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A public square with parking and Wi-Fi near small Food trucks and a football field. Its possible to spend the night. There is a water and electricity spot near, but we didnt ask to use.

Praça Beira Rio -15.00912, -59.95611

Was a fine spot not as noisy as others I have stayed. I went on a Thursday and had no problems. Think it is a pay site starting Friday at noon till Monday. So I wouldn’t stay there on the weekends

Under Bridge 49.36701, -123.27661

good place for night. very nice vieuws, some visitors to the playground during the day but nobody bothered us. no facilities, also windy

Gualliguaica lake view -30.00670, -70.81700

Lovely place behind a sheep farm with only 4 places. Every spot has a place for a bonfire and electricity. Especially when you are all alone like us it feels pretty much like wild camping. We loved it! Facilities are very basic (1 toilet + 1 parafine heated shower) which is totally fine for us as we are used to wild camp all over Africa, but they charged us 350R for 2 adults + 3 small kids (7, 5 and 1.5 years old) which is a quite overrated for what you get compared to other places, especially in low season.

Finchley Farm Bush Camp -33.29237, 23.45797

Awesome place next to a salt flat, close to the beach. Sunset was beautiful, water was too rough for a swim. Barely anyone around accessible to pretty much any vehicle I suppose, although I was on a motorcycle.

On a salt flat 23.58870, -109.53681

Ficamos por aqui uns cinco dias, lugar muito gostoso o Alexandre, proprietário nos deu apoio, aproveitamos e comemos no restaurante e nos refrescamos com os sorvetes 🤭 a Joise funcionária dele é muito gente boa, ela ofereceu o chuveiro e as instalações, caso precisassemos, lugar iluminado a noite e de frente para praia, deixei umas fotos aéreas pra ajustar.We stayed here for five days, a very nice place, Alexandre, the owner, gave us support, we enjoyed and ate at the restaurant and refreshed ourselves with the ice cream 🤭 his employee Joise is a very nice person, she offered the shower and the facilities, in case we needed it, place lit up at night and facing the beach, I left some aerial photos to adjust.

Restaurante Peixaria do jacaré -0.87717, -48.50968

Good food and free fast WiFi which also reaches quite a ways up and down the street outside so may be a good spot to stay for a night..?

Posada Real Cafe Restaurant 10.62846, -85.43720

Stayed for one night. Well maintained campground. Fire pits and picnic tables. Great spot.

Elk Falls Campground/Quinsam Campground 50.03411, -125.29596

There are tons of signs at these previous coordinates that say no camping. If you continue up the road, you leave the State park area and enter the National Forest. There are plenty of pull offs where you can camp.
When you first enter the forest there are several people that have been here for a long time, including an RV with a blue tarp that looks like it’s broken down. As you go farther down the road and up the mountain there are more secluded spots.
Nice to overnight here and peaceful. We went pretty far up the mountain and Only 2 vehicles passed us. 1 at night and 1 in the morning.

Pull off next to river - Castle Crags 41.15522, -122.35428

The dump was overflowing so we couldn't use it.

Speedway gas station 35.31828, -106.54216

Dump station by the vacuum and air on the left side of the building. There was a lock on the dump so we had to go inside and ask someone to unlock it... still free!

Speedy gas station dump 35.32006, -106.57613

We stayed here two nights. Very quiet and nobody bothered us. Great Verizon service as stated. Can see how I’m other reviews this place could get busy, but we had no problems finding a spot. There are spots all along homestake pass and delmoe lake rd. Seems to be used frequently by off road vehicles and there are also some close by hiking trails

Vantastic Verizon 45.92428, -112.40442

awesome little bike shop/bicicleteria. Ramiro is such a sweet heart, he has quality bike parts and takes really good care of his customers.
you can get in touch via whatsapp easily: +591 70427286

MM bicicleta -17.98056, -67.11935
martin pierret

Dump station, shower and potable water here. Big rigs ok. There is a small beach too but it was closed when we got there.

