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Danny Dubois

Just beside the dump station, there have a pump to fill RV’s in propane. You can also exchange propane bottles.

Canadian Tire Gaz Station 45.58942, -70.90451

Amazing place! You can only get here via ferry from Pool's Cove or Bay L'Argent. Ferry doesn't take cars but you can take a motorcycle or a quad bike on board. They will loaded it with a crane! I paid $12.50 for a ticket for one person and motorcycle from Pool's Cove to Rencontre East.
Rencontre is a little heaven, there's so much to see here: lake, fjords, waterfalls, sandy beaches, stunning landscapes.

There's no paved roads, only rocky gravel roads good for adventure bikes and quads but it's a small town so you can walk everywhere. Only 300 people live here and everyone is super nice. There's no cell phone service. There's a grocery shop, liquor store and a cafe but no fuel station.

I stayed at Paul's cook house (an suite basic cabin)for $25 which was perfect. Paul also has camping spot for $15 and 3 houses 3 houses: 3 bedroom for $160/ night, 4 bedroom $230/ night , 3 bedroom $330/ night.

Paul also offers 3h Off The Grid Tours with a quad bike around the region which is absolutely worth it.
You can contact Paul Trickett via: [email protected]
Or just ask for him at the cafe when you get off the ferry.

This palce was one of my best experiences in Newfoundland. I highly recommend it.

Rencontre East Ackley City House 47.63507, -55.20848

One of my favorite places I’ve ever stayed. Slightly sketchy drive up a narrow twisty mountain road especially at night, but totally worth it. Amazing views, very quiet except the occasional slow passing car. 3 other vans here when I was

Pullout on Gibraltar Rd w/ocean and city view 34.46762, -119.66905

Just a parkingspot with a Nice vieuw. Toilet in the naturum

Infront of the naturen 65.81508, 15.10277

Sweet spot right at the beach! The bar owners were super chilled about it (we grabbed a few beers from the one on the left and got the wifi). Pull up to the beach spot after everyone leaves around 8pm and they asked us to move back by 8am before people got there. There’s a night watchman, we made him a coffee and he kept the washrooms open until he left around 7am. Make him happy and tip him a little bit! Amazing free oceanside spot!

Playa El Remanso 11.22174, -85.84738

Praça tranquila com Wi-Fi público e água, obs: torneira do tipo fechamento automático, não dá para conectar mangueira.

Quiet square with public Wi-Fi and water, note: self-closing faucet, you can't connect a hose.

Praça Sinésio Martins -23.19693, -45.90256

This place is permanently closed.

Parc Laura Trembley 45.30283, -72.27464

Go down to the river!! Seriously super easy hike and amazing place to explore. My dog and I spent hours down there.
Overall sites are just ok not super level and some road noise but the river makes it all worth it!

Abandoned campground in the National Forest 46.05618, -121.96811

Note for Colombia to Ecuador:
Once you finish exiting Colombia, you can drive across the bridge and park. You will see a small building on the left of the bridge with a pink sign that says RECARGAS. Inside you will need to purchase a paper for the health requirements for $0.25. Only one paper is required per group. Then head to the white tent on the Ecuador side of the bridge and fill out the paper while you wait in line. Here is where you show your vax card and the health paper. No PCR test required with full vaccination. The women will sign off on it and you will bring the paper with you to the Ecuador immigration entry for passport stamp.

Ipiales, Colombia to Tulcan, Ecuador 0.81433, -77.66350
Finca Hostal Bolivar

Hi there, FINCA HOSTAL BOLIVAR checkin in.
We would like to inform all Motorhome travelers that WE ARE OPEN AGAIN! Since we had to rebuild our entrance due to the construction of the new road, our entrance does not fit Big Rigs or high camper cars anymore.
The height of the entrance is 3.30m in the center and 2.70m on the edges and its 3.40m wide.
No problems to get in with small buses or 4wheel drives with rooftop tent.
We are looking forward to Host you!

Finca Hostal Bolivar 11.14413, -74.11372

Chill place! Although I was only able to spend one night because I needed to go into the sun to charge my solar.
Good AT&T service. Amazing view!

