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Camped on the gravel parking lot of this hotel and balenario, it was on Highway 45. Nice location. The clean toilets (with toilet seats and paper) was open overnight and they had showers, but we did not try them. Huge and good dinner portions that we paid 32.500 pesos for including some beers.

Price: 10.000 pesos

Camp Villa Claudia 2.40637, -75.53075

Camped on a grassy area in a small slope, but leveled it out with rocks. Nice location and quiet except for the “guard” dogs that barked a lot some night. Kitchen was available so we could cook our own food. Ping pong table and hammocks. They had WIFI but it did not work when we were there. We ordered some of their good home made whole wheat breads.

Price: 15

Camp Finca El Maco 1.89222, -76.27987

A Swiss Chalet in a nice location. We camped on the gravel parking lot. Toilet was open all night, but we never asked for a shower. Large dinner portions and it was good, and we were seated in front of the fire place!! We paid 44.000 pesos for two dinners, juice and a glass of wine. They had WIFI for 1000 pesos per hour.

Price: free if you had dinner

Camp Chalet Guamuez 1.13777, -77.14142

Camped on the gravel soccer field. Aruba is a hotel with swimming pools so we had access to the pools. Toilet was open all night and the showers were hot. WIFI in the reception and at the pool. Good restaurant. We filled out water tank here.

Price: 10 usd

Camp Aruba Hosteria 0.44940, -78.00850

Road up from Machachi was a bit rough and took a while. Camped in the parking lot. Fantastic location with amazing views to Cotopaxi (on clear days). Facilities was great and it is a perfect place to relax (no WIFI) and we had three meals included every day. Perfect location for the sunset is the Jacuzzi!!

Price: NA

Camp Secret Garden -0.50350, -78.47097

Camped in the parking lot of the hotel, not too nice, but it has a perfect location in the city center. Toilet and shower by the reception. WIFI in the reception.

Price: 3 usd

Hotel Petite Auberge -1.39924, -78.42128

Camped on a grassy spot and could use the toilet inside the house next door. A shower would have been available in one of their cabins, but we did not use it. Good WIFI, power and water. A bit outside the city center, but it should take 25 minutes to walk in.

Price: 15 usd

Cabañas y Camping Yanuncay -2.90570, -79.02765

Camped on the gravel parking lot down by the road. Had water, power and WIFI at the parking lot. Toilets was open all night and the showers was nice and hot. The hostals facilities were great with hammocks, swimming pool, great views and a good restaurant.

Price: 8 usd

Hosteria Izhcayluma -4.27892, -79.22323

Camped the secure parking of the hotel that was muddy with grass. The parking was small and big rigs might have a problem to turn around. The toilets were in the parking lot and open all night. A couple of minutes walking into the city center.

Price: 5 sol

Hostal Faical -5.14523, -79.00712

Camped on the parking lot of the hotel. Toilets was open overnight (not to clean) and it was hot water in the women’s shower. Had internet, but no WIFI.

Price: 35 sol

Villa de Paris -6.24028, -77.87078

Hacienda in the hill on the west side of Cajamarca city center. We were allowed to camp in the parking lot of the Hacienda and we had dinner in the restaurant. Toilet open all night and there was cold showers that we did not try. WIFI included. Road up is narrow and a big rig might have a problem.

Price: 20 sol

Hacienda San Vicente -7.16310, -78.52880

Camping on gravel in the Albergo’s parking lot. Nice garden, power, WIFI in the Albergo, water, hot shower and walking distance into town center.

Price: 35 Sol

Los Pinos Lodge -9.04835, -77.81388

No facilities, or there were some toilets there, but they were so bad that we did not use them. Road up to the lake is quite narrow and rough a few places. Beautiful view.

Price: we camped for free

Lago Parón National Park -9.00020, -77.68493

Camped in the parking lot of the Hacienda. It is a working Hacienda run by a German family, but most of it is redone to accommodate tourists. They have camping area for tents in the garden with toilet and hot showers. WIFI. They do have a restaurant and bar.

Price: 30 Sol

Hacienda La Florida -11.36873, -75.68037

We arrived late at night and this hotel was the first place we found with secure parking. We booked into a double room and the price included breakfast. Really nice location, a few meters from the plaza, and we ended up staying two nights. WIFI.

Price: 115 Sol

Hotel Santa Rosa -13.16047, -74.22720

We did not stay here, but looked at the location because we thought about moving to a cheaper place. Hostal with secure parking, maybe possible to camp in the parking lot. Good location for exploring town.

Price: 30? Sol for double room with shared bathroom

Hotel Samary -13.15913, -74.22885

Price for a double room in a really basic hostal, shared bathroom. Parking outside the hostal that is next to the police station. A lot of traffic noise at night.

Price: 15 Sol

Hostal Villa -12.62398, -73.78907

Double room with shared bathroom. Wifi. The hostal has no parking, but we were allowed to park in front of the police station, a few meters away, as long as it was just for one night.

Price: 30 Sol

Hostal Plaza de Armas -12.86345, -72.69343

We parked the car at a private house while we spent a night in Aguas Calientes and looked at Machu Picchu. In Aguas Calientes we had no reservations, but we had no problems finding a cheap hostal. We stayed in Hostal One, not too nice, but it was just for a few hours’ sleep. Double room with hot shower cost 35 Sol.

Price: 10 Sol for 24 hours

Parking at Hydroelectrica -13.17398, -72.56507

No facilities. Nice and quiet at night.

Price: free

Wild camp at the river -13.17539, -72.57557

Camped on grass behind closed gates at the lodge. Access to toilet and shower. WIFI. Water.

Price: 30 Sol

Ollantaytambo Lodge -13.25987, -72.26170

Camp on grassy area. Power, Wifi, access to kitchen, shared one bathroom with toilet and shower with all the campers. When we were 15-20 people in the campground one bathroom is not enough. Possible to by fresh orange juice and eggs from the hens in the campground (nice but they were really noisy in the morning). We stored our car here for 10 Sol a day while we flew back home to Norway.

Price: 30 – 38 Sol. Depends if you want power and Wifi

Quinta Lala Camping -13.50573, -71.98508

Drove away from the road behind a small “hill”. Beautiful location with great view.

Price: free

Rio Santa Rosa -14.76077, -70.73720

Camped in the parking lot of the hotel. Access to toilet facilities inside the hotel. WIFI. Nice location.

Price: 30 Bolivianos

Hotel Gloria -16.16732, -69.08840

We neded to fix the car and had the job done at Volks Auto Motor. We were allowed to camp in the garage while the car got fixed.

Volks Auto Shop - Ernesto Hug -16.51527, -68.13595

Camping on gravel parking lot behind locked gates. Power, water and WIFI, nice new toilet and shower facility. Can also use the swimming pool and other facilities at the hotel. Resturant with Swiss food.

Price: 100 B

Hotel Oberland -16.56845, -68.08940

Difficult to find the right way up to Aba – Aba. Quite pricy. Nice location with good view of the surrounding hills. Water, toilet facility, do not know about the shower, but they do have a swimming pool.

Price: 80 B

Apa – Apa -16.37497, -67.51443

No facilities. Just needed at place for the night. Nice and quiet just off the road in between some trees.

Price: free

Quime -16.96855, -67.20378

and one night at:

Price: 30 B

Wild camp on the Salar just after the entry -20.31912, -67.01082

We were looking for a laguna, but took a wrong turn and by the time we realized we just needed at place to camp.

South of Uyuni -21.25057, -67.57712

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