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Good place to fill your propane tank. Located in the the grocery store’s parking lot.

Marché Richelieu - Perkins 45.59951, -75.61870

You can fill up your bottles for free here without entering the paid historical site, it’s located on the right side below the ticket office. The ticket guy confirmed it was drinkable and we had no issues.

Stari Bar free water 42.09262, 19.13698

Réveillée par la security community a 23h15 . Il nous on dit qu'on ne pouvait pas dormir ici , qu'il y avait un panneau no overnight difficile à voir. Ils nous ont proposer d'aller au walmart à 10 min de route. Très courtois et poli.

Irishtown Nature Park 46.11389, -64.82745

Fantastic spot for a tent or wildcamping in general, only accessible by walking - a small irregular path from the asphalt road will lead you there. We arrived before 10pm and nobody walked anywhere near by (except the road but they could not see us from there as it’s much lower) until around 10am. It’s in a pretty dense pine forest so we had a comfy temperature the whole time. Only bad thing is that Petrovac musicians are super loud until midnight and shortly after the cicadas start being noisy. Apart from that great private place to sleep for free.

Place for a tent 42.20623, 18.93524

94 rooms. About 40 rooms with A/C and prívate bathroom. 150 single a 260 doble. The shared ones are pritty clean 60 bol /pax

Family for 6 pax: 520 BOL.

No breakfast.

Tel. Cel: 75387267

Residential 4 de Noviembre -19.02545, -57.71095

Normal migration EXIT of Bolivia office. Open between 7:00 am (be there 39 min earlier) and 4 pm only. Ar 7:00 am there were about 40 pers. before me. Still it took me nearly 2 hours to exit. No problems at all ( without vehicle).

Immigration - Bolivia -19.02775, -57.70799

Opens at 7:00 am.
I believe they close also at 4 pm, as the Bolivian imigration.
Get your entry / exit stamps
here. Slow long line as only two
counters were open.

Entry for persons fairly easy,
hand over your passport, covid vaccination. They scan your passport and that‘s it. 3 min job.

Immigration Brazil -19.02770, -57.70800

Quiet street parking just on the edge of the Old Town center of Florence, which has various restaurants/shops.

This is a commercial street, not residential, but there isn’t much on this stretch and it’s quiet. Very few cars and people passed by after dark or in the morning.

Public bathrooms: a few blocks away in Old Town center, and when I was here there were two porta-potties in the parking lot across the street too.

3 bars of AT&T

Confirmed with police that it is legal to sleep in your car and park overnight in Florence unless otherwise indicated by signage

The other iOverlander location marked nearby is on a residential street, which I did not feel as comfortable with. You’d stick out on residential streets around here with single-family homes/driveways and not too many cars. I usually try to avoid residential streets unless they have apartment buildings and are densely populated with parked cars, out of respect for locals who might feel uneasy having people parked outside their homes overnight.

Street parking, old town Florence 43.96719, -124.10971

Nous y avons passé une bonne nuit, calme. Avec 3 autres véhicules. Des pêcheurs hier soir. Bonne ambiance. Joli spot que nous recommandons.

Near Jardin de Métis 47.52790, -69.83028

Nice laundramat with many machines in good shape. $3 per wash and $3 to dry.
also huge washer at 6.50 per load.
Change machine on site.

Neville's hairstyling and laundramat 47.58126, -53.28032

There is technically a sign saying day use only but we spent a night here too. Lots of people here coming to see the sunset until 9:30-10pm. A few cars pulling in late at night too. And the spot is literally right off one of the main roads on the island, cars and trucks were going by at all hours. View is amazing though and spots are all very flat. 3 bars LTE on AT&T

Pull off Near Lime Kiln state park 48.50940, -123.14401

unbelievable! We slept there and this morning public works arrived to put up a no overnight parking sign. So the place is closed.

Pointe-du-Chêne 46.22044, -64.54482

we spend one, Night here, quiet&sure. . excellent to don't camp in tacna

Excellent wild camp -17.51115, -70.04349
Andrew Rosca

Large recycling containers behind the store.

