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October 14th, 2021 toyotoll

You can stay overnight for free in the garden of a quaint restaurant. Please, ask the very friendly owners. They offer very tasty food. It's not expensive.
Nearby is a brownbear refugium worth to visit.
Very recommended place!

Restaurant Butina parking lot 44.82778, 15.13910
October 14th, 2021 NomadDeslocado

Lugar tranquilo durante a noite, seguro pois a noite ficam os seguranças do beach club, pé na arraia. Área um pouco pequena para parar o carro. Durante o dia vira um estacionamento, então se estiver pensando em sair durante o dia, cuidado para o seu motorhome não ficar preso com os outros carros. Os guardadores de carro (flanelinhas) querem pedir dinheiro e para tirar o motorhome porque pega a vaga de 3 carros. Não aconselho a tirar pois não tem nenhuma placa, regra ou valor dizendo isso, fale com jeito e não saia ou pague. Saindo a noite eles não estão lá, então não precisa pagar!
Durante o dia é bem movimentado e com música do beach club ao lado.Boa Vibe!
Pode usar as facilidades do beach club, como banheiro e banho ao ar livre.
Praia muito bonita.
Somente a estrada para chegar estava muitoo ruim por conta das chuvas, estavam com muitos buracos e estrada de chão.

Quiet place at night, safe as the beach club security guards stay at night, feet on the sand. A bit small area to stop the car. During the day it turns into a parking lot, so if you're planning on going out during the day, make sure your motorhome doesn't get stuck with other cars. The car keepers (flannels) want to ask for money and to get the motorhome out because they take the space of 3 cars. I do not advise you to take it off as there is no sign, rule or value saying this, speak nicely and do not leave the place. Going out at night they're not there, so you don't need to pay!
During the day it is very busy and with music from the beach club next door. Good vibe!
You can use the beach club facilities, such as bathroom and outdoor shower.
Very beautiful beach.
Only the road to get there was very bad because of the rains, there were many potholes and a dirt road.

Praia dos Nativos -16.58692, -39.08943
October 14th, 2021 drag.murphy

Smaller, older, but clean rest stop.
No tractor trailers allowed.
9-10 pull thru spots big enuf for big RVs, plus other parking areas RVs can use.
water, bathrooms, welcome center.
decent, not great Verizon signal.

Virginia Welcome Center / Rest Stop 36.59671, -82.23873
October 14th, 2021 schwencke1990

place next to the road.
we slept there one night, no problem.

Rest Stop -19.16134, 18.56142
October 14th, 2021 emily.sedona

Campsites all alone this fire service road. Pretty busy during even during the week. The farther down the road the less service you have.

Canaan Loop Road 39.08449, -79.45915
October 14th, 2021

Nice quiet spot by the river (under some giant power lines). Tons of spots to camp and park, but some routes seem to require a 4x4. Very little highway noise. Saw only 1 other person camped here.

riverside campspot 50.28139, -122.85440
October 14th, 2021 Wilde Weite Welt

For us a great lodge with many elephants at the waterhole especially during dry season from July to November. During this period it will be very difficult to find a better waterhole for Elefant watching. The Lodge is built around the waterhole and the elephants come very close (2-3 m). Watching them is great from the nice pool and bar area. Also from the campsite and the tents you have a unobstructed view. The campsite is nothing special: ok ablutions, no shade, no drinking water, no electricity, good wifi and plugs for electricity at the bar only. So go here for the elephants not for camping. 150 Pula p.P.

Elephant Sands Lodge & Camp -19.74897, 26.07107
October 14th, 2021

Cost is 433 Lempiras per person. Not the cheapest option, but one of our favorite places to stay in Honduras. The nights are cool and quiet and a great experience sleeping in tropical forest.

Clean toilets, hot showers, and swimming pool. In our opinion, a better option than D&D brewery, which you’ll be parked under the endless sun most of the day.

Only downside is that it’s quite a trek to get back to the main road. It’s 20 minutes just to get to the main road where IVO’s cafe is.

Finding flat ground can also be tricky. But there’s a couple spots.

Finca Paradise - Bioesfera 14.94780, -88.04508
October 14th, 2021

Great cafe! Definitely a must to stop by if you come to Lake Yojoa. Lots of great drinks and lattes and baked goods. The owner is a wonderful woman who speaks great English and is always up for a conversation.

Ivo’s coffee 14.94311, -88.03724
October 14th, 2021 dougsurfspr

Good restaurant with a small zoo in the back..

Corrales y Peroles restaurante 2.51138, -76.54414
October 14th, 2021 ajwray86

came into town for an avalanche game and attempted to sleep here due to the other good reviews. I arrived and immediately left... as I was setting up a heavily drugged person (I'm assuming meth) came screeching and swerving down the street, jumped out of his car, pulled on my door and demanded to know where "Annette" was. I took this as a sign not to park there and went to the truck stop down the street.

Near Argo Park 39.78359, -104.98225
October 14th, 2021 salemDhafiri

اخوكم سواح من دولة الكويت لقد زرت المكان وغامرت وخيمت فيه اجمل ليلتين حيث الطبيعة والمناظر الخلابه وفي الصباح تكثر حركة السياح فيه والامور سهود ومهود نصبت خيمي والدعوة سهلات باذن الله لان المكان غير رسمي للتخييم انت وحضك وانصح في زيارته

reservoir with a view 47.23845, 12.10860
October 14th, 2021 Ants_and_Elefants

Cheapest hotel option in Livingstone.
I booked via, $21, incl. full english breakfast.
Typical Zambian hotel, no foreigners!
People are nice.
Half of the furniture is broken, but the AC works!

