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Very quiet site along river. Road is just before bridge. Would be tight for 2 vans as only 1 small level spot.

Outside National Park 47.80956, -124.08058

Good road into the campsite. We pulled into a spot above the river just past the Ranch at a fork in the road. Flat parking area. Okay T-Mobile service. Train goes by every once in a while but is drowned out by the sound of the river. A couple of cars went by but was peaceful during the evening.

Fish creek Rd campsites 46.96147, -114.66555
Rob Wilson Photography

Stayed the week prior to May Long Weekend, and found the park was open and a couple others were camping. Stayed for free as the park wasn't officially open yet according to the ranger, who said it opens for May Long. Beautiful spot, no bugs at the time, lots of trout jumping, clean pit toilets.

Big Bar Lake Provincial Park 51.31289, -121.82018

Great spot! Very clean even with numerous other vehicles in the spot. Decent sized pull outs. Might get lucky in a larger rig if there aren’t many others. There were quite a few vans/cars here for both nights we stayed. You can scramble down to the beach or enjoy the views from up top

Moolack Beach Parking Area 44.70411, -124.06135

It's closed! There is a chain to access to the spot. The only option is the "campground".
Admin please update this spot.

BLM Glen Canyon Dam 36.93791, -111.49633

Very nice place out of the crowd, really quiet at night after fishing was finished. Really quiet until fishing start again. nice place really good night of sleep.

Poverty Bay 42.85484, -79.09388

driving and camping forbidden. 1.000 Euro fine and car confiscacion

Rica Bella blick 42.14219, 9.55522

Take the first dirt road toward the water on west side of the dam, near the bulletin boards. Do not proceed straight as spring protected areas for endangered birds. Drive down the gravel road. Camp sites are indicated with signs. The water levels have gone down so water is further away. Clean, quiet site. We were not disturbed. One other rig camped far away. Feasible for big rigs but you have to back in. On gravel/sand surface with small trees around - we made it with a 27 ft fifth wheel.

Free Dispersed camping at John Martin Reservoir 38.05045, -102.94198

We slept one night with our van in the parking lot for trucks and use nothing from the hotel. It was very loud in the morning. The night guard and the lady from the reception sayed it's for free. Next day there was another lady who want's COP 15'000.- after a long disscusion and call with the boss we paid it.

Hotel Las Palmas 3.22149, -75.24640

Street parking for a couple cars or small vans. I sleep here overnight in my car maybe once a week. This is overflow parking for apartments nearby. It starts to fill up around 6 or 7p - so get tucked in early. It's quiet with a large grassy field nearby.

E Blue Heron Lane 43.62644, -116.39191
Tay Gvit

18 dollar night campground clean. can tent camp or rv, trailer camping.

Sunset Falls Campground 45.81808, -122.25257

Nice hostel in Drake Bay with open kitchen, toilets, (warm) showers and green all around. Payed 7000 each with four persons, bit pricey but the good wifi makes up a lot. Had to push up an electricity cable to get in (we're 2,90 meters high).

Mohagine 8.68912, -83.66231

We sleep here last night and it was quiet. We have a camper but 2 big RV was here. The view is beautiful and we did a fire !
Just, no shower no bathroom but we really enjoyed our night here.

Nipigon Marina and Campground 49.00754, -88.25577
[email protected]

Eumir Marnon is a very nice owner.
He speaks Spanish and good English and can be reached via WhatsApp at +52 222 194 8576.
He has repaired a gearbox damage on my VW T5 well and cheaply. Absolutely recommended.
17 norte 2202 col Lazaro Cardenas CP 720100

Brembo Distribuidor Autorizado 19.05929, -98.20524

Awesome little camp spots for a night! I would recommend driving past the gates before you get settled so you know where the restrooms are - past the swimming pool and past the park. There are signs directing you to the little restroom building. I’m certainly glad I did this because I ended up using the restroom building as a short-term storm shelter the night I was there. Thankfully, it was just high winds and some dust blowing around; nothing damaging.

Comanche Trail Campground 32.21289, -101.47526

Exactly, not a bad place to be and save for 2wd. We had the place for ourselves. Camels and coyotes come to visit. Make sure you climb up the dunes.

At the base of a massive dune 34.31879, 51.87907

Amazing place to stay. There were a few groups in the evening who came to watch the sunset (which is so amazing to see here). We were alone after dark and had a quiet night. Such a wonderful place to wake up to.

Sea Cow Head Lighthouse 46.31559, -63.80992

Crossing from Guatemala to El Salvador.
The money changers came up, so we changed our quetzals to U.S. dollars first. Always check the exchange rate before you get there, so you know the value of your money. And remember they’re providing a service and need to make money, too.

Started the border process at 7:15 a.m. on a Tuesday and we were done by 8. It would’ve been faster, but the TIP lady didn’t officially start working until 8, so we were delayed waiting for her to arrive. The regular photocopy place also doesn’t open until 8. So you may want to not arrive too long before then.

