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we were told to leave. no camping

Hale Hollow Camp 43.53444, -72.67263

130 N$ for fish and amazing calamari + chips. Really good quality food and value for money.

Happie Den Varta Caravan -22.68424, 14.52254

Dispersed camping close to town off good road with useable Verizon signal. Lots of room and nearby trails.

Turkey springs campground 37.32724, -107.14352

Lots of dispersed camping off good road close to town with useable Verizon signal.

Turkey springs campground 37.32723, -107.14351

According to the description this is an established campground not informal campsite.

Camping "Laguna del Plata" -30.91758, -62.06735

No longer allows overnight parking. Please be aware.

Walmart 30.43727, -91.00802

Great spot as described..near town overlooking the river.

Machias Municipal Parking Area 44.71351, -67.45906

No caravans (or trailers at all?) allowed

Parking Les Baronnets 43.48298, 4.14654

This place is permanently closed.

Tagaranna 58.53375, 22.19713

It was exactly what the user before wright. Outstading person, Donato presented itself and passed instructions to be here. No costs, just its plesure to help us.

Alalux Lighting Store - Parking Lot -19.93121, -43.93513

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 11.02365, -74.80619

Pipe & Maguie's house 11.02365, -74.80619

Not easy to get to now, tbere has been a big fire and a bulldozer has climbed the last part and wrecked the track, see other lication nearer tbe Road.

Sunset & Mountain Views -2.42456, 30.83022

Verizon 1-2 bars; difficulty sending pics and making calls.

San Juan River - Swinging Bridge 37.28000, -109.49367

Une autre très belle endroit près de Jasper avec vue sur les montagnes et Les Wapiti

Wapiti Campground 52.84342, -118.06812

Très bel endroit,achalandé ce soir, 6 VR. Calme et coucher de soleil. Spectacle de Fou de Bassan, Guillemots à miroir et autres oiseaux. Derrière le terrain de baseball. Achats de crabes directement du bateau de pêcheurs. Excellent!

Pleasant Bay Harbour 46.83025, -60.80027
Lynetta Mier

Deer, geese, and huge grass fields with a healthy population of mosquitoes as advertised.

Mission Island boat launch 48.37427, -89.23107

Wanted to add: they are open until 11pm. Attendant also added, if after hours there is a number they put on the booth to call and someone will be out to pump your gas for you.

Full serve gas station 51.97351, -116.74651

This place is permanently closed.

deactivated acces road 48.48537, -89.16755

Awesome sites with cell reception and creek access. Heads up that summer weekends are very crowded (Friday/Saturday nights). Both nights I patrolled at ~5pm and could not get a spot. For busy weekends I recommend driving a tiny bit further out of Stanley past the "designated camping" area, because the dispersed camping out there is not restricted so you are not confined to specific sites that can fill up. On Tuesday evening however I rolled up here at 8pm and still got a spot. :)

Iron Creek Dispersed Camping 44.20978, -114.98264
David L. Gravlin

Great spot. Level. Minimal mosquitos while we were here. We had low clouds but the scenery was still beautiful.

Lake at 7 Mile 63.09820, -145.61874

No overnight camping allowed.

Quaco Lighthouse 45.32470, -65.53620

Un des plus beau endroit avec le bruit de la mer. Calme malgré le port.

Pleasant Bay Harbour 46.83024, -60.80030

Camping dos Sargentos.
lugar muito bem estruturado. água quente... banheiros limpos... estrutura realmente diferenciada.
lugar para curtir com a família, pois é ambiente familiar.

O sol se põe em frente ao camping, lindo para apreciar.

Contato com Guilherme 48.30679161 whatsapp

Fortaleza de São José da Ponta Grossa -27.43530, -48.51911

Nice spot, tends to gets windy in summer

Between the mountains 30.93049, 53.04056

The coordinates assigned to this listing is not a WMA, open to the public for camping, and is not the campsite described or pictured in this listing.

WMA Overlook 34.14323, -84.83742
Brigitte Jacques

This place is permanently closed.

Lac Mégantic 45.57074, -70.88443

Still free, but you can give a donations.
Free firewoods.
We open the tent under the roof.

Kitwanga Centennial Park 55.11337, -128.02306

Nothing to right home about, but compared to some spots, this is the Ritz. Free wifi and fairly quite, a good sized gravel parking lot. Plenty of lights around, but they’re not too irritating if you close your eye lids.

Would recommend if your looking for a spot to sleep in Vic 👍🏼

Hartland Learning Center 48.53393, -123.45846

This place is permanently closed.

Insurance Company 38.06750, 46.32685

Easy to find, crowded 10-15 other cars in lot

Best Grand Teton view 43.76369, -110.55397

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