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Pull off on FSR208. Very low traffic. Only 1 truck today on a Friday. High point in the road so views were decent.

FSR208 Pull Off - Ridge 41.27243, -106.48409

Arrived pretty close to midnight. There where two other RVs at the edge of the parking lot that looked more “permanent”. Plenty of parking space and I slept through the night without any disruption.

behind market 38.57109, -122.44466

As described. The city specifically allows overnight parking here, there is a sign explaining so as well as some general rules about being respectful. Just us and one RV for the night, quiet and uneventful.

Colisée Financière Sun Life 48.44072, -68.52097

Sign says 10 days camping limit realy quiet parking lot in the middle of nowhere

Blackfoot river Park 42.82166, -111.55238

Forgot to add photos from our trip during my previous post

FSR208 Pull Off - Ridge 41.27243, -106.48409

a big area south side of the Steel bridge

area beside the steelbridge 49.72190, -106.63881

Over landed here last night, 24-hour washrooms with proper toilets lights and running water, beautiful grounds, picnic tables, no camping but a great place to overland and even go for some day hikes while there.

Reserve Point Daly 47.52077, -65.65909

This place was a really good location. Not much movement after 22pm and really quiet during the night. The washroom was a little messy, but overall it is a really good location!! thanks

Park Gouin 45.67271, -73.54233

They can’t fill foreign propane bottles, but they gave us an address where it is possible. See next place on the map.

hipergas -27.44392, -58.74416

Hot and clean shower! Laundromat only for guest 3$
wifi ALCANguest

Showers 60.75300, -137.52218

Nice quiet spot with toilets and table, but lot of bugs, specially the little fuckin one that go through the mosquito net! could sleep with open windows!

Nice spot avec toilettes et tables, mais plein de micro-brulots qui passent à travers les moustiquaires!

Chedabucta Bay Look Out Point 45.34856, -61.41325

As described. Quiet and no busy at all. I wasn’t bothered by anybody. Clear signage about accepted overnight parking.

Wiarton overnight parking 44.74334, -81.14197

Stayed here for 2 nights without any problems. Even the police drive by and didn’t say anything. Wifi is available in front of the library, also at night.

Surrey Library Parking Lot 49.13047, -122.83941

Dump station & potable water spigot outside of the state park entrance

Cherry Springs State Park 41.66023, -77.82259
Holly Miller

There is a gravel pull off big enough for one camper van at the intersection of Icicle Road and Forest Service Rd 7601. Obviously tons of car noise since literally on side of a busy road leading to a popular trailhead but also by rushing water so that helps drown some of the noise out. No amenities or cell signal.

Gravel pull off at intersection 47.56571, -120.78326
Holly Miller

We ran out of daylight coming down from Colchuck Lake trailhead so this was a quick/easy random pull out for our camper van for the night. No trees overhead so great spot for astro photography!

Gravel pull off at intersection 47.56571, -120.78326

Camping right at the river. Some shady lots under trees. Showers, toilets, laundry, bar, meals, hamocks, wifi. 10€ without, 15€ with electricity, 5€ for a tent. Really nice place. The young host speaks English. Hospitality wise we had friendlier places, but that is complaining at a high level.
The campground is perfectly situated for a swim in the river (also for kids, really shallow) and a visit of Shkoder.

River Camping 42.03791, 19.50096

Stayed here a few nights. It was loud at times as it’s directly off a road but quiet at night. Awesome beach access that stretches miles. Fun tide pools to explore at low tide and we saw several bald eagles! This pullout is small but you could probably fit two truck campers or vans no problem. And cell service!

Near Shipwreck Point 48.32002, -124.45900

Awesome spot to camp! We stayed at site #9 which has a circle driveway and room for 2-3 rigs depending on size. Only about a 3 min hike down to the river for fishing or just relaxing. We arrived Friday morning around 9am and there were only 3 sites left but everything on the other side of the river was already full.

If you're looking for space and mostly peace and quiet this spot is much better than the other side. Only downside to #9 in particular is it is right across from the tunnel on the other side of the river so on the weekend there are a ton of people going through honking horns and revving engines into the night.

