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Just off of highway 1, great little spot with firepits, outhouses and picnic tables. Lots of mosquitos but otherwise a perfect free campsite

Broadview Recreational Area 50.37781, -102.53096
Humboldt County Sheriff's Office


Humboldt Lagoons 41.26136, -124.09091

Not a bad spot. Lots of room. No shade but a swim can cure the heat. Pretty busy place.

Bell Rapids Access Area 42.79301, -114.93710

aside the small road above the highway stay on the road,nearly no traffic

road 104 40.53821, 44.89344
Rosen Ganev

very good place for 5 tent, for one night

Arlov 55.65199, 13.07470

Very nice place , very cheap, basic.
the view is great, lot of birds, you can see the mountains BUT it s just near the road and It s noisy by night. Too much traffic by night.

Lodge camping 0.63588, 35.03968

Best restaurant in Balykchy. I ate here several times already. Always good. They even have some vegetarian dishes. Most side dishes are also vegetarian. If you want the real deal order the "Smak from Chef" (not for vegetarians, in the Russian menu it is just called "Смак" like the name of the restaurant).

Restaurant/Café Smak 42.45365, 76.18286
Wyld Eagle Adventures

Beautiful place, well maintained. Yes, part of the school and pretty much all people I saw on the log were staff, so they confused when a visitor showed up. but they said it's fine and very welcome. Still $10 pppn + $5 for the vehicle. Saw zebra, elan, buffalo, giraffe, impala visiting us in camp. Recommended!

Gosho Park Bush Camp -18.17707, 31.63311

After we failed at all other spots in this area, we've been lucky to find this big area. Even though it's next to the the road it won't disturb you and you're perfectly hidden. Enough space even for the biggest rigs. Spend two nights here, no one came by, safe and beautiful views overlooking the valley. There are two gravel entries from the main road and individual spots for at least 5 rigs. With claro we had slow reception.

Calm and leveled -15.47823, -55.69175

Josiane loves to receive overlanders in her big garden. You can use all her facilities, hot shower and toilet in her workshop and an outdoor sink. Plenty of opportunities to relax in the garden. Samaipata is a short 10 min walk with bars, restaurants and shops. We payed 50bobs per night and 300 per week. It's necessary to call or write her in advance, but no worries she's super lovely and speaks Spanish, French, German and English!
+591 60097367

Las Lavandas Josiane -18.18530, -63.87271

Iliza Malibu is located on the shores of lake Muhazi in a beautiful bay, it has a large parking for cars and a big plot of land to set up your camp site. In the compound is a two story house that can be used for bathrooms and showers. The house also has 4 rooms for guests who need them.

Iliza Malibu -1.87450, 30.33550

Nice place with observation tower to look the salted lake. Easy to reach.

Salt lake/Tuz Golu 38.42507, 33.50120

At the trail head, there is room for three or four class B motorhomes. Locals frequent the parking lot to run up and down the stairs. There are steps up to the mountain top with great views of Holyrood.

The Cross on George Cove Mountain / Holyrood 47.38248, -53.14169

The main site now has an eye sore: someone left a car wreck and a couch. The site right at the waypoint is OK, but we moved on a little further and camped on the side of another logging road (at 49.71182° N, 123.03820° W). Very quiet here.

Mamquam Wild Camp 49.71489, -123.04002

The place of a lifetime! If it’s not windy AhHaha

We had a very calm evening with a sunset and a quiet night, in the morning the wind started and it’s true that’s your car will shake. But still, the view is beautiful!

Meat Cove Ridge 47.02654, -60.53603

Posto muito bem estruturado com ducha grátis e torneiras para água espalhadas pelo pátio, banheiro bem limpo e atendimento top, passamos uma noite bem tranquila

Posto Boiadeiro ll -6.73813, -43.07242

new Location
6.27302 -10.74800


Embassy of Ghana (Monrovia) 6.27303, -10.74791
Amar e viajar sm

Aqui tem uma oficina muito boa para te ajudar no conserto de seu carro ou van. Eu liguei antes pra saber se eles poderiam mexer no minha van master. Parei a noite na frente da oficina e pousamos.
No dia seguinte fomos atendido.

