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comfy rooms
private guarded parking underground nearby

friendly reception

hotel egnatia 39.67012, 20.85800

-Very open but not too windy and not a soul in sight
- great service for ATT and Verizon
- went a little ways up the grassy trail to camp away from the dirt road but no traffic regardless.

Wood Road 16, Mesa Falls Scenic Byway, Targhee NF 44.30394, -111.43403

the machine accept only 2$ 1$ and 25cent. no change machine. super clean no problem

Sanitation Dump 49.92522, -119.51740

A gravel pull off, level, large enought to feel safe, nice water view, not to busy road (no truck) quiet at night. beach with wooden logs on the other side off the street. no sign. very good internet signal 5g. close to the dump station and water.

Roadside 49.92520, -119.51739

A great little spot off of Dick Way

Verizon service is STRONG with this one! (100+/Mbs Down and 25+/Mbs Upload!)

He's a smaller one, but enough to get the job done without a doubt!

no campfire spot (fire ban anyways)

made it here with my 21 Toyota Venza AWD but im sure its doable with less capible vehicles.

The entrance in is a little steep and might be a problem for lower clearance vehicles, but take it slow and youll make it in. :)

Not SUPER level, but gets the job done.

Space left for a tent and your vehicle.

good spots to go off and dig a hole to relieve yourself

Blueberry and Blackberry bushes ON SITE?! 😯 (Its sept '21 and theres ripe ones and ones still coming in!) (there is other berries here that look like blueberries but we arent so sure about them! know before you eat!)

okay overall this site isnt the biggest, or the MOST secluded, (lots of hunters claiming pulloffs by parking their cars at the entrances) but boy oh boy we think it has a lot to offer!

Dick Way Pullout 44.11761, -123.90021

Don’t go there if you want to fill your water thank, the tap is to far from the parking lot unless you have a 50’ hose.
Hard to find the water tap, not next to a building

Centennial Playing Fields 50.99336, -118.20416

Lovely streetfood in between the Buzz with the locals and the local smells.

Forodhani -8.91159, 33.46996

free parkingspace in the city, 15minutes by feet to the harbour

Parking in Tulcea 45.18018, 28.78346

NRE offering 3 Campsite at their Power station  Pungwe B directly on the river. Very nice place with shower and toilets. Each site have power, a brai and there is one building which you can use to sit in. No mobile signal.
You have to pay ($5 ppn) at the NRE office in Hauna (see the second point in IOverlander) to a lady by the name of Paida before you drive to here.

NRE camp at Hydro Station -18.42949, 32.84490

Bar de carretera, por 5€ te permite dormir en el parking bajo los olivos.
Si consumes algo no debes pagar.
Muy cerca de la famosa playa Voidokiliá

Olive Garden parking 36.97574, 21.66367

Old “refugio” on the side of the road. You can spend the night here. It’s in the middle of nowhere. No faccilities nor water.

Refugio vialidad -30.53079, -69.28403

Hot showers in clean, private rooms. $5.75 a shower. Good wifi in the parking lot too.

Petro Pass 46.13029, -64.88172

Nous changer d’avis et allons coucher ailleur. Trop isolé

Le Prospecteur Hiking Trails 47.37589, -68.31367

really good spot tucked behind some trees with a outstanding view. About 25 meters from the road, but it isn't busy.
I'd recommend 4x4 if wet and good ground clearance. don't think a big rig would make a tight turn.

oceanfront roadside 56.83744, -5.80391

Nice small campground in the back of the guesthouse. We payed 60lei for two people and a van. Bathroom is clean and quit western style.

Backyard of Casa di Duse 45.73190, 24.58418

I asked the bartender & he said I'm more than welcome to stay. He said people come from all over & stay it's apart of Harvest Host. Definitely get yourself a beer or food if you stay the staff is so kind. And tip well! They're short staffed.

Snow Eagle Brewery & Pub 43.49508, -112.04528

Bel endroit super bien aménagé! Électricité, eau non potable, toilettes de luxe avec douche! Table à pic-nic, banc pour s'asseoir et regarder le paysage et le magnifique couché de soleil! On peut y pêcher et aller se promener sur le bord de l'eau, terrain de jeu pour enfant, sérieusement, chapeau à la ville pour leurs belles installations! Je recommande fortement!

