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Perfect for overnight. Great view of lake and quiet. We were the only people here.

Dease Lake 58.68800, -130.06697

incredible place, with a wonderful view to Aconquija. very quiet. beatiful.

la banderita -27.33070, -65.95197

petite place pour environ une dizaine de van , assez occupé mais c'est très normal pour un début de vacances de la construction. toilette super propre, endroit pour charger les vélos électriques aussi .

Dégelis, petit témis 47.54977, -68.64114

Forest Service access road on the east side of the highway with places to park. Also larger places to park off a short road about 100 yards north on the other side of the highway.

So. of Priest Lake 48.31206, -116.98189

Large spot that would hold a Class A. This location had several fire rings. One of the 3 campsites was closer to the creek/river but high clearance vehicle would be needed due to large rocks and a shorter vehicle would maneuver easily between the trees. Easy access from the road and site was fairly level and had great solar. Many sites are also along this road. Temperatures were fantastic in late July due to elevation. 42 degrees on our last morning.

North Fork Frying Pan Road 39.33817, -106.58800

A large tarred area, which also offers shaded areas at the edges. Surprisingly quiet at night for the central location. The car park fills up in the evening, but by midnight most of the cars have left. The parking attendant is a bit nosy but very friendly.

Yerevan: bus parking behing Mother Armenia 40.19623, 44.52514

As far as I can tell this place has been bulldozed by pipeline construction.

Thunder River 52.22480, -119.21819

Fantastic little spot. The road is in great condition. There are at least four spots back here and I've had it to myself the whole time.

West of Mt Robson Park 53.00824, -119.29286

They sell oil and also change it here. It is not big, but our big rig, a MB 1017A, fits in.

Lava Jato Super Troca de Oleo -19.01092, -57.66068

We stayed for two nights and paid 15 Sol per Night (two persons in a van). The space is really small, but for this price perfect. We felt safe in this neiborhood. Walking distance to the city center.

Casa del Montañista -9.52922, -77.51813

We stayed for one night at the Yuraccorral Camping and started the hike from there. It took us 3 hours up and 2.5 hours down. We started at 7 am so we had the Laguna around 30 minutes for us alone. Would recommend a early start because of the big amount of visitors and the heath you get when you start later.

Trailhead Laguna 69 -9.04684, -77.60951

This spot is on the right before the bridge & Lodgepole Campground. Thicker gravel to get down a little hill, spot isn't totally flat. Buttttt once you park, there are tons of spots to tent camp and if you walk a little bit in there's a beach for a swimming spot.

Before but "Across" from Lodgepole CG 46.91470, -121.38649

Water IS potable according to Idaho State Parks and Rec site. There are a few spigots, but I only used the one in the lawn near the beach area. I’m not sure if there is one that is more easily accessible…I didn’t look very hard.

Lucky Peak State Park Discovery Unit 43.52508, -116.06600

Good hotel to stay overnight when it gets dark. 25000 COP for double room with bathroom. Cold shower and garage for our van.

Hotel La Cabana 1.56048, -77.35671

Free potable water. $15 dump station. Propane fill.

Three Bears 61.63079, -149.81330

$10 dump and flush. Video surveillance. No fresh water without paying for camping

Little Susitna CG 61.63078, -149.80211

I stayed a bit north of here. was super tranquil even for the weekend. tonnes of freedom camping spots available no need to pay anywhere. As I rode out I also saw loads of spots between here and fray bentos yo freedom camp; tents and/or big rigs

River Vista Urban Camp -33.16199, -58.35962

Everything you need. Fruit, vegetables, bread, cheese etc. Very reasonable prices.

Supermercado Comodin -24.18387, -65.30418

Great spot, was quiet and felt safe. Numerous other travelers also using the lot. Parked on the side by the garden center.

Walmart, Port Angeles, Washington 48.11116, -123.36029

Very good place to rest and sleep in. There's place for 4-5 units (tents, campers, caravans) good acces for bigger vehicle's. Also multiple firepits.

River camp 62.23822, 8.22129

Cheap and breathtaking view pf the fjord for tents! The showers have water on the floor sometimes but I highly recommend. 15 min drive to the Kjerag’s car park

Kjerag Lysebotn Camping 59.05401, 6.64923

Many campsites on the north and south sides of this dirt road and creek to Emerald Lake about a mile away. I stayed on the south/east side of the road. There’s a large clearing and small road trails that splintering back. Reached the 70/80s during the day and 40s at night and got some rain.

Half Moon Creek 39.16611, -106.39348

You need to do all the paperwork over here if you want to go to Bolivia. Super easy and friendly.

Policia Federal -16.08685, -57.67527

Last Brazilian checkpoint before Bolivia, they just wanted to see passports with exit stamps and the canceled tip.

Sanitary check -16.39629, -58.33775

First Bolivian checkpoint, they just wanted to see passports with exit stamps and the canceled Brazilian tip.

Military Check Point -16.38526, -58.33424

Friendly staff, they asked for our itinerary and the time we want to stay in Bolivia. Like this we don't need to register on the online platform our locations. Orden of translado isn't necessary anymore, we already traveled for 2 months in Bolivia and no one ever asked for this. No copies necessary.

San Matías Immigration -16.36478, -58.38946

Lovely staff, they even checked us in after the official opening hours. Not sure when they are open but on a Friday afternoon at 5.30pm it's closed. He just took a picture of our car and the chassi number handed out the tip and let us proceed. No fruit or veggi control, no copies needed.

San Matías Aduana -16.35464, -58.41062

Banco Unión works with foreign credit cards

atm & photocopy -16.36059, -58.40138

nice spot right on the water. we saw the no camping sign by the lighthouse mentioned in other posts and parked on the opposite side of the lighthouse with three other overlanders. we stayed on a Thursday night and there was no fisherman activity Friday morning.

Mabou Harbour 46.08670, -61.46470

Entree is $8 now. Very nice pool and showers included.

Radium Hot Springs 50.63458, -116.03953

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