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920m. Tranquil wooded setting / 24h hot water / clean pool / grills / tables. Cheaper than Pilmayken but further out of town and slower internet. Advantage Suizo as their wifi is campground-wide and this is the place to meet other travelers. 20 minute bus ride to centro (Bus #3, $1.40 in change only). Mangrullo is next door but had no campers and charges $40 per person

AR$30 per person.

Mendoza - Parque Suizo -32.85500, -68.89667

2204m. Great views / 250m off the road / windy. Aconcagua National Park – would not let us camp in their parking lot. After some back and forth they said we might be able to but needed to be fully self contained including bathrooms onboard. All tent camping in the park must be reserved ahead of time. Bummer.

Between Mendoza and Aconcagua National Park (0,0,3) -32.78393, -69.61178

1901m. Unsure of cost, according to other campers nobody had come to collect for days. This looked the best of the 4 campgrounds around town. It’s close to the center of town but still quiet. Wood-fired hot water. Hostel Uspallata 5km east had wifi, a café, and was close to good hiking trails but wouldn’t allow us to camp. With some smooth talking you can probably camp and this would be a better spot.

Camping Municipal Uspallata "Apuyam" -32.58645, -69.34687

1390m.Wood-fired hot showers / near scenic lake / dirt lot / tables / grills. I’d say skip the campground as we spotted a few wonderfully scenic bush camps lakeside, 5-10km east of Potereillos

AR$59 per night.

Camping ACA -32.95515, -69.19647

We planned on bush camping near the river but were surprised to find no less than a thousand Argentines crawling all over the muddy banks! We later found out it was a holiday. We’re finding friendly people on this side of the country.

AR$8 per adult, $15 per vehicle.

Camping Municipal -33.10977, -64.34792

North of Rosario and next to the river. Typical Argentine muni camping with a pool and friendly staff. It would be worth asking if you could camp next to the riverside. No plug-ins or showers on this side of the park but it’s quiet and breezy with a nice view of the river and city.

AR$10 per adult, $26 for a casa rodante.

Camping Municipal (4,3.5,2) -32.84562, -60.70082


YPF (Delivery Truck Fill) -32.48887, -58.30850

AR$40 per person for park entry, AR$70 per campsite. Grills / tables / restaurant / small store carries carne for grilling. Nice campground, great park with hiking trails, ruins and good animal watching but way too much dinero.

AR$40 per person for park entry, AR$70 per campsite.

El Palmar National Park on the Uruguay River -31.86460, -58.21017

Tables / grills / grassy / warm pools / restaurants / panaderia / riverside. The biggest campground we’ve laid eyes on with separate areas for youth and students. Get the broadband wifi password from the small Super Dumbo grocery store for UR$150. Great spot to whittle away a few days.. Routing: The highways in the Entre Rios province are notorious for numerous police checkpoints and corruption, especially route 14. We had zero trouble but were stopped a few times and asked to show our papers, safety triangles and fire extinguisher. Don’t sweat it, just keep headlights on at all times and obey the speed limit.

UR$280 per night (US$14).

Camping Termas de Guaviyu -31.84247, -57.88627

Amenities: 4.5, no hot water / cost: 3 / quality: 4. Nice riverside campground with plenty of shade. There’s a dock for fishing and/or sundowners. It is run by two friendly retired folks who get a lot of international overlanders. Only downside is the water which has salt and sediment and no hot water. The (wifi) internet connection is temperamental but the bandwidth is good. The grounds are far removed from everything but you can taxi to downtown Tigre (AR$30) and take the 50 minute commuter train to Buenos Aires for AR$1.35.

AR$60 per night, $AR20 to park.

Camping L’Hirondelle -34.39548, -58.61072

Didn’t stop here but it was recommended to us by friends who said they allow long-term parking, have airport pick-up/drop-off, and good amenities including wifi

Bahia de los Lobos -35.29193, -59.13553

Amenities: 5 / cost: 3 / quality: 3. We accidentally camped next door at Camping Banco Provincia. After setting up camp we spotted Camp Pinar further down the road which looked nicer and appeared to have wifi. The oddly named Banco Provincia is really just for Argentine “camping” (afternoon BBQs). Coordinates are for Camp Pinar. There also appear to be some bush camping opportunities further down the road.

Camping Pinar de la Sierra (5,3,3) -37.35880, -59.14695

Amenities: 5 / cost: 4 / quality: 3. We looked at 4 different campgrounds in town and this one was the cheapest and least crowded (on a holiday weekend) . Conveniently located 5 blocks from the beach with decent wifi near the admin building. The Italian owners are friendly and talkative (good opportunity to practice your Argentine Spanish). We came here for the surf which was billed as the best Argentina has to offer and in 4 days it never reached above our ankles.

AR$45 per person.

Camping El Gringo (5,4,3) -38.57050, -58.69797

(approximate). Anywhere around here is excellent. You can drive on the beach and if the wind picks up there is a eucalypts forest just off the shore for shelter and firewood!

Bush Camping Heaven (0,0,4) -38.60433, -58.78957

Amenities: 5 / cost: 5 / quality: 4. Easily the most expensive campsite we’ve stayed at (outside of the US) but this place had it all. Campground size easily accommodates thousands and must employ every high school kid in the province. There are scheduled activities, a pool, bar, restaurant, grocery store, and when you check in a staff member takes you to look at different campsites based on your preferences. We had heard there was cheaper camping and even good bush camping further down in Pehuen Co, but curiosity landed us here for a few days.

AR$65 per person, AR$30 for RV (discounts for longer stays).

