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An excellent place to have a soak and then a shower.
Prices is up to $8.

Lava Hot Springs 42.61931, -112.00626

Community park with covered picnic tables and bbq stands. Nice playground for kids. Has potable water.
Posted ok to stay up to 3 nights.
1 bar Verizon.

Fraser Community park 46.38828, -116.04743

There's a very short lane into the woods here. 20 meters in there's a spot to park a van, tent or small RV on the left. The path curves right and continues only 20 meters further to a small lake. Sorry, no pictures I, arrived in the dark and left in the dark. I got into Chapleau late and this was the best I could find after dark. It worked in a pinch for a 6 hour snooze.

Roadside 47.75706, -83.37893

large campsite inside the Chapleau Wildlife reserve. It's next to a lake and accessible by light vehicle (be ready for wash outs and go slow). Allowable Crown land usages apply.

Wild camp... bring what you need and remove what you bring.

lots of critters around... large and small

No cell service

CBC on 89.9FM

Crown Land Campsite - Florana Lake 48.12811, -83.30300

If your GPS shows a road going north from this point it doesn't exist... if you end up here your looking at an hour in either direction.

Not a Junction 48.31102, -83.23815

Small sandy beach Crown Land lake side campsite.

Room for one vehicle or small/medium van camper. There's an additional site to the east that is not on the beach as well.

Nice spot...

Allowable Crown land usage applies. Bring what you need and remove what you bring.

Ellie Beach 48.33590, -83.24078

Left sidr of street is apartments right side is a dirt lot

quiet residential street 33.68040, -117.73843

Beautiful park with countless fields and basketball courts. Nice restrooms and water by the curb in parking lot 5. Nice place to walk the dog or just park in one of the numerous open parking lots, until 10 pm. There are quiet places to stealth camp nearby a quick look at Google maps and youll find spots although be careful as the satellite images are outdated, srreet view is the way to go in this area.

Drinking fountain 33.67049, -117.73861

Update: There is still no water and the dump station is also closed. The dump pipe is cracked. A Cabela's staff person told us there was a fine for using it and that it is closed.

Cabela’s 43.60218, -70.37023

No camping sign posted clearly so we moved on.

Marsh lake boat launch 41.71358, -84.99084

Right behind the car wash at Co o p gas station, next to the car wash exit, drinking water, dump, water tap right next to the dump hole behind the post, FREE! I put few pictures here!!

Co-Op fuel station 49.23846, -124.05594

Great find. Small 15 or so sights. All paved and for the most part level. There is a pit toilet and some running water. Great for $10 a night. Also still part of the national forest so America the beautiful pass get %50 off

Gum Springs Campground 31.89860, -92.77841

Popular spot with ok cell signal. We stayed several nights in several different spots while visiting Arches. The views get better further down the road but you lose cell signal. Many places to camp and clean port-a-pots placed ever so often. Great mix of people and vehicles.

BLM 38.69642, -109.69206

ótimo posto! banheiros limpos e muito espaço. só não tem sombra

Posto Desejo -16.33536, -39.58082

Nice enough neighborhood during the day, but pretty sketchy stuff at night. Lots of folks coming and going all night, getting out of their car and into the one next to them for a bit, then back to their own before driving off. Would not stay again.

Burlington Residential Parking 44.49057, -73.21262
Improbably Adventuring

absolute solitude in the desert. Highly recommended.

Sand dunes at BLM land 39.34276, -113.43710
Improbably Adventuring

beautiful, crystal clear springs and pool. Water is not that warm, but is consistently pleasant in any temperature. there's a small cave to explore as well, but you'll need a waterproof flashlight (and lack of claustrophobia) to make it far in

Gandy Warm Springs 39.46002, -114.03717
Improbably Adventuring

basic free campsite. Shade, fire rings, small creek. No mobile signal or amenities

CCC campground 39.85819, -113.77443

GPS coordinates are perfect. There are two stations on the island and a driveway on each side. Adding a photo in case it helps.

Convict lake free Sani dump 37.59593, -118.84936

Wonderful place, very calm
Best place we found near Kamloops

Tranquille ecological reserve 50.75534, -120.58940
Michael Stephens

Two big thumbs up! We stopped first at one of the local campgrounds, but left in a hurry. We came here on recommendation from the visitor center and it is great. There is a nice restaurant, and lots of summer activities including gondola rides, biking, and hiking. Come for the parking lot, stay for the fun stuff.

Revelstoke resort 50.96037, -118.16669

Fuel pumps are pay at pump! Diesel was only a couple cents more than Whitehorse.

Parking lot is loaded with potholes.

Nisutlin Trading Post 60.16820, -132.71259

Couple of spots along a road parallel to the train track (and the highway).

A bit noisy (close to highway) but good for the night. Preserved , the nature is beautiful, lac on the other side of the train tracks (no direct path. kind of wild).

3.4 Mbits on

we had a 33ft RV.

Roadside 49.48536, -91.95937

Many rvs and semis parked here. Simple stay

Walmart Springville 40.15876, -111.64502

Passed through today and this block wasn’t here. The road today from San Cristobal D L C to Palenque was free of any sort of road block or ‘toll’ from the zapatistas.

Tourist toll 17.39515, -91.98984

No road block here today. All clear with no activity.

Road Block 17.28074, -92.03412

Men still there trying to charge MXP25 p.p. for entry to Agua Azul, despite it not being an offical ticket or toll. They placed a cone in front of my motorcycle to try and block my path and were very persistent. Just pretended to not understand them and then continued on to pay at the official station a little down the road. They have people on the road with radios watching as you approach and they radio ahead to block your path. It’s a real shame they’re doing this.

Tourist Toll 17.25615, -92.10846

Short dirt road off Glenn Hwy that opens up by the Matanuska river. Small fire pit and good view but close to the road so a bit noisy. 4G and full cell signal thru Verizon.

Matanuska River roadside 61.72613, -148.82394

Laundromat. Best and cleanest in the Myrtle Beach area.

Surfside Suds 33.61247, -78.98307

Entrances are all now barricaded. Looks run down.

Dawson Peaks 60.10996, -132.55311

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