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Michael Stephens

Two big thumbs up! We stopped first at one of the local campgrounds, but left in a hurry. We came here on recommendation from the visitor center and it is great. There is a nice restaurant, and lots of summer activities including gondola rides, biking, and hiking. Come for the parking lot, stay for the fun stuff.

Revelstoke resort 50.96037, -118.16669

Fuel pumps are pay at pump! Diesel was only a couple cents more than Whitehorse.

Parking lot is loaded with potholes.

Nisutlin Trading Post 60.16820, -132.71259

Couple of spots along a road parallel to the train track (and the highway).

A bit noisy (close to highway) but good for the night. Preserved , the nature is beautiful, lac on the other side of the train tracks (no direct path. kind of wild).

3.4 Mbits on

we had a 33ft RV.

Roadside 49.48536, -91.95937

Many rvs and semis parked here. Simple stay

Walmart Springville 40.15876, -111.64502

Passed through today and this block wasn’t here. The road today from San Cristobal D L C to Palenque was free of any sort of road block or ‘toll’ from the zapatistas.

Tourist toll 17.39515, -91.98984

No road block here today. All clear with no activity.

Road Block 17.28074, -92.03412

Men still there trying to charge MXP25 p.p. for entry to Agua Azul, despite it not being an offical ticket or toll. They placed a cone in front of my motorcycle to try and block my path and were very persistent. Just pretended to not understand them and then continued on to pay at the official station a little down the road. They have people on the road with radios watching as you approach and they radio ahead to block your path. It’s a real shame they’re doing this.

Tourist Toll 17.25615, -92.10846

Short dirt road off Glenn Hwy that opens up by the Matanuska river. Small fire pit and good view but close to the road so a bit noisy. 4G and full cell signal thru Verizon.

Matanuska River roadside 61.72613, -148.82394

Laundromat. Best and cleanest in the Myrtle Beach area.

Surfside Suds 33.61247, -78.98307

Entrances are all now barricaded. Looks run down.

Dawson Peaks 60.10996, -132.55311

Still 90 Pula pp. Beautiful garden. And a very nice pool. Good value for money. And not in Town.

Kwalape Safari Lodge -17.79818, 25.21716

There are many small pull-in spots along this road. Most are only big enough for one vehicle.
This particular spot is across from a day-use only fishing access spot and has a sign prohibiting motorized and bike traffic on the trail, but nothing saying no camping or overnight parking.
Decently level, not much traffic noise at night. I get 2-3 bars of ATT service.

Small trailhead on Belton Stage Rd 48.45756, -114.02374

No “no overnight” sings, residential area. Stayed here after a show in the O.

Not suitable for anything larger than camper.

Watch the sings, once a month they sweep the streets.

Street parking 39.77913, -105.04279

Like anyone else said, nice and big parking lot, quiet and safe, we got here around 9pm , 4 RVs here, still few restaurants are open! Next to the outlet mall !! Thank you for a FREE safe night camping!!

Walmart at Tsawwassen Mills 49.04168, -123.08175

Very nice place, without any services. You can camp right at the beach.

Raatikkasaari beach 62.59336, 24.29109

Large campsite near main road next to lake. Easy access.

Allowable Crown land usage applies.

Wild Camping - Bring what you need and remove what you bring.

no cell service - check the weather in Chapleau

CBC on 89.9

Crown land 47.91935, -83.44630

Ample parking for trucks. The post is open 24 hours. It has a clean bathroom, hot shower costs 5 reais.

Auto Posto Borges -25.18724, -50.81260

Quiet and easy access, there is a lot of store nearby

Grey Rock Casino 47.37406, -68.30643

Fantastic camping plage laitre côté de la rue tres beau. VR bienvenue 15/30 amp

Chez les Maury 46.53575, -64.69748

As described.

Can fit 33ft rv.

9 to 11 Mbits on

Tower Hill Scenic Lookout Ignace 49.40420, -91.62719

All three car parks have very clear 'no overnight parking' signs.

Cape Fouchu Lighthouse 43.79438, -66.15459

This is not actually in the Bonny State rec area but just outside the republican State rec area but it's obviously serviced. Huge area to park in and large enough to turn around. Concrete maintained out house will TP. We got 2 bars of LTE. Super quiet. There's a fire or here too. There a a few not to severe ruts in the road to get here but beyond here there are two deeper sets.

South Republican State Wildlife Area 39.61741, -102.21159

Good place to visit the city. Easy to get in and to get out. Yes, it could be noisy, but it is doable. The places at the sea are the worst.
With big rigs it is better to come before 17 h.

Parking In Istanbul 41.00189, 28.97777

Very nice place to camp. Yes mosquitoes are very present even mid-September. We spoke with locals, they confirm that there are no problems camping. they use the location as an access to the beach or as a roundabout.
There was a lot of rubbish on the ground. We picked them up and brought them back with us.

Pointe de pruches 46.98778, -64.81095

Stopped here a couple nights ago. Just as described. I also stayed at the upper parking lot. I had a couple wifi bars.
Nice spot to stay overnight.

South Fork Park 40.34851, -111.54580

$3 for 8 minute showers. Pay inside the store. Attached a couple pictures of shower and the building. Mostly clean. Some stalls had hair that wasnt cleaned up but overall clean. Very busy area mid week in September

Bryce Canyon Market Area - Laundry & Showers 37.63233, -112.16524

We slept 3 nights in the parking lot of the Mirador del Parque. Super quiet, there is 1 electrical outlet to plug in the motorhome and 1 tap with hose to load water. There is also free internet.
Dormimos 3 noches en el estacionamiento del Mirador del Parque. Super tranquilo, hay 1 toma eléctrica para poder enchufar el motorhome y 1 canilla con manguera para cargar agua. También hay Internet libre.

Mirador - Parque de la Ciudad -29.43818, -66.90157

Water warm when sun shines only. R100 per person. Take waste with you.

Laaste Kamp -33.59996, 24.19051
Jamie Zelazny

Good place to camp or park your van. Lots of cow patties, and a bit exposed, so could be windy.

I had the place to myself. In the morning I could hear the nearby construction.

Odland Recreation Area Dam 47.04002, -104.01009

It was an awesome place to stay. Nobody else around. Got here early enough that we were able to hike the ski area trails. We went all the way to the peak where the Doppler radar is. Fabulous views. Even were able to use the restrooms in the lodge while it was open.

Steadybrook Ski Field 48.94839, -57.83465

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