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Stopped here and met two other expedition trucks… very cool. After watching two aircraft approach the field and land I can confirm that the strip is operational!

Alaska Highway Prophet River Airfield 57.97143, -122.77658

Super bel endroit! Très paisible au bord de la rivière. Nous étions 7 ou 8 véhicules stationnés le long de la rivière à grandes distances l’un des autres.

Nous nous étions installés au début du chemin a environ 500 pieds de la route sur la berge. Notre spot était parfait!

Gravel rd near Haines Road Hwy, along Quill Creek 60.68239, -137.35701

Well maintained campground 16 km west of Chetwynd. Washrooms, free hot showers, laundromat. Very clean. Very nice owners.

Caron Creek Campground 55.61998, -121.81482

We stopped through here. Nice campsite, but it was full so we didn’t stay. (We found another site on W Fork Rd). The town of Red Lodge was flooded recently, but the businesses have been unaffected and things are up and running. Bear Tooth Pass remains closed.

Palisades campground 45.17150, -109.30851

Very nice place, quiet but windy. Beautiful view on the ocean.

Cape spear parking 47.52093, -52.63168

Also the lower parking lot is closed now. Just today they installed "No camping" signs there.

Station de ski Mont-Béchervaise 48.83682, -64.54352

We stayed a couple of days (had to kill some time before we could visit a friend). When we arrived a guy was at the entrance and said no problem to stay. Later on somebody told us we would need a permit from the municipality if we stay longer than 5 days. Toilets are old but clean. Showers were closed. We asked if it was possible to use them and the next day received the key. However, we had to clean the room ourselves (dead insects and cobwebs) and initially had no cold water. The next day craftsmen were there and cold water was available.
WiFi was relatively stable and fast.

The only „unpleasant“ thing was, that we kids (10 max 12 years old) were hunting birds with a rifle multiple times.

Comunal Antonio Cavallo Park in Suardi -30.54575, -61.95540

Small spot, a bigger vehicle would not fit. Tucked well in the trees, right off the road. Backs up to the stream. No service, not much room to run but nice spot for a night.

Small Pullout Tucked in Trees 42.61792, -110.85635

washing machine and dryer just behind the information center. you can ask them for the key.

informations touristiques 50.24334, -66.39762

Super fast wifi
Not sure if it's allowed but stayed here for one night without any issues. The Visitor Center was closed the whole time we were there (7 p.m. to 8 a.m.) and the portapotties were locked up. only "no parking" sign was in front of them. Just don't block the pull through. Google said this place is open 24 hours so not sure what the deal is but the wifi was available regardless.

100mbts wifi 46.98909, -121.53409


Park host told me all NM parks have gone to reservation only. It is really difficult in locations with no cell service (such as this one)

Cimmaron Canyon 36.53833, -105.22314
A very long Honeymoon

Cannot park directly on the lake anymore as the last few meters are obstructed by a landslide. But you can walk the rest. Very secluded, no one around. At least high clearance needed, if not also 4x4.

Gutapé Lakeside 6.28983, -75.15527

At least three small shops selling drinks and basic food. One on both end of the village, one in the middle. A plentora of curious kids. Give them candy not money if you want, but get out before the entire village comes.

Village with small shops 19.02033, -16.18440

At least three small shops selling drinks and basic food. One on both end of the village, one in the middle. A plentora of curious kids. Give them candy not money if you want, but get out before the entire village comes.

Village with small shops 19.00926, -16.18643

Basic food shop on top of the hill with antennas.

Basic food shop 18.99195, -16.18770

Fuel and small basic shops. Got 0.75L water for 10UM

Fuel and small shops 18.88442, -16.16370

This area has many dirt roads leading east into the terrain. Follow them past the electricity wires and there are many good spots for camping. Good soil. Ideal for tents.

Bushy terrain off the road 18.45498, -16.01097

Can't believe this place is free! Beautiful beach camping, right on the water. Each site has a table, shaded canopy with a light, water (which is switched off at night) and plug socket. There's even a volleyball court! We had the whole place to ourselves, but can imagine it would get busier during peak season - would be a great place to meet other overlanders. Some cell signal. After going through the gate, we took the slope going down to the left - you can go right too, but not sure how those sites are as we didn't go that way. Highly recommend.

Arroyo Armarga 30.15302, -115.77780

Great place for overnight stop, very friendly owner, excellent ablution with clean hot showers with was super after extremely cold but very quiet night, 200 for 2 pax

Kleinplasie -31.46278, 19.80049

As described below, but we had cell service no problem! Nice trails throughout, very quiet, well spaced, dog friendly and hosts leave you alone (even said no prob with our 90 min late check out!) We paid $45

Lake Fairfax Campground 38.96534, -77.31567

Great spot with 360 view, feet from the water some traffic till 10:00 using the lake. 3 bars cell with booster

Fish Lake Parking 60.64913, -135.23944
Luc & Celine

un peu plus loin que mentionné, mais directement au Matthew's Recreational

Matthew's Recreational 46.50357, -105.73437

Really nice spot right by the beach! Unfortunately there’s a guy and his friend that comes around every few days trying to scam people out of $20/per night. We had the pleasure of meeting both of these scammers during our 4 night stay here. The friend or the “owner” will come by claiming that you’re trespassing on private property and tell you that if you want to stay then you’ll have to pay $20 or they’ll call the cops. We called their bluff and told them to call the cops so we could confirm if this really was private property, and the cops never showed! They both drive black ford pickup trucks. The friend covers his license plate. And the “owner’s” license plate is “C37225W”. We also talked to a local who told us that this was public land and the those guys were full of crap. It sucks that there’s crappy people in the world who want to scam people out of staying in nice spots like this. But stay alert and please come! Don’t miss out on this wonderful beach spot!

Beach Pull-out 46.73979, -124.08195

As described, nice levelled spot, good cellular reception

Village of Hillsborough RV Overnight Parking Area 45.92300, -64.64356

Amazing spot! We drove down the road to the river and parked there. Room for one maybe two vehicles, but be careful not to block the road, there were a handful of vehicles that drove past us through the river. One guy said he had a gold mine claim on the other side. It was very quite for us, no teenagers or any other campers to deal with, we were here midweek, wondering if that makes a difference. Glad we came, love setting up the RTT right by the river.

Riverside 42.22060, -123.70765

flat, enough spade for a few rigs, shade, yet enough sun for solar panels

wild flats 37.17991, -106.96123
Ein Sof

We stayed in the campsite for one night on a Monday night. Very beautiful and quiet. There was a tent camper and a camper can there when we got there and they were still there when we left around 11:00 am. An other car with a hunter came and was gone by the time we were up in the morning. A few cars drove in and went farther down the road towards the parking lot. There was a dog barking from down the road I. The middle of the night but besides that was quiet. We found a few ticks. The pit toilet isn’t enclosed and has a gate for a door as well as no lid for the toilet and it was covered in flies so we decided not to use it. Was a great free site not too far from the highway. The area was beautiful.

Danville Conservation Area 38.87481, -91.51823

I used their ATM and purchased some snacks for our trip tomorrow up the top of the world highway. I asked if we could stay in the lot behind and she said yes. Added photo. Plenty of room for bigger rigs and area for pets to walk around away from the road.

Shell Parking Lot 63.33292, -142.96361

Co-op Guest Wifi
No password needed.
Good speed

COOP GUEST WIFI 49.15299, -125.90879

beautiful and quiet Place to stay. very recomendado, have many spots, all cars is possible.

Blue Lake NORTH, BC Rec Site 52.34397, -122.24073

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