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As described. Road up in good condition, as gravel roads go, and is steep, but nothing my Nissan NV2500 camper conversion couldn't handle. I opted to stay in first lot, under power lines. entrance to road from main road is tricky so pay attention. I actually am getting full bars with t-mobile.

Round Mountain National Forest 37.17030, -81.15230
Victor Hugo

place for motor home only. wather, electricity.

Cabañas Toto -24.62040, -65.38022

As described - huge, level, paved lot right near Peggy's Cove. Washrooms nearby are open the same hours as the visitor center, so they close earlier but a short walk down the road are the bathrooms that are open 9am9pm and are fully accessible.

Peggys Cove 44.49380, -63.91249

We past, 22.9.21, Turkish border Quik, Bulgarien Border Crow deed, but ok. , we passed 1.Hour Those Borders, whithout asking for Pcr Test or Vaccination ,
as in Last Century…..
P. S Next Gasolinera Station you get get your Highway Vignette as an Digital. distrubutation at the Station After the border.
Be taff

Turkey/Bulgaria Border 41.71457, 26.36085

just your standard potable water to fill up right next to the picnic tables. (for water jugs and gallons, not really for rvs or vans that uses the bigger containers of water)

The magical source 48.05708, -122.59254

Very quiet. We stayed 1 night . No phone signal or WiFi here.

Pleasant Bay Harbour 46.83063, -60.79992

No overnight parking signs posted. No camping or overnight parking here!! I received a courtesy notice, but typically you will receive a parking violation. The officer was very kind and suggested parking anywhere off a national forest road or outside of the Estes Park city limits. All of Estes Parks has a no overnight camping ordinance.

Estes Park Visitor Center Parking Garage 40.37805, -105.51370

Spacious parking on the street. Easy in and out

Parking for RVs 46.81771, -71.20909

Great place for a night. No one else here, but one car came by in the morning. As others have noted, it's quite beautiful.

Old highway loop 44.66695, -71.18028

Great park - 2 nights here. Very friendly staff and super clean sites and bathrooms. Maybe a 3/4 mile walk to a nice sandy beach from the upper loop, even closer if you stay in the lower loop. Verizon service good here - ATT spotty.

Only slight negative is close to 101 but traffic pretty minimal at night while we were here. But not really a big deal.

Humbug Mountain SP 42.68948, -124.43618

Good coffee, would recommend. Food wasn’t so great though - sausages at breakfast didn’t look very cooked.

Union Cafe -3.33922, 37.34930

This is no longer a campsite/accommodation as it has been converted full time to a garage workshop. Sam is very helpful and friendly if you have any work needing doing on vehicles - can get quite booked up though so would contact in advance. They also operated from another garage in Arusha (under same name).

The Garage Moshi -3.33919, 37.34922

Large flat gravel parking lot with a sign at the entrance saying you can camp here for up to 3 nights. Far enough off the highway for a quiet night’s sleep, although there’s some occasional train noise.
The pit toilets were clean and stocked with TP.
I got between 2-3 bars of ATT service.

Highland Flats Snowmobile Park 48.58832, -116.46160

Great place to spend the night. Surprising amount of traffic all night long.

Point of the Mountain 40.45806, -111.90328

Large flat gravel parking lot shaped like a loop. The sign at the entrance says you can camp here for up to 3 nights. There’s also a large warning hut with two big fire pits and lots of chopped wood.
Far enough off the highway for a quiet nights sleep, although there’s occasional train noise.
The pit toilets were clean and stocked with TP. I got 2-3 bars of ATT service.

Highland Flats Snowmobile Park 48.58846, -116.46127

Stayed here one night. No one bothered me but there was commotion out and around my vehicle. Store played 90s "rock" over the loud speakers all night with ads and announcements in between. if you like Nickleback and Three Days Grace, sweet dreams for you ;)

Pilot Travel Center 48.47114, -122.33713

Stayed here for a night, nice breeze and not to noisy. stayed on the side where Lowes is. Got good WiFi signal from the Walmart with no booster. A few other RVs and vans around.

Walmart - Tifton 31.44233, -83.54390

room for one spot high clearance vehicle recommended

Mosquito Pond 46.37374, -86.51048

Rolled in about 7pm found a spot for camper vans and tents plenty of spots left.

National Forest, free Camping 43.76357, -110.55619

Pulled in around 7pm parked in an area designated for tents and vans. With a cell boost I’m getting fast speeds with visible powered by Verizon

NFS designated dispersed FREE camp 43.76357, -110.55634

super fast wifi. smoothies, sandwiches, acai bowls and full bar available inside.

Whole Foods WiFi 35.19046, -111.64085

Free dump station with potable water, near the route. 2 dumps

Conoco Town Pump 45.78551, -108.60137

It a restaurant and hotel and they allow motor homes to stay in their parking lot in front of the Lake. Very friendly people

Restaurant Boyapesca 5.55331, -72.88094

It's only my second night boondocking and I spent last night by myself so I'm completely amazed that this many people can be this quiet. So serene and away from too much road noise. Didn't go too far in because I'm still getting used to driving the promaster but it looks like vans and smaller cars are getting pretty far back. Nice spot but the flies are a bit annoying. Decent signal on Google fi.

BLM 38.69654, -109.69089

Stayed here one night. It’s beautiful and the traffic calmed down after dark. People SPEED down the main road though. Dirt road but smooth and pretty easy. The canyon is absolutely gorgeous.

Wolf Flats 43.59527, -111.63111

So far so good. There’s a few folks here tonight including someone in a tent. Beautiful view…

spot by the lake 50.31545, -119.25079

This place is permanently closed.

Few miles from third beach 47.92687, -124.50613

This place is permanently closed.

Safeway 45.51954, -123.09426

Large parking lot. No issues. Parked out on the far perimeter.

Walmart Super Center 47.49690, -94.91181

Carden cove. As described in other posts. Is a 3 km drive east of the town of marathon on a good gravel road. Can tent on beach. It is part of the Lake Superior water trail, where paddlers travelling along the north shore have a series of beach campsites to pull up and stay the night as they travel down the coast. This also serves as a put in/take out point.

parking lot 48.75157, -86.40404

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