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Andrew Rosca

I spoke to several of the employees and received conflicting information--some said it's OK to park here, some said it was not. The resort has apparently been cracking down on overnighters and there is now a designated "campground" (really just long parking spots with porta-potties) for $45/night.

I parked on this lot anyway in "stealth" mode and did not receive a knock. There were many other vehicles parked here overnight but only one other that looked like a camper.

Levinski Parking Lot 45.28914, -111.39967
Andrew Rosca

N ote that the coordinates for this entry are not for the Levinsky lot. That lot is just a little bit further downhill.

This lot is the free day parking lot. I've been told by some of the employees that it's OK to park here overnight, others have said it's not. There are signs prohibiting it.

The resort now has designated "camping" spots on this lot, which you can reserve for $45 a night (no facilities except porta-potties).

Levinski Lot @ Big Sky 45.28839, -111.40043

Ok for having lunch, but close for overnight . Close after 11hp/m until 5am. Police pass every night and given ticket.

Glen Lake Rotary Park 45.70571, -111.03761
Mel G Monkelis

A small pull out on Last Dollar Road, quiet, easy access, private from the surrounding homes.

Last Dollar Road (T60 Rd) 37.96794, -107.93392

Really great spot with table on the beach and a playground for children.

Public Parking 49.78687, -94.45706

A lovely little campsite alongside a beautiful restored mill. Takes tents and small campervans. No hookups. No kids under 13, groups or dogs. It won’t suit everyone, but for us on our bicycles, it is perfect. Big grassy area by the river, free to borrow fire pits, a place to freeze your ice packs and to charge your devices. Just perfect.

Priory Mill Farm 51.95664, -3.38651

Idk if the road was redone, but it’s completely fine. With our 2WD Toyota 4Runner (good off-road tyres and high clearance), we could go at 70-80km/h easily till the Laguna. It’s a good gravel road, just be careful, with the speed, it can become slippery.

Road to Lagunas Baltinache -23.00425, -68.42903

Even if it was freezing cold in the morning, we enjoyed the experience of swimming in the salty lagoon. Unfortunately, when you come at the opening (9am), you are not alone for a long time… People arrive quickly with the tour bus.
Student price: 5000clp pp
Road very fine to get here from San Pedro.

Lagunas Baltinache -23.91302, -67.70323

Good food, family owned, rural, at the main plaza just 100 m from the jesuit church. Good folklore music

El Buen Gusto -16.13447, -62.02396

Nice spot for the night and enough room for several big rigs or vans/cars, although not all will be level. Showed up around noon and stayed till 8:30am—no issues. Some cars stopped by for the view and a van showed up around 9pm for the night. It’s usually a very nice view of the coast and landscape but the fog was really thick while there. Was able to watch some crows and sparrows play in it though and it was quite the show because of how windy it was too.

Dillon Beach sunset view 38.24941, -122.94409
Amar e viajar sm

Ficamos aqui por 4 dias, tudo muito show, local muito seguro. por 2 dias ficamos só, aí chegou outro Motorhome.

Existem outros pontos aqui em Prado pra ficar, porém aqui foi top embaixo debaixo do sombreiro, tem um ponto de energia no poste ao lado dos quiosque e próximo ao campo de futebol, o Peba e Rita (dono do quiosque ofereceu água potáve)l, a 200 mts do Beco da garrafa, 400 mts de mercado e padaria.

A Rita faz um bobó de camarão espetácular por apenas 15,00 a tigela..Minha esposa amou..O PF deles custa 18,00 uma da pra 2 pessoas tranquilo.

Nos decidimos ficar aqui porque próximo aos quiosque da praia tinham muito barulho e aqui muito tranquilo.

Vou deixar algumas fotos pra te ajudar.

Sinal da claro e Tim pega bem por aqui, não tive problemas

Espero que minha experiência que são as dicas que deixo aqui te ajude

Não esqueça de deixar seus comentários, poderá ajudar outros amigos também

Somos do projeto 💕 Amar e viajar sm 💕 siga a gente nas redes Inst-fac

RBS Petiscos -17.34443, -39.21773

As described, Domingo is very gentle and kind. The parking lot is under the roof and you can have more spaces without limit. Now the price for one room(incl.bathroom) costs 1,000AR$ per person. It is tough a bit to stay inside our rooftop tent in this moment. There is no heating system but we’re happy to take a hot shower and sleep inside. Domingo cooks well, we enjoy empanadas and BBQ(As following his direction, we bought the meat at mini service ‘Santa Rita’-the opposite of here-and he baked). We had great time with another locals too.