Woodlands Lodge And Tours -17.84267, 25.86507
October 14th, 2021 wiebrens

Staying here for the night, just me and a big 16 wheeler. Noise from nearby trafic but free wifi and heated restrooms!

Sign does say max 8 hours.

Mt Terry Fox Reststop 52.98011, -119.31963
October 14th, 2021

We came here on a day tour. Colorful little town, nice restaurants. Unfortunately, the beaches are covered in brown seaweed and a smell of rotten eggs permeates the place :o(

Caye Caulker 17.74325, -88.02306
October 14th, 2021 pato.gajardo.velasquez

Lugar optimo para pasar el día, muy tranquilo.
No lo recomiendo para pasar la noche.

Los Pinos de Peñablanca -33.03407, -71.35615
October 14th, 2021

Big parking lot where you can board to go to Baja California. The parking lot is really big and really secure : guards and some Mexican soldiers passing through. You have plenty of lights in the night and you can park between the trucks. Really quiet, except the noise of the engine of some fridge trucks running during the night. I spent a good night here, only a few blocks from the centre. Paid 70 pesos/night.

Puerto de Mazatlan (parking) 23.18771, -106.41974
October 14th, 2021 randysharong

Great place to dump and as mentioned the potable water tap is at the side of the building. Ask for the key for water tap inside, they are happy to give it to you. It is at Shell/ Robin’s Donuts. No fee.

Clarenville Co-op / Shell 48.17296, -53.98317
October 14th, 2021 Bryan Jones

Quiet & attractive setting under trees with direct access to beautiful sandy & rocks beach. Good ablutions, friendly receptionists. Wifi not working when we were there. Excellent Italian restaurant close by. R390 per night for the site.

Arch Rock -34.00272, 23.46238
October 14th, 2021 jd2000

Absolutely amazing experience. Spent three nights here with two dogs in a 4x4 van.

The island is NPS managed ( 4x4 and a beach driving permit is required. Info at the link above). The ferry for my 20 ft van was $100 round trip. Miles of secluded beach. Park and camp pretty much anywhere along the shore, with a few reasonable and common sense rules in play.

Know and respect the tide. Air down your tires.

There is water and restroom facilities at the lighthouse. Ice, water, fuel, and trash bins can be found at the ranger station. The southern side of the island near the lighthouse has less fisherman activity if you're looking for even extra seclusion.

Spotty T-Mobile service, decent Verizon LTE signal.

Cape Lookout National Seashore 34.71492, -76.45165
October 14th, 2021 samgdickinson

nice shady campsite with showers, electricity, etc. highlight was definitely the amazing Italian restaurant with the best pizzas we've had on our trip by a long way and incredible ice cream and sorbets. run by a very welcoming couple.

Casa Rossa -15.37719, 35.30952
October 14th, 2021 Nomades3.1

place where you can do aquatic sports like jet sky, boat, and others. 50.000COP for 4 people 12 minutes. it is not regulated so it is precarious. Parking not flat, but nice to see the dam, the bridge and do aquatic sports.

Quimbo dam 2.22757, -75.64686
October 14th, 2021 kjr241

Gps routed me from the east side of the river- directions included walking past a private gate and across the river. Obviously didn't make it to the campground, but found some nice pull off spots in the Beury Mountain Wildlife Management area

Brooklyn at New River Gorge 37.98439, -81.02825
October 14th, 2021 caroline.gilotay

Easy border to cross Uganda/Tanzania. Rapid cove test done at the border (Uganda-Tanzania direction). Visa done at the border

Kikagati border -1.06768, 30.64939
October 14th, 2021 andrewfriedgen

tried camping in the Whole Foods lot in a minivan and got kicked out around 10. security said the no parking signs “are small” and by the bridge. wasn’t playing it safe so YMMV

Del Monte Shopping Malll 36.58271, -121.89756
October 14th, 2021 t21rachid

La frontière est fermé pour les Français même si vous avez un visa avis aux amateurs il

Border Police and Customs in Mauretania 30.42192, -9.56436
October 14th, 2021 t21rachid

Pompe injection plus injecteur all new cars for 50 bucks make it like a brand-new from scratch the best place in Monaco

Mondial injection 30.42138, -9.56325
October 14th, 2021 t21rachid

Parking charmant garder la nuit laisser un ou deux euros de nuit plus douche aux chaudes toilettes pour
13 dirhams avec le bruit des vagues qui verse

Close to Agadir 30.50925, -9.68680
October 14th, 2021 annapark717

Dump station is no longer free. $5 fee required.

Dump station 40.59396, -111.83255
October 14th, 2021 Steve

I stayed here frequently in the summer of 2021. It's close / practically in the middle of a lot of trails, there's a suspension bridge and it's actually quiet. Rate is now $15/nt. The signboard at the first campsite ("Callaghan Camp") has a good map of the 3 campsites.

The third site (South Camp) is in the midst of being expanded.

Cal-Cheak Recreation Site 50.05968, -123.10026