Gifford Pinchot slight view of Rainier 46.57897, -121.65376

Very remote. Several places one could camp

Ottawa national forest 46.47886, -89.93621

Again, no issues staying here. We had company last night, another truck camper. when we woke up, they were already gone. A couple things I'll add to my previous entry is that this little town does not sleep, people walk and drive by at all hours. once I'm asleep I'm fine, but that may bother some people. There were hardly any mosquitos here the last couple days and out here that is hard to find. We are heading out to the ocean and might be back to stay again on the way down. Happy travels :-)

Visitor Center 68.35527, -133.70600

Nice place with washrooms and Wi-Fi (pw: wellsgray)

Wells Gray Information Center 51.65145, -120.03806

Great spot on the lake! Full 4 bars on Verizon. Wish I would have found this one sooner.

Wakefield Municipal Overnight Parking 46.47886, -89.93622

$12 Canadian to stay for 24 hours. Great spot to stage for the ferry. Clean bathrooms at the ferry terminal. Full bars Verizon. Quiet overnight.

Nanaimo Ferry Long term parking 49.18995, -123.95136

Exactly as described. Pretty quiet after dark. 2 bars ATT

Pull out @ HWY 64 and 585 36.37690, -105.55186

It's a simple, humble and traditional place to have breakfast on the way. I took "menudo", and a "taco de adobada". It's the first place i found to do so in my way from Colima to Minatitlán (bike touring).

Ranchitos 19.40640, -103.96720

Amazing breakfast! 250c for a huge plate that you customize with 3 options plus rice and beans and garlic bread, including juice and unlimited coffee. Big enough to share between two people. Yum!

Simon Says 11.25373, -85.87111

This is now a small Municipal campgroung of 5 sites. $35 night full service. Very new & clean toilet no shower. Beautifull view on the bay, peacefull.

Little Bay 49.60104, -55.94823

This is the entry to Serengeti National Park.

Here you pay the outrages fees:
Foreign car net weight (empty) 2‘000 - 3‘000kg (so most Land Cruiser or Land Rover) is per day (12hours) US$150, Tanzania license plate only about US$10. Foreign adult US$70, child up to 15yrs US$20.

We arrived 17h and asked if it is ok to stay outside the park, but at the gate. They agreed and were friendly and allowed us to choose any place. We chose where there are 3 tables with benches and umbrellas on a grassy spot some 60m from the office, which was great. Wash room nearby.
At sunset the ranger came to tell us to stay in the car at night as regularly lions walk around.

Klein‘s Gate to Serengeti -1.85576, 35.24538

Gravel pull off at water access spot for Harper Park. There are spots to park on both sides of the road, the estuary side is smaller, probably only room for one rig. The water side was large enough for our 22 ft skoolie and 3 other cars, one with a small boat trailer. Beautiful place to enjoy the sunset. Fairly level, we were comfortable sleeping without putting any blocks under. No restrooms nearby. Dog friendly, big field and hiking trail across the road. Occasional foot traffic (people walking dogs and biking) in the a.m. Could be busy during the day with people visiting the park and putting kayaks in the water but was very quiet in the evening. Also right near a Kitsap Transit bus stop. Definitely would recommend.

Estuary Parking 47.51681, -122.51607

Good clean laundromat with different size machines. Smallest load is $3.75, largest $7.75. Gets a little busy during the weekend. You can park in the back.

Rocklin Laundry 38.79237, -121.23429

Agree with original comment. Eckeroline cheapest and no service fees using their website. It's not really "shipping" - just a ferry.

Eckeröline Shipping Port 60.15077, 24.91311

Easy access dump station with rinse water.
Station de vidange facile d'accès avec eau pour rincer

Irving gas station, Highway 10, Bridgewater 44.39219, -64.52673

very nice place. good food for a good price. and very nice people (family) living here. in the evening you can see from the dining/living room after 20h animals pop up behind the fence. we stayed in a pool house for 1 night. normally we camp. also the campsites were good with enough shade and good bathrooms. i would recommend this place!

Gerus Campsite -20.32421, 16.42408

Gas is 2.560 ltr here today. There is no credit card slot, you must go in. There us a gate, so when its gas.

Bob's gas 68.36984, -133.74199

Gas is 2.560 ltr here today. There is a card slot so should be open 24/7.

North Wind - Inuvik 68.35670, -133.73506

still not do able. when coming from the North just follow the road going left instead of following this road on Tracks 4 Africa. the road I mean I only visible on maps me as a dotted line but super good road. it will eventually lead you to this road(05) just after this impossible crossing

impossible crossing -12.59288, 31.74761

we came from north and went south, very tough terrain indeed. but coming this way do able, the other way around in my opinion much harder

Tough 4x4 -12.32104, 31.53672

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