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Amenities: 4.5 / cost: 4 / quality: 3. AR$35 per person, AR$10 for elec, Nestled in a beautiful mountain setting 3km NW of town this camping area was formerly a ski resort. They have slow wifi in the admin building/bar. Most of the camping stalls are small and this place gets packed during the high season. We met a family of Brazilians who had to buy a tent and camp here because there wasn’t a room available in town. Humorously, there was nothing we could say to convince them we had driven from California.

Camping La Pista del Andino -54.81295, -68.35175

Family owned with the usual amenities including wifi. Not to be confused with the free Rio Pipo camp within the National Park. We didn’t stay

Camping Rio Pipo -54.82780, -68.36138

They can fill US bottles without an adaptor.. Around Ushuaia – Free Camping Areas

Propane Gas - Sartini -54.79077, -68.22902


Riverside -54.75420, -68.19735


Municipal Camping - Ushuaia -54.83230, -68.42194

Camping Lago Roca, elec and showers:

Camping Lago Roca Pay Campground -54.83278, -68.56183

We found Camp Rio Pipo to be the most scenic. There are a number of free campgrounds with toilets and fire pits throughout the park. They are marked on the park map. , of course.

Free after forking over AR$85 per person for the park entry

Rio Pipo -54.82015, -68.46787


Ocean views on a small peninsula, fire-pit on the shore -54.94193, -66.88813

Plenty of other great spots all along this road with pullouts and fire-rings. , several campgrounds but you must first get a free permit here:

Estancia Harberton Camping Permit -54.87445, -67.33177

There is a wide camping area overlooking Lago Blanco.. Plenty of space and cover here.

Camping Lago Blanco -54.06725, -68.95717

Scenic camp spot we found when looking for the end of the road in Chile, but never reached it. We got our hands on a good Tierra del Fuego map and it looks like there is a lot of exploring to do in this neck of the woods. Gas range would be your only problem as the last towns to fill up are Rio Grande or Porvenir. Email us if you get out there, we‘d love to see the pictures; according to one map you can get as far as Bahia Yendegala near the Cordilerra Darwin.. - Ferry Crossing -. We crossed the Magellan Straight via the Austral Broom Ferry service, Porvenier to Punta Arenas. Ferry leaves once daily except Mondays. The cost was US$102 which you can pay in Chilean or Argentine pesos. Here you pay at the terminal before boarding. Also the Copec in town was the most expensive we‘ve seen, US$6.40/gallon, cash only. The only ATM in Provenier did not work with our international debit cards (Visa Plus) and the bank will not exchange Argentine pesos.

Lago Deseado Bush Camp -54.37297, -68.76402

Scenic spot looking out over the strait. You can camp back in the trees or down by the shore. The only amenities are a trash bin and the only downside is the proximity to highway 9. We spent several relaxing nights here.

Parque Chabunco Camping Area (East) -52.98733, -70.81427

Couldn’t be easier, no adaptor needed.

Propane Gas (GasCo) -53.14973, -70.91420

Central. This hostel is the owner’s house which he lives in with his parents. There is normally room for one camper in the driveway but it is currently occupied by a broken-down Honda. The owner doesn’t seem to have any plans to move it but graciously let us shower for free.

Hostel Independencia -53.16330, -70.91742

Amenities: 4.5 / cost: 4 / quality: 3. Expensive but central. Slow wifi in the admin building sitting room. It is set up for tent campers but there is ample space for two overland rigs. Elec means plugging in only to run your lights, a hair dryer will blow the circuit.

CH$4,500 per person, $2,000 for weak elec, “lights only”.

Camping Josmar2 -51.72853, -72.50375

Spotted, didn’t use

Propane / Gasco -51.72877, -72.49785

Camping with electrical hook-ups at the southernmost park entry. We didn’t stay.

Torres de Paine - Rio Serrano -51.22807, -72.97095

Not much to see but good wind cover. You can also camp in the nearby Hotel Grey parking lot and pick up their wifi signal.

