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Our GPS navigation (with OpenStreetMap) did not guide us to this place (coming from the south); instead we found blocked roads when we were close to the waypoint. We chose to camp in a spot where big machines tried to mine something, at 48.92400° N, 122.20463° W, just before another road block. The view is Eastern with a good view on Sumas mountain.

Paradise Valley Road 48.92400, -122.20462

Parking lot overlooking the beach with a paved path down to the sand. Bathrooms lock at dusk. Pretty windy but good views. Several other camper vans staying the night while we were there. Parked in the same spot from 6 p.m. to 2 p.m. the next day and no one said anything to us about moving. Would definitely stop again. Decent Verizon service.

Vietnam Mémorial Walk 44.63693, -124.06277

nice place to stay overnight.We couldn't find anything else so we slept here. Lots of other RVs and Vans. Just light highway noice. Store to buy good coffee(large selection) right across the street.

T-Rex Park and Ride 39.70185, -105.20344

Still as described. A bit rubbish thrown around but not disturbing. Quiet. Beautiful sunset. A great place if mosquitoes not around. Firepit.

lakeside camp 62.55510, -116.43077

Easy access for a big rig. Paved road until last couple of hundred yards depending on where you park. Huge grassy area with RVs parked there, despite sign saying to drive only on roads. Clean and well stocked vault toilet. Can hear train whistle across the river, but river mutes it somewhat.

Otter Creek Fishing Access 45.85425, -109.91370

Wow!! The ones at the beach are fantastic. The views!!! No big rigs. They are small spaces. Hopefully high tide is not going to flood the beach road.

Turnagain Arm Camping 60.92961, -149.54310

Nice new big place for camping and they rent some pretty Cabañas as well. Lots of space and stuff to do if you have kids. Cabañas are around 900$ per night.
For camping they told us it is 150$ per person per night including the bathroom and a pit with firewood but without shower. It was too expensive for not having a shower even if the place is nice and clean so we negotiated it to 100$/ppn plus they were kind enough to lent us a shower from a cabaña.
The place has a lot of potential since is the only one for camping close to the archeological site, is clean and and well made, they also have internet but you need to ask.

CantoCamp 19.51563, -97.50066

Great place but a bit overpriced (60 dollar for a powered site). The place is a bit old but the locaties is great and alot of birds and Walibi’s.

Mary River Caravan Park -12.90849, 131.65061

Loop road that is large enough for 30TT's. Mine is a 2600 (30'ft) overall and I fit great. Wonderful gem right by river. This place would be $100 a night in Seward. Potholes? Yes...but take it slow. These spots are all back in.

Glenn Highway - Nelchina River 61.99061, -146.94634

Small thrift store with a decent selection of hiking pants, first layers and some jackets. Brands we saw included north face, mountain hardwear and Columbia. Prices were decent on some of the items

Thrift store! (Outdoor clothes) -9.52766, -77.52989

There’s a lot of conflicting information on this tag for what it’s supposed to be. I’ve only spent one night here but this is what I’ve gathered. This location is Miller Bar NF (free) and there is a Miller Bar Campsite nearby (presumably the $10 fee spot). Yes there were some permanent campers to the left, they seem to have gotten the choice spot but the rest is grand anyways. Yes there is some trash and some trashy behavior (lighting fireworks from the left and smoke bombs in the water from our right). But overall, it’s a really beautiful spot. Would be nice if those that used it could see that. Please everyone who visits, do your part to clean up upon your visit. It seems this spot has already improved from what others have noted, thank you to all those before me that left this place better than you found it.

For the entrance notes: paved road all the way down until the very last part that is steep and bumpy. I made it down in a standard Ford Transit, as did my friend

Miller Bar 42.13931, -124.17863

Stayed one night, quiet and clean public bathrooms. We came back for a 2nd night and was approached by a City officer just letting us know we could sit as long as we like but there was no overnighting. I’m pretty sure someone called on us because it was

parking lot 45.78220, -84.72906

open again after the flood, still very beautiful spot

Morley Lake Recreation Site 59.99906, -132.10765

a big parking at the intersection of the hwy 13 / hwy 37

13\37 intersection 49.72733, -108.42080

Une autre très belle endroit près de Jasper avec vue sur les montagnes et Les Wapiti

Wapiti Campground 52.84337, -118.06783

Stayed here 1 night, no one bothered us. No signs of no camping. There is an actual dispersed campground pass the dam called Star City. 1-2 bars and Verizon LTE. No amenities.

