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love the wildlife displays throughout the store. great to stock up on supplies too! good inventory of fishing tackle, cold fish shipping boxes.

Cabela's 61.13161, -149.88299

parkinglot on the border of the river De Schelde. In an old fort of Napoleon. few bars/restaurants in the village. you can take the riverbus to Doel and Antwerp.
Some backround noise of the industrie, you are in the middle of Port of Antwerp. you can pitch a tent but wildcamping is not legal in Belgium.

Lille Fort 51.30428, 4.28839

Great quiet spot in the fields of sand lake rd.

Sand Bay Rd 46.30305, -81.67652

Still very quiet area only a few houses. We camped between the fenced area with a few cows and the white Anglican Church building.

Robinson 48.24834, -58.80878
Jack and Lindsey

Short gravel road to an open flat spot. Hiking trails all around. Right next to the road but I like it cause I feel more safe. Great spot.

Sturgis Trail System S9 44.35565, -103.53562


Tent camping only allowed on opposite side of road. For two wheeled vehicles follow the sign for Kane Creek down (steep but short track) to a treed, flat, secluded area. Traffic noise all night so earplugs recommended.

Moab rest stop 38.39410, -109.45210

Nice quiet rest stop. Good spot to spend a night. Somewhat intermittent, but overall decent service with T-Mobile. A bit over an hour drive to Glacier National Park, at least early in the morning (around 5 am is when I left).

Rest Stop 48.19833, -112.50733

Très très beau site de boondocking, relaxant, bucolique et pittoresques sur le bord de la rivière Waw Waw Waw

Halte routière de Courcelles 45.87201, -70.98371

Cool, dans mon commentaire précédent j’avais oublié de mettre les photos les voici Bye!

Halte routière de Courcelles 45.87199, -70.98371

Got a first come first serve site right on the water. $32/night with electric/water. Spots are small, however, we fit our combined length of 46 ft. Sites have a picnic table and fire pit. Great trails, tides pools, and saw a whale from our site! Private showers are super clean and hot (one quarter for 2 or 3 minutes).

Salt Creek Recreation Area 48.16527, -123.69904

small water spiket on right side before the dump. Right when you turn into area.

South Beach State Park Dump & Potable Water 44.60297, -124.06192

Pulloff a little further up the road than the other listing, not super wide but parked here in a truck with no issue. Great lake view, good Verizon signal. A few cars going by on the gravel road during daylight hours.

Another Cramer Creek Road Pulloff 48.05382, -114.29537

Quiet spot by Lake Wawa to boondock.

Tourist info place by goose has washrooms open 24/7
Community Centre has showers available for a small fee

Wawa boat launch 48.00007, -84.77079

lots of space, a bit of highway noise, lots and lots of Moskitos, but a clean and safe place for a night

Rest Area 30.34163, -91.72288

Ótima área verde para camping de Motorhome. Próxima ao centro da cidade. lugar de muita paz e tranquilidade. O proprietário também é Caravanista.

Para reservas, entrar em contato 61 98430921

Casa de Campo na Chapada Camping -14.13360, -47.50697

Great Yukon Government Campground and few mosquitoes while we were here.

Tombstone Mountain Campground 64.50294, -138.21975
Rich Fesler

Basic rest stop with bathrooms, water, picnic tables. etc. Plenty of room for large rigs.

WI Rest Stop 43.91007, -90.88063

Clean place, the attendant was helpfull. Many machines broken but the ones I took, was working well.

Washboard Eco Laundry 45.71196, -121.53927

Ice Age Trail Parking area
2950-2980 140th St, Frederic, WI 54837
Nice little half circle parking area for the Ice Age Trail
140th street is nicely paved, 150th is gravel, 135th and 130th is dirt/gravel, 270th South of Straight Lake is gravel but turns to paved but slightly rough further west
Lots of the Ice Age Trails have a Trailhead with no hrs or prohibiting signage

Ok for small to medium rigs and is a pull through 

The Coon Lake Park in Frederic about 2 mi Northwest is a nice place to spend the day 6am to 10pm, there's a swimming area with small fountain, water on Lake side of flushing toilets. There's 120v and 4 prong 240v power on a pole at corner of parking lot near shelters. The shelters also have power.

