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There are signs for a towing company but nothing saying you cannot park overnight at Costco. I Moved over here after getting the dreaded knock at Bellis Fair at 3am (very nice securitywoman, but still got kicked out behind target)

I got to Costco at 3:40am and at 3:45 all the lights turned on and workers started showing up for their day. Reflectix is needed on windows. It was A little noisy with the road behind, but good for a night when you need cheap gas and groceries in the morning

Costco Parking Lot 48.78983, -122.51415

Large paved parking area with restaurant, convenience store, and gas. No time limits in big rig area. 4 hour limit for cars, but I suspect they enforce it rarely and selectively. We spent the night with no problem. Gas, store, washroom open 24/7. Quiet after 9 pm.

Visitor info and rest stop 45.47643, -74.28437

Amplo estacionamento do restaurante que fica aberto 24hs. Tem banheiros, wi-fi e câmera de segurança. Bom lugar para pernoitar.

Ample parking for the restaurant which is open 24 hours. It has bathrooms, wi-fi and security camera. Good place to stay overnight.

Restaurante e Lanchonete Paradasso -27.72196, -49.35879

Quiet place near the road.For a night rest. Sand and wild vegetation

P2 Montagne Noire 46.25094, -74.24479

We spent the night in a motorized vehicle. Quiet and very practical.

Wal-Mart Cobourg, Ontario 43.97469, -78.19984
Philip & Sharon

Very picturesque overnight camping location. A few atv operators exhibiting excessive testosterone driving behavior but otherwise a very nice place.

Bay L’argent 47.52126, -54.91391

Very quiet at night, pretty leveled. We were 2 RVs sleeping here last night.
Très tranquille la nuit et pas mal au niveau. Nous étions 2 VRs la nuit passée.

Sawpit Wharf upper parking lot 44.37529, -64.29657

Water with good pressure. On the right side direction west.

Running Water 37.87462, 32.42818

Petit stationnement près de la rue.
Beaucoup de trafic pendent la journée tranquille en soirée
Sentier pédestre accessible

Frank tract parkings 43.53831, -80.10491

road is good, may be muddy when very wet. place is not really appealing, but very quiet. you can take any clearing along the road, it will be the same. didn't find the river.

Black River 46.88745, -65.10392

The street ist absolutely horrible. It’s not worth it to pass this village as an abbreviation to the two big roads.

Mughanlo village 41.72970, 45.16646

é um estacionamento bem localizado. próximo ao calçadão da praia. não é muito grande mas tem espaço para carro grande. não tem facilidades. é seguro.

estacionamento Paracas -13.83461, -76.25007

ficamos uma noite. pagamos $10 soles. fica muito próximo do calçadão, restaurantes e mercados. bem localizado. a noite escutamos música mas não incomodou. foi uma noite tranquila e segura.

estacionamento Paracas -13.83454, -76.25008

When we drove by we saw many trees on a nice meadow and it looked like a nice place for a night.

Meadows with trees 41.69327, 45.39661

This lot is busy on a nice day. Across the street at Stride Place is a huge parking lot in the front and in the back where we stayed with no issues.

Splash island 49.96549, -98.29356

Endroit désigné par la ville stationnement sur le côté de l’aréna quelques Vr était là à notre passage,wifi à certaines heures.Un gros MERCI à la ville de Waterloo de nous accueillir ,utilisateurs encourager les commerçants locaux et garder l’endroit propre.

Aréna Waterloo 45.34350, -72.52954

Wow! Called city hall and they said no need to call, just show up. Absolutely no one here on a Saturday night in July, so I am pretty sure you are good any day. All variety of electric (that’s works!) and a water hook up(didn’t test). The park is cute and the spot is quiet and away from people and road noises. Still don’t believe this is free.

Memphis city park campground 34.71078, -100.53545

Nice place to stay if you want a little bit out of the busy town Canoa. Friendly family, nice beach view, hammocks, places to sit, restaurant, toilets, cold shower. We paid 5 dollar per person.

sundown -0.48307, -80.45141

Really nice braai place to enjoy your Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon. Many Zambians will come here for drinks and braai. nice atmosphere, friendly service, good stop to get an idea of Lusaka's hip and trendy scene.

Grandaddy's -15.39578, 28.39425

Still operating. Simple setup but everything you need for on the coast. Stunning setting with all the coconut trees.

Camping Berlinque -13.10193, -38.75331

Awesome spot! Five sites with electric. $10 We were heading west on the 14 and came across this absolute gem! Very nice veterans memorial park.
It’s right across the street from a gas station/casino/market. With everything you would need including live bait to fish in the pond! Gas station/market close is open from 5 AM to 10 or 1030 depending on the day. Well kept - the only thing that’s missing is a restroom but from 5am - 10pm you’re good at the gas station right across the street - walking distance to a local bars, had an awesome time hanging with some locals!

Arlington municipal park 44.36120, -97.12980

We parked our car here overnight and stayed in a neighboring hotel with no problem. They initially said it was 4k pesos/hour during the day (before 7pm) and 15k pesos for the night, but we ended up paying only 16k total for an afternoon and a full night.

Santuario de Las Lajas 0.80654, -77.58245

Ça dépanne pour une nuit lorsque tout est plein dans les parcs autour. Avec électricité et eau $35 pour (pomp out) $10. Attention en marchant, beaucoup de trou de (chien de prairies).

Sleeping Wolf Campground 48.56220, -113.02911

Ponto de água, abastecemos o carro e deixaram a agente encher a caixa da água sem cobrar nada a mais

Posto portal do suape -8.36012, -35.02042

Hawaiian owner, Eric, offered to let us camp in the parking lot for 100c and use the toilet and shower. We were leaving town, so we didn’t take him up on it. 100m from the beach, in a gated lot. Asked us to put it on iOverlander. Great option! The space is big rig friendly, but the road to get there is probably not. Rough road in during wet season, but could probably make it without 4x4.

Casa Maya (blue shipping container hotel) 11.22266, -85.84706

Very dirty today, and loaded with people.

Pebble beach just off the coastal road 40.76905, 27.34888

Quirky but fun. I don’t understand the negative reviews but this campsite is currently the number 2 favourite of ours in Southern Africa in the last 30 days. We enjoyed it and did not find it overpriced. We saw hippos from our campsite and warthogs across the river plus crocs so did not disappoint.

Ngepi Camp -18.11587, 21.66982

Small place near the 433. Electricity at the sites No water.

RV Park 50.80955, -56.09104

I camped on the grassy flat river bank below the bridge. I'm on a bicycle, there is no driveway or road access. Walk down the grass from the north side of the bridge. Nice flowing river to wash and filter water.

River below the bridge -3.74319, -79.26750
Danny Dubois

Free dump station with potable water to fill fresh tank. Its in the stainless box over the dump place

Canadian Tire 45.58940, -70.90398

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