Camping Americano (5,5,4) -38.98683, -61.35058

Amenities: 3.5 / cost: 3 / quality: 2. The usual municipal camping affair with the added upside that the staff rarely collects camping fees. All along this southern coast seems to be great bush camping but our low propane level kept us from exploring its full potential.

AR$ 25 per tent/car, $5 per person.

Camping Balneario Maldonado -38.73343, -62.31190

We were thrilled to find this plant at random. It is an easy process here and they even asked us if we wanted propane or butane. We filled up at 2:00 so they must not take a siesta. We gave them our adaptor but we’re not sure if they used it.

Extra-Gas (Fill Bottles) -38.74403, -62.29873

Amenities: 4 / cost: 3 / quality: 2. El Condor prepaid wifi cards can be purchased at the Bus Terminal or Autoservicio in 2-8 hour increments. The cafe on the corner also offers wifi. There are 4 other campgrounds in town but all seem pretty much the same, this is the cheapest option. Proximity to a nightclub makes it not the best choice for weekends… or if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.. Routing: Take a break from RN3 and head down RP1 along the undisturbed coast. Plenty of places to bush camp here.

AR$25 per person $15 per vehicle.

Camping UPCN -41.04981, -62.82965

There’s a break in the cliffs here where you can camp along the shore. The conditions were just right and we were able to surf right in front of camp. The few places with wind protection or shade were being occupied by the locals. It was a restless night despite the tranquil setting; at midnight it was still 92 degrees (1/7/2012)!

Beachside Bush Camp (0,0,3) -41.15387, -63.37253

Great place to watch the whales in season. This area is a good spot for bush camping as some wind cover can be found. No facilities but a few trash cans. If you want facilities there is a muni camp in Puerto Piramides (S42 34.420. W64 16.747. ). We didn’t check it out but it is probably better than the ACA campground listed below.

Playa Cantera -42.64357, -64.96778

Amenities: 4.5 / cost: 4 / quality: 1. Cramped stalls without tables or grills, limited shade, a dusty windy lot, only some sites have elec, and 10 showers (open only for posted hours) for a campground that can take on 800. There is wifi only near the admin building but no tables or outlets in the vicinity to make use of it. We stayed the night here because we wanted a shower and ended up using our solar shower anyway. Puerto Madryn – Propane Gas. There is a propane place in town that will fill US tanks called Oxigenco Patagonia.

AR$75 per night.

Camping ACA -42.78095, -65.00022

Amenities: 3 / cost: 3 / quality: 2.At this latitude the wind starts blowing earnestly and consistently from the west/southwest. Finding a wind-block was necessary with our popup and this place had it right off RN3.. If you plan to stop in this area, go to Rada Tilly (below) instead, same price, better stuff.

AR$20 per person, AR$10 per vehicle.

camping municipal -45.78222, -67.48992

Like most Argentine campgrounds the vehicle charge is only a one time charge. Amenities: 5 / cost: 3 / quality: 4. Probably the best cared for municipal campsite in this part of Argentina. There is good wifi near the admin building that extends to a few campsites. The only downside are the showers and bathrooms which are too few and closed for the majority of the day. There are water restrictions in this part of the country. Other camping opportunities: The coastline from Rada Tilly to Caleta Olivia is gorgeous. There are countless opportunities to bush camp right off RN3. We spotted many others camping here and regretted having to pass it up.

AR$15 per person, AR$20 per vehicle.

Rada Tilly - Camping Municipal -45.91740, -67.55128

Amenities: 1 / cost: 4 / quality: 4. Entrance is free but bush camping is no longer allowed in the park. The campground is breathtaking but the fee is heavy for the lack of amenities. The entrance gate says you must register down the road but you can register and pay for camping at the campground. There is a beautiful tea room you‘re free to use and “bloody good” English is spoken. This was easily our favorite spot on RN3.

AR$80 per night.

Parque Nacional Monte Leon -50.33478, -68.88465

Well we finally did it. To compliment our long haul driving days down RN3 we stayed with the truckers behind a gas station. Free bathroom and showers (+wifi in the sitting area), but Alabama cassette tapes, belt buckles, and trucker hats should be self furnished. This YPF also had the 5W-30 synthetic engine oil we had been seeking.

Río Gallegos - YPF -51.62278, -69.26097

Outstanding spot overlooking a meadow and Rio Ewan which is a public fishing river. The area has some tree cover but sadly there is trash scattered about.

Bush Camp -54.20607, -67.21987

Amenities: 4.5 / cost:3 / quality: 4. Great campground set on the scenic shores of Lago Fagnano.. Slow wifi from the neighboring cabanas business available in the fogon/cabin.. Many sites have windbreaks and the RV sites are on the shoreline. You can also bush camp along the lake shores further down the road if you don’t need services.

Camping Hain -54.52562, -67.23223

Amenities: 4.5 / cost: 4 / quality: 3. AR$35 per person, AR$10 for elec, Nestled in a beautiful mountain setting 3km NW of town this camping area was formerly a ski resort. They have slow wifi in the admin building/bar. Most of the camping stalls are small and this place gets packed during the high season. We met a family of Brazilians who had to buy a tent and camp here because there wasn’t a room available in town. Humorously, there was nothing we could say to convince them we had driven from California.

Camping La Pista del Andino -54.81295, -68.35175

Family owned with the usual amenities including wifi. Not to be confused with the free Rio Pipo camp within the National Park. We didn’t stay

Camping Rio Pipo -54.82780, -68.36138

They can fill US bottles without an adaptor.. Around Ushuaia – Free Camping Areas

Propane Gas - Sartini -54.79077, -68.22902

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