First we got our passports stamped out inside.

Then we went to the outside window to work on our TIP suspension (always suspend rather than cancel if you can, in case there’s an emergency and you need to return the way you came).

For our TIP suspension, we needed title, driver’s license, Guatemala TIP, driver’s passport, copy of exit stamp in passport, and copies of the other documents.

The official went to check our VIN.

We photocopied our exit stamp at Asedua on the other side of the border. It isn’t normally a copy place, but maybe they would help in a pinch like they did for us.

Overall, an extremely smooth process. Everyone was professional, kind, and helpful. A lady from the tourism board also came up with a tablet to do an exit survey with us.

Costom of Guatemala 14.02014, -89.90931

Crossing from Guatemala to El Salvador.

We crossed the bridge and parked.
A TIP guy checked our VIN and license plate against our Guatemalan TIP.
We got out and walked to the tent for a temperature check, passport check, and for them to check a little white visa paper we were given before leaving Guatemala. Because of CA-4, we did not get passport stamps.
They didn’t ask for any vaccination documents at all, just the temperature check.

Back to the same TIP guy for computer work.
We provided driver’s passport, driver’s license, and title. He took the copy of our Guatemala TIP.
He also took photocopies of our title, passport, and driver’s license that we had.
He wanted a copy of our canceled passport stamp, but we didn’t have an extra and he didn’t care.
Then we were sent down to the Aduanas building for the longest part of the process.
We handed them all the TIP paperwork we’d just been given, and driver’s original passport.
The official disappeared into his office forever while we waited outside. (There were two people ahead.)
Finally, my husband was called inside to sign and print his name under signature on our new TIP and a copy.
We didn’t pay for anything.

The process took from 8-9:10 a.m. on a Tuesday morning. There was a checkpoint right around the corner where the police checked our new TIP.

Valle Nuevo, Guatemala to Chinamas, El Salvador 14.01758, -89.90668

There are 10+ sites on this road. Some nicely shaded. And there is even a wee pond. Clean sites, road not too bad. Good cell service since there is a tower nearby.

USFS Kelly Canyon Road 33.46381, -111.98561
Kip stone

I went here and the island is very tricky. the area looks like it's an old gravel pit. and it looked like the locals just go there and wreak havoc. don't bother to drive up all the way like I did to the end of the road it's all private property. or the other side of the island its the same thing. to be honest I would not bother trying to Camp here unless you really needed a spot.

Stansbury Island BLM 40.79083, -112.52528

Good enough campsite. Lots of highway noise. Windy and couldn’t paddle board much. Friendly vendors come to sell ceviche, blankets, hats, hammocks, etc. Ceviche was amazing!! Saw bioluminescence here :) Pretty sunrise!

Ig: @jorddirt

Playa Los Cocos 26.74304, -111.90039

Clean, bright place to stay. Pulled in around midnight. Not too loud and feels safe.

Busy Bee Travel Center 30.33137, -82.96107

Clean rooms with ensuite bathroom (hot water!) and western toilet. It is possible to park inside the gate for a few vehicles, but it is not big rig friendly. The gate is quite narrow and you park more or less at the terrace, but it is fine.
They also have a restaurant, which is ok.
We paid TSH60.000 including breakfast.

The location in Google Maps isn't right, this is the right location: -1.592235,31.142708

Triple P Hotel -1.59224, 31.14271

Road in was muddy and covered with snow and I got stuck part way down. Scout the road first in early season! Lake was also frozen. Stayed at pullout on roadside just South of turnoff to park.

Sawmill Point 58.77855, -130.10402

280 argentinian pesos/kg - you can put coats and wherever you want, all together.
Not the best service, but ok for the price!

Laundry Club -50.33832, -72.25253

We stayed for one night at the single spot at the lake. Perfect spot, not to close to the highway (as the first level) and you are not blocking any other people (as we may have done at the second level). Toilets are clean. Please use the garbage bin; we found over 30 beer can’s.

Rest Area by Lake 56.72657, -129.77968

Really lovely spot, we had a great time here out of season, incredibly quiet and yes, the wind picked up, but the nearby houses provided sufficient shelter. There are options around the corner if you need to hide! Gorgeous sunsets, incredible town. Wish we could have stayed longer.

Colonia de Sacramento -34.47314, -57.85379

Sign says no camping behind Beehives Campground.

BLM Glen Canyon Dam 36.93924, -111.49470

We stayed 2 nights, paid 200C per night for 1RV, 5 people (2 adults, 3 kids) with electricity. There’s a restaurant but closes at 6:30pm. Very quiet. Best sunsets ever. The view on Concepcion volcano is perfect. Beach clean and not busy. We rented 3 kayaks for a day for 25$. Nice and respectful people. 2 toilets and 2 showers okay. We loved the place. For the price, it is a highly recommended stop.

El Peru - Camping in Restaurant/Bar Parking Lot 11.46366, -85.56411

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