Recycling containers behind Walmart 45.69340, -111.04148

Decent, good quality to price ratio guesthouse just outside Eros airport in windhoek. Private double rooms with shared bathrooms for 450 per night. Private ensuites from 650 per night. There are also dorms available. Kitchen and lounge access, free secure parking.

Kate’s Nest Guesthouse -22.59795, 17.07463

Very quiet and safe little fishing village. People are very nice
pequeño pueblo de pescadores muy tranquilo y seguro la gente es muy agradable

El Matal -0.18489, -80.29174

Great hotel option if you need to spend the night in Kye Ossi. Private ensuite with hot water and fan avilable from 10k CFA (negotiated down to 8k for single occupancy). Overall a clean place, not far from the Cameroonian border control point.

Sagesse Hotel 2.17666, 11.33829

Just stopped by, but look really cool for an overnight stay.
Nous sommes juste arrêté mais semble bien pour une nuit.

Sheet Harbour 44.92564, -62.54309

Good value for one night in Oyem, certainly compared to other options avilable. Normally 8k CFA for a shared bathroom double but got an ensuite for that price. Fan, warm water shower and 24hrs electricity available. There's a restaurant but it was closed when I stayed there.

Hotel JB 1.60101, 11.57182

Great value for Libreville. Hotel located within the Transporteur Voyages bus terminal. Ensuite doubles with fan and warm showers available from 15k CFA per night for a 24 hour stay (10k CFA for a passage if leaving before 7am). I negotiated a 10 pct discount for a 3 night stay. Good wifi and a decent good value restaurant on site.

Motel Transporteur Voyages 0.40350, 9.44770

Public water tap in a small park right next to the Coop shop for thirsty visitors of the Midsun steps.

Water tap in a park 62.67411, 6.67218

Spent the night here with no problems. Some traffic noise but otherwise not too noisy

Cracker Barrel 42.86167, -73.77022

A little unlevel, slightly overgrown, and somewhat of a tight fit for a van. But really the only thing available in the entire area.

Ottawa national forest 46.66889, -89.61212

This spot is way overgrown. Unless someone clears it it’s no longer available. Note: the north entrance to this Forrest road is permanently closed, use the east entrance.

Porcupine mountains 46.67705, -89.64941

Beautiful lake and sunsets. No shade, popular place. Kayaking, fishing, swimming. I have AT&T and it was not the best. 1 bar in some places.

Willow Creek Reservoir 47.54844, -112.43211

Absolutely great place for tents! Flat grassy ground, toilets, drinking water, no mosquitoes, beautiful view... We spent here two nights and met here nobody and heared nothing but sea.

Beach 62.78685, 6.99116
SIL & Paco. La Chatita around the world

It is an nice and old house with rooms to let. You can use kitchen, dining room and toilets. Affordable pricing. At the backyard there is a place to camp with your car. We place with no problems our Toyota Hilux Camper for 5 days. There is space for 2 or 3 more vehicles. Or a big rig. Vehicle entrance separately. 120 NB pp and day. Electricity available at site. Poor wifi in camping área. Best WIFI inside the house. Superfriendly owner Johannes. Laundry avisarle. Just in front of harbour, Deli coffee shop, and Spar supermarket.

Lüderitz Backpacker Lodge -26.64555, 15.15689

This location has been modified recently, likely due to the floods this spring. The old bridge is gone. Currently, there are two spots to camp in close to the highway. If you go to the end of the dirt road, you come to a large open area of sand and gravel. It's a little soft as you proceed towards the water. Generally flat with lots of space to turn around if you are a big rig. Views are still spectacular and the sound of the river drowns out most of the highway noise.

Rancheria River 60.06532, -130.50492

Good value motel in Lekoni, located directly behind the border police checkpoint. Ensuite double with cold water and aircon available for 10k per night. Clean and quiet.

Motel de Conseil des Voyageurs -1.58408, 14.25316

Good hotel should you need to stay in Boundji. Ensuite double with aircon and lukewarm shower for 10k. Decent standards of cleanliness and friendly and helpful staff.

Hotel Paradiso -1.02150, 15.35869

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