Comlara Park 40.63664, -89.03330
martin pierret

Dump station, shower and potable water here. Big rigs ok. There is a small beach too but it was closed when we got there.

Comlara Park Marina 40.63662, -89.03329

Great spot. The parking lot is huge. I asked at the bar if I could spend the night. As previously mentioned, they’re super friendly. They just ask you don’t park on the main lot. The beer is great and the Russian River burger to die for!

Russian River Brewery parking lot 38.53273, -122.79832

no overnight parking sign posted. looks new. park at your own risk. moved on to another spot

The Home Depot in Long Beach near I405 33.81259, -118.18313

Couple picnic tables and rock fire pits. Some people fishing in the stream nearby. Small gravel pull off. Right across from the church. Enough room to fit a van, or small camper to stay overnight. Light road noise. Small waterfalls in the stream. Beautiful sights.

Swimming hole / picnic area 35.93818, -93.68430

One of many, many spots along Mt. Baldy Rd.

NOTE: this is an incredibly popular road for sundowners and the pullouts fill up. Best to show up either well ahead of or well after sunset.

Also, the road gets surprisingly busy in the morning. Expect intermittent traffic noise from 6am on.

Large pullout 34.18065, -117.67743

really nice camping! beautiful view and ablutions are clean
we paid 360R for 2 and a car

Oaksrest Vineyards Guest Farm -33.47464, 21.16825

Stayed 3 nights in total in the lower part of the park. During the weak there are some people picnicking but it's a relaxed atmosphere. On a Friday it gets full and loud. You are left alone in the dead-end roads. Nice staff working there. No showers, water freely available.

Big City Park (new) 33.93233, 51.36868

As described.
We waited 10min for a truck driver and thanks to him we paid 300t per litre. Car mechanic was not seen, probably closed.

Diesel and car mechanic 34.05823, 51.43368

As described.
They took 9000t from us but.
Not sure if a big rig would fit.

car wash and water tap 34.07149, 51.43153

We spent a night here and it was very quiet.

We came on Camino cabo este from San Jose del cabo and the road was wash board but was fine doing 30-40 km per hour. We aired down to 60 psi.

Cabo Pulmo (formerly An RV Park) 23.44137, -109.42744

The only nice thing is the bar/restaurant. Awful and not maintained road, sandy places with braai stand, some have seen better times, ablutions not welcoming at all, everywhere signs of neglect. Seems nobody is really interested to receive camping guests.

Thakadu Camp -21.73945, 21.67858

Nice place, but be aware they are producing charcoal to get over the lack of guests due to Covid. The smell of charcoal Was everywhere. During the night somebody shot a pistol, and we could hear gunshots in a distance, no idea what it was about. Ablutions good, at the campground you have chairs and tables, but they are obviously breeding dogs, a lot of them were barking also in late evening hours. Without the smell, the dogs and the shots the place would be very recommendable.

Zelda guest farm -22.28927, 19.81828

Found my way here a bit before they closed. They allow one night of camping and would like you to ask before camping, so please call or go inside to get permission. They'll have you park on the east side of the parking lot, near the Wendy's. Manager said that they usually allow RVs and campers to stay one and expect them to continue on in the morning, so don't loiter here all day.

Some road noise but nothing too crazy. Lots of food and shops nearby.

Home Depot 34.11586, -117.83151

Free short term street parking for RVs. Close to downtown.

Bus/RV Parking 42.44060, -123.32840

Lizeth is the best around here for WiFi. It’s free for customers and there’s a nice bench out front in the shade where you can catch up on your correspondence. It offerers the best priced beer 20 pesos ($1 US dollar) for canned Tecate beer. Plus their exchange rate is 19 (best in town) and they’re super friendly. We bought a couple of T-shirt’s and some beer. We camped at La Gringa in our 33 ft fifth wheel and came here almost daily for a cold drink and WiFi. Tacos next door are good too!

Lizeth 28.95416, -113.55952

Creio que esses local está com as coodenadas erradas.
Realizamos outra marcação ao lado do rio

At the isthmus -47.44122, -71.82404

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