BLM land by Arkansas River 38.87141, -106.14684

Nice spot with a great view, it’s a bit tight for 2 rigs, and bit difficult to get down into since it’s kinda steeps with some fairly deep holes

Tim Lottis 45.28934, -121.58318

la chacra holendesa est une excellente option avant ou après un shipping a Montevideo. l'endroit est très agréable, adapté et Marieke et Jan mettent tout en œuvre pour faciliter les choses. par leur disponibilité, flexibilité et amabilité, ils sauront rendre votre séjour plus simple. a noter qu'ils louent également une petite maison pour 4 dont nous avons pu profiter le temps de mettre en état notre véhicule.. A recommander +++

La Chacra Holandesa -34.73667, -55.73948

This place really is all that and a box of chocolates. As rest stops go it’s very, very nice. The bathrooms are only open from 7 to 7 but it’s very quiet.

91 N Vermont welcome/ rest area 42.81254, -72.56675

Was looking for the other spot. Saw the no overnight parking signs so came here.
Little gravel parking in front of yellow gate to trails. No signs whatsoever. Spent a night here without any disturbance. Quiet at night only a few cars passing by. A little bit agitated in the morning as people come to the trail.
Nice spot for a night.

Gravel parking lot for park 49.19902, -124.08172

Parked here for one night in our 25 ft camper van from about 10 pm - 11 am. Lots of room all along the road for parking with some level spots a bit further away from the dog park. No problems staying there but the traffic is pretty loud and cars would shake our van if they drove by really fast. Still had a good nights sleep though. Good spot super close to Monterey.

Street Parking 36.62972, -121.92197

Cristian López es dueño de Multiservicios López, un taller mecánico multimarca. Muy necesario para viajeros en vehículo que quieran realizar el mantenimiento a su carro. El taller está abierto de 8 - 18:00 hrs. Después de eso, si hay espacio al interior, puedes dormir con tu carro al interior del taller, tiene baño y ducha habilitado y wifi. Afuera del taller hay una parada de buses y a 400 mts existe la línea de “Trole” o el sistema público integrado de Quito que te conecta con toda la ciudad. Durante el día tienes que sacar el carro, afuera del taller es una calle alterna, con poca circulación.

Multiservicios López -0.32404, -78.55357

Pull out on the forest road (on the left when going up) more than a pull out it is a little clary surrounded by trees, so beautiful. Could also fit a few tents

Would recommend a 4x4 as the entrance is a bit bumpy after a forest road.

We had no service at all

It is a clean space, please keep it that way :)

Little haven in the trees 47.36005, -123.89371

Nicest border crossing I ever experienced. They get very little tourists so they seemed to enjoy my arrival. No commercial traffic, so very quiet border.
I camped on the Angolan side of the border. Very safe. No fixer, only border officers living I small white houses.
Thd road from Menonge h
to Katwitwi is first 150 kms of asphalt then ut gets tough, but doable. Took me 10 hours. Its a cool experience but I really wouldn't want to do it during the rainy season. I did it on a motorcycle and struggled with the sand. Many lovely villages on the way. Very friendly people.
Entry to Namibia was equally easy. They stamped my Carnet. wanted 215 NAD for the road tax, but they don't take card or any other currency. I made a deal with some USD - made it a bit expensive for me, but nothing bad. On Namibian side it's perfect asphalt all thd way to Rundu. OBS. You can buy petrol at the border on the Angolan side. Just ask around. You will pay double price, but still ridiculously cheap compared to any other country.

Katwitwi Border Crossing -17.38915, 18.40869

Showers $5, Towel $2.5
Very clean, individual stalls, great shower!

Silverthorne Rec Center 39.63378, -106.07159

emplacement parfait! près de l'eau, endroit calme et magnifique. des gens faisaient un feu sur la plage.

Eel River Bar Beach 48.03117, -66.37079

This place should be permanently closed. Made the PITA drive to get down here at 4pm on a Friday and there must have been 200+ people here. Unreal. Garbage and toilet paper all over the place. People blocking the roads to get anywhere. We turned around and left and will never attempt this on a weekend again. Possibly try to check it out if we’re around here on like a Tuesday or something but not likely since it might not have many people but will probably be trashed. Wouldn’t want to attempt this road in wet conditions.

Usal Beach Dispersed Camping 39.83130, -123.84628

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