Forest Clearing 41.24944, -122.04078

They no longer offer this service, directed us to another place in town, but we couldn’t find it.

Lubricantes Carolina 11.54364, -72.90757

Plot of wasteland were you can park and camp for 10k per vehicle. No facilities. Ask the lady in the house in front of the lot (it’s a house with a sign saying they sell fish), she is the owner. Pretty quiet at night.

parqueadero 11.24626, -73.55885

Didn’t see any signs about overnight parking. Came in around 10pm and there were RVs, vans, campers on the northeast part of the lot. Some even parked horizontally across a few spots. Took it as a sign and stayed one night. Didn’t have any issues.

Walmart Supercenter Park City 40.72642, -111.54781

nice spot for a quick stay. have some picnic tables. stayed one night, no one bothered us. people started arriving for the trail around 5:30am.

Mohawk Bike Path 42.81758, -73.98462

Roberto is a friend to any traveler. I was biking, and this is the perfect spot to stop between Trujillo and Chiclayo. After his warm welcome, we went into town for dinner. In the Posada Azul, he has a mattress I could sleep on and we brought the bicycle indoors, so it was very safe. There is wifi and some outdoor toilets flushed with a bucket.

Posada Azul -7.25929, -79.49082

Good spot for the night. There are multiple turnouts along this road but we chose this one right across from the airstrip because it’s the biggest and you can get the furthest away from the street. Super quiet but spotty AT&T service with one bar in and out.

Turn Out 39.25767, -123.74482

Exactly as described. It was a great little quiet and secluded place. Only big enough for one. Turning around in the spot is a bit tight.

Pullout near Clear Lake 45.17089, -121.69605

official 14 sits, some possible for big rigs, some with sea view, nice, but mosquitos , road is fine gravel, only att worse connection

Lower Skilak Lake 60.47135, -150.46937

place is signed with "no camping", means no chairs, no fire, no tent, everything normal campers do is not allowed, but no sign that overnight parking in cars forbitten, so some cars overnight any size, quite and nice, super beach for long walks, many birds

Bishop's Beach 59.63773, -151.54048

beautiful spot!! highly recommend! went in summer and the road was in pretty good shape - just a few potholes after turning off the highway. got up the road easily with 4wd.

I highly suggest navigating with satellite images after turning off the hwy onto the forest service roads. very easy to pick a clearing and then follow the road there on the map.

K2 Hilltop Dispersed Camping 45.81256, -123.75115

Great gym and weird but good enough showers. Still cheap $3 per person, including the gym

Spenard Rec center- Showers 61.17696, -149.92098

Stayed here one night. Area doesn't seem bad. Was quiet at night expect for two people trying to pee next or on my van. The female was next to me window, so I assumed she was on the phone until she got up and pulled her pants up. Then the dude started going by my van and I yelled at them, they took off and it was quiet for the rest of the night. Two other vehicles camped out there. Probably not a place for a large RV. All cell services are available.

Prospect Hill Park 38.86486, -77.06594

These guys are truly superstars! They work out of a closet sized shop on the corner of the Soriana parking lot. They fixed my back window that would no longer open or close. While I was waiting, I watched them do locks, door handles that wouldn't open, and other cars with the same issue as mine. And they only charged me $800 pesos for the work, which wasn't easy since it was so jammed. They were honest, upstanding guys and one spoke a bit of English which helped. I highly recommend!!

Small Repair Superstars 31.86093, -116.59564

We wanted go to puros driiving in the river, but still too much water. We drove by montain lot of poors himbas villages.
Place is near thé river with firepit and shade.

Himba road -18.22374, 12.81882

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