking. Elsewhere in town, there are signs for « no RV parking ». Expect noise from passing trucks at 6h am and later.

Street Parking 48.92208, -123.71535

Nice place to stay overnight. It is quiet, no traffic at night. Water tap at the top corner of the area, but not potable.

Picnic Area 44.53968, 8.78116

These guys are suspension specialists and use Rob's Magic. I was recommended these guys after my Ironman springs snapped. They let me try various springs and shock sizes until I was happy FOC and then fitted them. Would really recommend.

Auto Electrical Service Ltd -3.40343, 36.71606

Small trailhead parking lot off of a very lightly trafficked county road. We hiked the preserve late in the afternoon and decided to just stay the night rather than drive to one of the overlanding spots further south. Very quiet, only a few cars passed between 8pm and 10am. No signs prohibiting overnight parking/camping but stealth should still be exercised. Not suitable for big rigs or tents - best for cars, trucks, vans etc. There is a portapotty but no other amenities.

Merwin Nature Preserve North Entrance 40.66898, -88.88906
No Fear Reizen

These pitches on grass are located nearby the entry of the cave. The restaurant ask 3 euros! for an overnight stay. You can use toilets and cold showers. The hike to the cave is worth it. If you ask the restaurant owner he will help you to refill your watertank.

Cavagrande del Cassibile 36.96751, 15.09195

Great spot with a great view and no issues for overnighting. I stopped at the Vistapoint a few miles north of the spot but was pretty disappointed that it was just a parking lot with no view since the walk to the coast was pretty long. Neither had beach access unfortunately but this one at least had better views while cooking and working from up on the Bluffs. I didn’t park in the parking lot but I parked in the dirt road right next to it where there were a few other RVs. I’m in a van. Great views and really no complaints. Minimal road noise of course since it’s just near the road but not much action on the road in the evening. Good not great T-Mobile network as well but enough to work and have a FaceTime.

Carpark overlooking ocean 39.57098, -123.77221

Great place for a night, many pull offs along road. A great, flat area, old concrete pad, one of many potential boon-docking sites. Mikes of trails to hike and mountain bike. A plus is to go to the look out and see the beautiful fall colors! Close to small Virginia town and supplies. Pack it in and out, please.

National Forest Laurentian Divide 47.57728, -92.53566
The Adventure Closet

several dispersed camp sites along road. no cell service, 14 day stay permitted. Near Preist Lake.

Washington/Idaho Border Dispersed Camping site(s) 48.70148, -117.03051

Perfect spot. Far enough from the highway it’s nice and quiet over night. Even in the morning didn’t notice much traffic about, just the odd truck.

Stewart, waterfront with a view 55.92546, -129.98822

no longer free for first night as of a few months ago. front desk says $50. rest is as mentioned before

Firelake Grand Casino 35.37983, -97.05758

great spot. clean washrooms. picnic tables. grassy area. hiking trail attached to the rest stop that looks like it would be worth it!

Rest area 48.83767, -87.49037

Redario por do Sol, Cari is a very lovely host. Enjoy the simple life here, sleep in your Rede, Tent or Car. Eat fish from the river, walk to the giant granny tree, take a boat to the island and watch the sunset.
Vivo 4G sometimes...

Redario in Floresta Nacional do Tapajos -2.79146, -55.02860

entrada por uma rua não localizada no maps Google. ficar atento à entrada. tava um pouco sujo mas não atrapalhou. lugar calmo

praia ao norte de Ilhéus -14.72589, -39.06516

county owned park called Rose Park along the Snake River AND I-15. Open to the public. Fishing, swimming, bike/walking path, dirt bike riding etc. Also dispersed camping. Free. No services. 5 day max stay. Not busy at all. Some rough roads/paths, but any size rig can access. Pretty big area. Spots along I15 are obviously a little noisy, but didn't bother me at all.....also had the best internet. Can get pretty far from the highway and the noise if you want, but your service drops to almost take your pick. I'm by the highway.. VZW clocks in at a respectable and consistent 24 mbps down/8 up. ATT varied....sometimes it was 3 down/1 up, other times shot up to 20 down/3 up. 40 OTA TV stations coming in. good stop if you need it. definitely nothing special. police do patrol the that's a good thing!

Rose Park 43.24481, -112.32068

Great and calm place, we stop here to cook and here in front of the river
We can fill up your water tanks as well

St Anne Splash Park 49.66764, -96.64678

unfortunately closed... but other laundries in the area

Dry Cleaners that will do laundry for cheap 39.88998, 41.26587

Still a good place, close to center and quite at night.

Citycamping beside a quiet Park 39.90643, 41.25786

We were excited to try this place for two days of soaks BUT… they were hanging flags demonstrating their political views, which we disagreed with SO we’re not spending our money there. Moving onto FREE CAMPING at NELSON RESERVOIR had they not publicized their politics we would have stayed & probably never known.

Buffalo hot springs 48.48401, -107.52852

so far, everything OK, clean and maintained. But Lokals should pay for camping 33KW and Foreigner 15 USD, actually 250 KW.

Mumbuluma Falls -11.31945, 29.57321

good spot occasional vehicle passing cleaner than many others though I think wind pushes anything floating up on the beach. No bugs for us in September. T-Mobile Network here.

Lakeside spot 47.47897, -94.07782

Very nice campground , most of them are empty, only few RVs by the water side, they have water, toilet , big trees lot, next to a walk around the water fall!! People will come to your site to collect the camping fee!!

Little Qualicum Falls Campground 49.30848, -124.54268

Wonderful people, hot shower for 5 bucks, laundry too.

Highlander RV Campground 37.98688, -107.29430

Camped here 2 nights, easy gravel entry road, plenty of space, quiet, flat, peaceful. A few existing fire rings

Wild Camping Near Senic Highway 67 36.66751, -112.19050

nice clean rest area with four pit toilets, shady trees and grassy area. picnic tables. nice place to stop for the night. you can stay for 18 hours.

Summer Lake Rest Area 42.97258, -120.77735

Updating coordinates.
That’s all, just updating coordinates

Malay city rest area 42.35238, -112.22538

Nice spot. Be sure to stay to the left when driving in as I didn’t see any signs showing where to go for the actual campground. Good level spots for RV’s. Host were super nice. $40 for an RV site. Men’s room kinda smelled like urine quite a bit. Overall a good place to crash for the night. I think it closes at the end of October,

Cascade Park 47.13854, -119.31099

There are stall doors in the toilets now.

Public Toilettes & Showers 34.40277, -119.69655

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