In Frederic there's a Dollar General, Holiday gas station with Subway and a hardware store. If you want a really good huge burger head about 6mi North on hwy 35 to Lewis, WI the Sundown Saloon and Campground. About ½ lb burgers and delicious. They are CASH ONLY but do have an ATM in there.

Best route is from hwy 35 go East on County W then R or South on 140th, its down about .75 mi

Ice Age Trail Parking Area 45.61244, -92.42687
Eugene da Silva

Stayed in the car park in our caravan. Really good place to stay for 10k Rwf a night, this is complete no matter the amount people. This is the first time they have guests like this. We used a close by toilet and there is possibly hot showers. The food is really great! Beautiful gardens and birds!! The lake is accessed through a short walk through lush gardens. Recommended as best place along this side of lake, we tried other spots but this took the prize, super neat hotel.

Kivu Paradis -1.75784, 29.27955

Cofran or also known as Lub & Supply

They provide a good variety of oils and fats for cars. We we're looking for a special transmission oil and they we're very helpful.
The owner speaks French, English and German.

When you found the entrance at the roundabout, the actual Shop is very hidden, just ask the guard or the people at the garage and the will show you where to go.

Cofran 14.73145, -17.42249

Coordinates on my GPS are 48.58647; -68.19756. Signed on highway. Easy access and potable water tasted good.

Mont-Joli dump and water 48.58554, -68.19607

It's definitely a good place to stop, not far from the city center of Gaziantep. It's free, guarded and fenced.
The guard closed the gate at night and reopened it early morning.
I regret to say that the toilets were dirty and stinky, also due to poor ventilation.

Gaziantep Free Camping 37.07292, 37.26358

Beau grand stationnement pour Grand VR. une table de picnic. Endroit tranquille un mardi soir.

Hartland Covered Bridge 46.29697, -67.53362

If you can afford to stay at least 2 nights then the long & hard drive through the park is worth it. It’s expensive for non USD earning people.
SADC - $20pppn
Locals - $15pppn
Local Pensioner - $7.50pppn

VEHICLE FEE - $2per day per car

They have new managers, Mike & Tracy, who arrived a month ago, so the camp is well maintained. There’s also tented chalets.

We stayed one night, as didn’t think R910 for 2people was worth another night

Tashinga -16.81243, 28.44621

Best to arrive a day before as they could organise your tour. We saw them but at this period chimpanzés stay on the tree and not on the ground. Even amazing. we stayed 2 nights there 50000 FG p. person

IREB - Chimpanzees 7.64456, -8.50262

Have been there to eat shawarma. Good food but he tried to bribe us.. Just make him repeat all prices of your lunch

Dallas Restaurant 7.74855, -8.81863

These are the new numbers:
Georgina +260957873480 (Whatsapp)
Justin +260955982929 (No Whatsapp)

We had a nice stay, authentic. In principle you are sleeping in the middle of a small village, called Nakapalayo. They don't get many visitors, therefore organisation can be a bit chaotic, so better to inform them ahead if you are planning on visiting. Project members are very friendly. There is a nightwatch available.

Camping, village tour and local dinner lunch are all three 10 dollar per person. Breakfast is 5 dollar. Staying in a chalet costs 25 dollar.

We recommend doing the village tour, to learn more about local life and culture. They are very willing to answer your questions =)

Nakapalayo Community Tourism Project -12.27594, 30.57619

As per July 2022 it's still not possible for any kind of visa application and not sure when they will start accepting.

Consulate Turkmenistan 36.28372, 59.59893

(photos of washroom are mens room and it was empty at the time)

Holy Crap, this is the best community center I’ve been to yet. I’ve clocked 30,000km over 5 Months and this takes the cake.
The showers are Hot and Free.
There are individual/handicap friendly stalls if you need. There are also shared showers.
Parking is 3 hours free
There is a basketball court, Ice rink, pool, lots of living garden space, places to sit, a cute cafe, free Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, bbq area, plugs inside and out.
I’m driving a 18’ van and had no issues with parking above ground. If you fit there is underground parking.

This place is a HUGE WIN!!!!

free hot showers at the community center west vancouver 49.33154, -123.16913

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