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It is now $3 and I did not see cake or coffee.

Binet House Museum, Mayo (Silver Trail) 63.59205, -135.89556

The nice park is now closed for véhicule. Only a large gravel parking. Lot of circulation the day we were there we didn’t stay for the night. May be some festivities in preparation?

Wabush recreational parc 52.90895, -66.87092

Paid showers near the lake/playground. Showers use tokens, not quarters. Tokens can be purchased over by the camping office. 1 token = 3 minutes and you can get 2 tokens for $1.

Lake Sylvia State Park 46.99687, -123.59558

Would park at the bottom of the road unless you have high clearance vehicles- logging trucks working this winter have caused some huge destruction to the road.

Giveout Creek Logging Road 49.43610, -117.26151

Open 8-8 and 10-6 Sunday. Very well stocked with everything you may need.

TGP 63.59115, -135.89729

Called today - services include $5 RV fill of good water….

The Water Market 44.37616, -64.32990

Had electrical issue, got us right in. Reasonable rates

Alaska RV Center 64.84597, -147.76316

Fantastic location. Stayed here two nights. Had no issues. Would love to stay again.

Jordan River Campground 48.42116, -124.05219

This is a super nice place. We are on our 3rd night. Directly on the beach, parked next to the palapa. All of these places empty. There was a day guard here. Asked if we could camp. Said yes. We have given him a tip of $5 for the first day. There is a night guard and we’ve paid him $5 a night. Probably could stay for free but think that $5 is a great price for security in such a very nice spot.

Dog friendly. No Wi-Fi. 4 bars of 3g service. No amenities other than the covered palapa and fire place. Oh, it has electricity and a light.

Best beach stay we’ve had in Nicaragua.

Beach Side Camping 11.45191, -86.10039

Crashed here a few different times with no issues. There is a taco bell and gas station in the same shopping are. Gas station is 24/7 and the taco bell is open until 3 or 4 am. If you’re a light sleeper you may want to stay away from that side. There were a few different vans parked in the lot along with a big rig. If you have a large RV, there is a road on the back side of HD where I’ve seen others camped for a day or two. It’s a long road that dead ends. So, there should be zero traffic back there unless it’s a rig coming/going. Cheers.

Home Depot 29.55639, -95.15206

local receptivo ainda sem acesso ao banheiro

IAPOI -6.22644, -35.06402
La Famille POOS

Il est toujours possible de faire de l'eau en ayant son tuyau. Elle est potable. Possibilité de faire le diesel.

Couche Tard/ Irving 48.46334, -68.50602

We didn't even make to the site. We drove 1 mile past Dry Lake campground. 4x4 was not necessary, but the road was so bumpy, we turned around. Not a good place if you're here to see the town.

Buffalo Pass Road 40.52603, -106.75628

Nice clean hostel. With Swimmingpool. Friendly and helpfull frontdesk.
70 Reales for a bed in a shared (5 bed) room.
230 Reales matrimonial.
All with A/C
Breakfast included

Dom Alberto -18.99932, -57.65659

Just stopped for a break during the afternoon. Sign for "No camping" but nothing about "No overnight parking" (see picture).
Juste une pause durant l'après-midi. Une pancarte "No camping" mais rien à propos de "No overnight parking" (voir photo)

Marie Joseph Picnic Park 44.96730, -62.08635

place with shower in the men's bathroom, refueling is free
local com chuveiro no banheiro masculino, se abastecer não paga

Gas Station -20.34054, -46.84794

Nice area with pit toilets, picnic tables, and 1 fire ring. There are some big horseflies here.

Little White River 43.16367, -101.54645

pretty awesome spot. pay camp. we got an awesome spot looking at devil's tower. go get ya some.

Belle Fourche Campground Devils Tower 44.58088, -104.70713

crossing takes 5 minutes start to finish.

Ferry crossing 67.33894, -134.87526

campground on the south side of the creek. day use area on the north side.

self registration box is at the campground. day use fee is $5 and camping is $15.
outhouses and garbage cans available.

theres a pull through site for a large trailer. the rest of the sites head upstream, I didnt go in to see the extent of the sites. access to the creek is easy. outhouses not very clean, but decent.

Vadzaih Van TshikTerritorial Campground 68.08824, -133.49166

a small pullout with a hiking trail, garbage can, signboard for information.

Tithegeh Chii Vitaii 68.18895, -133.43922

I did not enter this campground so I cannot give information, but It isnt marked yet, so I marked it for future reference. wil probably enter on the retrn south. and make corrections then.

Gwitch'in Territorial Campground 68.20482, -133.42009

just for day use. theres a boat launch, pit toilets.

Territorial day use area 68.28633, -133.25096

Literally a construction zone right now. Not sure how long but I wouldn’t want to stay here. Some brave folks have tents set up and some cars are parked around but there was no way to drive in as everything is blocked my heavy machinery. Also be prepared for slow traffic, due to roadwork. I’m sure it will be lovely again in a few weeks…

DNR land down by the beach 48.33208, -124.49094

Best spot yet! Right on the water in a small community park. Spoke to a local gal (who’s family name is on the information plaque) and she advised that overnight stays are fine. Very quiet and room for half a dozen RVs.

Near O'Donnell. Route 94 - St-Joseph’s 47.11897, -53.51409
Our Offbeat Life

Stopped at the yellow building on the bridge to show vax proof, prechequo, and they wanted to see a screen shot of the health form completion as well.

Then on to immigration. They only take small US bills ($1, $5, or $10) for the $3/pp entry fee. Aduana ladies were very nice but paying the $35 car fee was rough.

The only bank to pay the Aduana fee now is Banco de Occidente. It had a HUGE line outside of over 50 people when I arrived to pay my TIP a little after 9am. A security guard outside said I had to wait in it, but that's not true. Tell the guard at the door who lets people in that you're there to pay your Aduana paperwork and they'll send you to the special window just for that. You must pay it in Lempira. They will not accept USD. So you'll have to walk all the way back to the exchange guys at the immigration office and their rate is really, really bad. Get $35 USD worth of Lempira for your Honduran TIP anywhere but at Honduras Immigration.

Once the TIP was paid, the rest went quickly. Staff in the immigration building were friendly and helpful.

El Amatillo, El Salvador to El Amatillo, Honduras 13.59664, -87.76519

It’s a good easy spot but noisy at times from the nearby train and people driving by. More pull off sites that on the map.

Near Glacier pull off 48.45411, -114.02862

Quiet, beautiful views. No signs stating no overnight parking. Bonus: because it is high up and breezy the bugs are not quite as bad as most places on the island.

Hostetters's Viewscape 46.51197, -63.51403

Still available and guy at Museum said it us open 24/7. same prices. Sign says don't shower when both washers are in use. Added photo.

Keno City 63.90954, -135.30401

We parked here for a couple of nights during hiking. Owners are a couple that also run the store. The spot is behind a big red gate in their garden, very safe. We fitted with our big rig, no height restriction. Only space for one car. They also rent out beds.
We paid 20 soles per night. Recommendable!

Mallma - Family garden -13.60618, -71.20688

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