Doña Rogelia -26.36680, -65.95996

we stayed 2 nights and felt safe, pretty beach, but theres a lot of bugs so bring repellent

estuvimos 2 noches, la playa es bonita y tranquila, nos sentimos seguros pero hay muchos bichos, traigan repelente!

follow us on ig as @sinrutinanidestino
síguenos en ig como @sinrutinanidestino

Litibu beach access 20.80868, -105.47921

I don’t understand why iO does not remove these locations from the map?

Riverside 64.04787, -139.42715

Parking area is the size of basketball court, 6-7 vans can fit. Wild camping. Great location 100 feet off gravel forestry road. Mostly flat 15-20 min from whitefish city..

I own a 4x4 sprinter van so not sure if I would take a Class A or fifth wheel to this location..

Remember bears are in their home land, be advised.

Upper WhiteFish Lake Road 48.50983, -114.43807

Awesome place in the bush. Nice cooking area. Ideal stop between Nairobi and Mombasa.

Nyika camp and bird sanctuary -2.67809, 38.22789

Great Workshop with good knowledge and fast helping attitude!
And very friendly and lovely people.

Prices are very low and they did a great job!

Inceler motor 39.74331, 39.49852

Stopped here and met two other expedition trucks… very cool. After watching two aircraft approach the field and land I can confirm that the strip is operational!

Alaska Highway Prophet River Airfield 57.97143, -122.77658

Super bel endroit! Très paisible au bord de la rivière. Nous étions 7 ou 8 véhicules stationnés le long de la rivière à grandes distances l’un des autres.

Nous nous étions installés au début du chemin a environ 500 pieds de la route sur la berge. Notre spot était parfait!

Gravel rd near Haines Road Hwy, along Quill Creek 60.68239, -137.35701

Well maintained campground 16 km west of Chetwynd. Washrooms, free hot showers, laundromat. Very clean. Very nice owners.

Caron Creek Campground 55.61998, -121.81482

We stopped through here. Nice campsite, but it was full so we didn’t stay. (We found another site on W Fork Rd). The town of Red Lodge was flooded recently, but the businesses have been unaffected and things are up and running. Bear Tooth Pass remains closed.

Palisades campground 45.17150, -109.30851

Very nice place, quiet but windy. Beautiful view on the ocean.

Cape spear parking 47.52093, -52.63168

Also the lower parking lot is closed now. Just today they installed "No camping" signs there.

Station de ski Mont-Béchervaise 48.83682, -64.54352

We stayed a couple of days (had to kill some time before we could visit a friend). When we arrived a guy was at the entrance and said no problem to stay. Later on somebody told us we would need a permit from the municipality if we stay longer than 5 days. Toilets are old but clean. Showers were closed. We asked if it was possible to use them and the next day received the key. However, we had to clean the room ourselves (dead insects and cobwebs) and initially had no cold water. The next day craftsmen were there and cold water was available.
WiFi was relatively stable and fast.

The only „unpleasant“ thing was, that we kids (10 max 12 years old) were hunting birds with a rifle multiple times.

Comunal Antonio Cavallo Park in Suardi -30.54575, -61.95540

Small spot, a bigger vehicle would not fit. Tucked well in the trees, right off the road. Backs up to the stream. No service, not much room to run but nice spot for a night.

Small Pullout Tucked in Trees 42.61792, -110.85635

washing machine and dryer just behind the information center. you can ask them for the key.

informations touristiques 50.24334, -66.39762

Super fast wifi
Not sure if it's allowed but stayed here for one night without any issues. The Visitor Center was closed the whole time we were there (7 p.m. to 8 a.m.) and the portapotties were locked up. only "no parking" sign was in front of them. Just don't block the pull through. Google said this place is open 24 hours so not sure what the deal is but the wifi was available regardless.

100mbts wifi 46.98909, -121.53409


Park host told me all NM parks have gone to reservation only. It is really difficult in locations with no cell service (such as this one)

Cimmaron Canyon 36.53833, -105.22314
A very long Honeymoon

Cannot park directly on the lake anymore as the last few meters are obstructed by a landslide. But you can walk the rest. Very secluded, no one around. At least high clearance needed, if not also 4x4.

Gutapé Lakeside 6.28983, -75.15527

At least three small shops selling drinks and basic food. One on both end of the village, one in the middle. A plentora of curious kids. Give them candy not money if you want, but get out before the entire village comes.

Village with small shops 19.02033, -16.18440

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