Parque Nacional Torres del Paine - Glacier Grey parking -51.12438, -73.12917

Amenities: 3 / cost: 5 / quality: 4. Recently remodeled and expensive. There are fire pits (with grills), picnic tables and wind shelters. But you’ve got to buy overpriced firewood from admin for your fire. Basically what you’re looking at here is an $18 hot shower with an outstanding view. Camp at the spots across the road for views that will make you forget about the price. Restaurant (parilla) on site.

CH$8,000 per person.

Lago Pehoe - Torres del Paine -51.10797, -72.98800

Torres trailhead parking. A more scenic bush camp opportunity with cover. Also a starting spot for hiking or backpacking. There is a formal campground nearby with showers and bathrooms.

Torres bush camp (0,0,3) -50.96492, -72.86698

Free campground with hot showers and flush toilets(!?). To top it off the view is wonderful, looking out on the lake and towers in the distance. Not many other campers in this corner of the park. Fires were not allowed. One short uphill hiking trail takes you to a few viewpoints.

Lago Azul Camping -50.87267, -72.73935

Finding a place for three vehicles to camp in Taganga was hard, but we camped at the Taganga Dive Shop which had a very friendly owner. A room was opened up so we had toilet and hot shower. They also have rooms. Nice and quiet overnight.

Price: 10

Tayrona Dive Center 11.26498, -74.19013

Camped on the beach under some threes. A great place for a final camp by the Caribbean. They had toilets and cold showers. Filled the water tank and found out it was full of swimming creatures – so no good water!! Free coffee.

Price: 20

Casa Grande 11.27772, -73.86462

Camped on gravel/grass next to a building so we had shelter when it rained. Power, toilet and cold shower. They had a restaurant we did not use except for coffee.

Price: 10.000 pesos

Balneario Camp 7.29057, -73.15390

Camped on a gravel parking lot. Toilet was open all night. People was swimming in the river, did not look to tempting for us and we do not know about showers. No other facilities. There was a few buildings and cafes around and when we arrived there was only on that was open. We paid there, but do not know if that was right according to where we parked.

Price: 6500 pesos (but we are not sure if we paid the right person)

Balneario Camp San Gil 6.55597, -73.11152

Camped in a gravel parking lot a bit away from the road. A room was opened for us so we could use the toilet and hot shower. Quiet overnight.

Price: 3000 pesos to the night guard and we had dinner in the restaurant

El Ganadero Rest Camp 6.08723, -73.38695

Camped in their parking lot. Good water to fill up tanks. Nice and quiet location outside town (15 min walk), good facilities and a kitchen we could use. Nice and clean toilet and hot showers. WIFI.

Price: 16.000 pesos

Renacer Hostel Colombian Highlands 5.64137, -73.51318

It was a secure parking next door to the hostel, but 2,60 meters is the limit to get into the parking lot (there are other parking options a few blocks away). Good bunk beds with big lockers under the bed with power outlets. The hostel had a kitchen where you could cook your own food and free coffee all day. Big TV for watching movies, WIFI, laundry and hot showers. We stayed in a dorm, but they had private rooms also. We thought it was a good location for staying in Bogotá.

Price: 20.000 per bunk bed

Cranky Croc Hostal 4.60002, -74.06995

Camped on the gravel parking lot next to the observatory. Toilet was open all night and there were some outdoor showers we did not try. Really quiet at night.

Price: 7500 pesos

Camp Tatacoa Observatory 3.23435, -75.17017

We camped on the grassy parking lot of the museum. On facilities after the opening hours of the museum (8-16). Night guard walked around at night. Next to the road, but no traffic at night. The road up to Tierradentro is rough and narrow, but no problem for a 2 wheel drive. We camped next to a French Mercedes Sprinter.

Price: free

Camp Tierradentro Museo 2.57028, -76.03658

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