Godbout 49.31012, -67.60374

Nice roadside spot on a river that’s big enough for 3 or 4 small campers. We stopped here for the night on our way to Bryce. Keep an eye out for an unmarked break in the guard rail on the left, 6 miles south of I-70 on route 89. No facilities or cell service but there are trees and some shade. Public restrooms are 3 miles south.

89 South pulloff 38.54720, -112.26792

Parking lot right next to the highway, during the day it’s a spot for fishing. There’s about 7 spots to park and a Portapotty not too far away. Gorgeous sunsets right on the water filled with birds. It’s fairly noisy (highway noise) but otherwise super idyllic.
No signs that say no overnight parking.

Pond 1 - Cullinan ranch 38.13533, -122.34468
Direction East

Cozy hotel with friendly and helpful owners. Rooms were between 10'000-15'000 AMD, depending on size (only cash), clean, quiet, hot shower, fridge, wifi.
Great breakfast included.
Gated parking for motorbikes, 1 car probably after checking with owners.

Hotel Mira 39.50852, 46.34130

You can no longer camp there. The police told us to leave immediately. They would come back in ten minutes and check if we would still be there. They would charge us with a fine over 100€. All the other cars had to leave as well.

Sheep camp 45.60803, 24.61745

great campground in a mossy forest right on diablo lake with trail access. very crowded now, we were lucky to find an open site when we pulled in around 5 p.m. so yes, if you have cell service and you know when you're going to be here, would recommend you make a reservation beforehand. especially if you want a site next to the water.

Colonial Campground 48.68530, -121.09400

Previous descriptions are accurate. 2 bars Verizon LTE. I would recommend backing in if you’re over 21ft, especially given the cliff edge.

Outside National Park 47.80981, -124.08058
Life with Spock

A previous poster must have navigated from a different road when they said it was a long drive on a rough road. I entered the coordinates in Google Maps and it was exactly 1 mile from Route 12 and E. Fork Rd (look for Bryce Wildlife Adventures on the corner), it took three minutes. The road was an excellent shape, not washboard. I arrived at 9:30 PM, didn’t see a camping access off FR091 for the posted coordinates so drove a little further and found a short dirt track (also in good shape) off of the forest service road up a hill near a cattle loading pen.

The area with the cattle loading pen is marked no trespassing, private property and is fenced. The area and front where I parked was not. The coordinates I measured were 37.691819, -112.211169, elevation 7677 feet.

I camped here in a 2 wheel drive campervan.

Added to photos for reference, 1st with cattle loading pens in background, 2nd of dirt track I accessed from FR091.

East Fork Road 37.69408, -112.20505

There are three boattours you can take.

1) This three hour tour laves at 15:00 going to the lake area north of Mompos. This is the one where you see a lot of birds and where you can swim in the lake. I booked it via hostel La Casa del Viajero and that was 40.000 pp (see also the orange poster)

2) A sunset tour on a boat with hammocks. One hour for 50.000 pp. Juices and coffee included. (see also the blue poster)

3) A sunset tour on a boat where you have to stand and where they play loud music. They have a fridge full of beer however. (no poster found)

Boattour 9.24391, -74.42472

The current friendly staff made this hostel feel like home. Decent and cool matriomonial room with AC and fast wifi for 80.000. Worth it.
They have bags of potable water for sale.

Hostal Casa Bella 9.23997, -74.42357

Great place to sit on the boulevard terrace in the evening and sip on your local made corozo wine.

Also the place next door (Roberto Nieto) is equally good.

Santa Coa restaurant/bar 9.24027, -74.42240

30,000 ($7) per person. Very nice rooms with hot water, tv, private bathroom and comfy beds.

Hotel Bahio 5.79007, -75.78694

Very small town with a parque and church. This shop had arepas with queso and tinto. We stopped here for a snack and then kept pedaling to Jardín.

Small tiendas with snacks and drinks 5.68282, -75.83486

Great place for overnight!
Free dumping.

Cabelas 40.55928, -76.00327

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