Pessoal trabalha muito bem e qualquer problema de injeção eles resolvem.. Se for problema.mecanico não mexem.. porém qualquer coisa relacionado a funcionamento do motor eles arrumam.

Sinal da claro e Tim pega bem por aqui, não tive problemas

Espero que minha experiência que são as dicas que deixo aqui te ajude

Não esqueça de deixar seus comentários, poderá ajudar outros amigos também

Bosch Diesel Service - Ciclotec Eletro Diesel -17.54197, -39.71591
Kombi Ema Veloz

Passamos duas noites, lugar tranquilo com policiamento frequente. lugar muito seguro apesar de alguns moradores de rua passarem pelo local.

Praia do Centro -21.04401, -40.82678
4ever2wherever (Margriet & Jan)

A nice place to see all phases of silk making and processing is at Silk Island Garden. On the island you will come across houses with looms where scarfs are being made. We took a tuktuk to the ferry (KHR 15000/20000 from/to the monastery next to the Royal Palace + KHR 500 per person one way ferry). You will be offered rental bikes as soon as you leave the ferry (KHR 12,000 per bike per day) and pay KHR 4000 per person entrance fee.

Silk Island Garden 11.64003, 104.93871

Lovely campground in Port Alfred, but it feels like you are somewhere in the country with lots of trees and well marked sites with electricity and running water. Lots of birds at a beautiful pond. Also have a coffeeshop that sells ice, braaiwood and serve a good breakfast.

Medolino Caravan Park -33.60224, 26.88991
Exploring Global

Had a wonderful stay here! The owner is the sweetest woman. The rooms look brand new (they’re about a year old). Everything was impeccably clean. A/C worked like a charm, comfy beds, decent wifi for the town that has no signal and relies only on wifi.
They just got Starlink wifi here! It’s not perfect. Can get slow and comes and goes if too many people are using it but I was able to work well during the day when most people were out. Video calls were pretty much a no go though.
Pet friendly at an extra cost of $5USD. Check their websites for prices and come prepared to bargain a little as the prices listed online were slightly cheaper than asking in person. Paid $1,300 per night with a dog and fee to pay with card.
A lovely place! Would totally recommend it!

Motel Princess 28.95360, -113.56279

Lovely surprise to have a clean campsite and friendly hosts that do not want to rip you off. WiFi and electricity and peaceful surroundings. lovely place to stay overnight. only 8 US per person.

Denise's Kitchen/Parugare Safaris & Lodges -19.07596, 30.77594

Good spot next to a little lake, people come here to fish. Not for swimming. Public toilet is ok.

Saint Mesmin . Morineaux lake 46.79955, -0.73800

Stayed as part of a caravan, tight spaces in a residential setting. Used laundry, reasonably priced. Pavilion provided a nice meeting area for our group.

Golden Nugget RV Park 61.20884, -149.80309

Road easily accessible in 2wd. There’s 15 marked spots. If you drive to the end there’s a turn around and private property fence, but the blm spots are specifically numbered and marked. We opted for spot 15 because of the ones available it seemed the most level. Great spot if you’re visiting Mesa Verde NP.

Free site #5 37.36180, -108.41857

Lots of pull offs with great views along this road! Local told me about it said people car/van camp here all year long. Quiet on a Tuesday night only had 2 cars go by and only saw two others parked down the street. Full bars for verizon :)

Pulloff 34.23286, -117.23486

Sandy beach at the end of a dirt track. Signposted of the e45 as a local swim spot. Fire pit available

Skaudo Beach 67.41400, 21.10321
Moto Migrants

It should be noted that if you want to hike to the tip, this is a very steep climb! from this location you see the "concrete slabs" but then it is a hard climb to the top. if you want an easier climb, go to the other location marked on the map

Sun Pyramid 43.98106, 18.18096

Belle endroit où on peut dormir, aucune interdiction et calme, poubelles et tables ainsi qu’une belle vue sur la mer

Brigus Tunnel Park 47.53578, -53.20508

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