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Local recreation facility in the city of Gunnison, Colorado. Non-residents must pay a fee to use the facility for swimming, climbing, exercise equipment, showers, etc. Open weekdays 6am-8pm, Saturday 10am-8pm, and Sunday noon-6pm.

Showers are $5

Gunnison Community Center 38.55640, -106.92416
Ouest Canadien

Lorsque l’on est arrivé, il avait deux affiches qui disait ‘no overnight camping’. On ne peut plus coucher à cet endroit

Blind River - Parking Lot 46.18213, -82.96576

Local super tranquilo! Passamos duas noites na praça. O banheiro funciona até as 21h e é super limpo! Na praça tem um trailer que vende pizza frita e lanches, o preço é acessível e a comida muito boa!

Town Square -18.81101, -52.58197

Parking lot for trail use with bathroom on a dead-end road. There are no signs that say whether or not you can camp overnight. No one bothered us in our van!

Maringo Drive Park 47.69066, -117.27119

Lots of spots to park. Could tables and fire pits. Right on the river. Really enjoyed this spot on my way down to McCall!

Lower Salmon Down by the River Camping 45.71249, -116.31682

nice spot, it also has pit toilet

nice leveled parking lot directly looking the ocean

Baccaro lighthouse 43.44999, -65.47027

Nice but crowded. Price is 26 cd. Great for a night or two.

Honeymoon Campground 52.55579, -117.68171

There are two free warm water showers near the Day Use parking area. Each shower is in its own room and both are wheelchair accessible.

Cape Dissapointment Showers 46.28208, -124.05863

Super quiet, level rest area. Stayed here overnight with no issues. Only a few other vehicles parked overnight.

Dismal Nitch Rest Area 46.24921, -123.86066

Nice campground, 2 sets of clean pit toilets. Right next to the river. Few spots open when arrived, no att signal

Hoback Campground 43.43829, -110.78683

Slept there in my car, arrived late (8 pm) at the spot. It was perfect for the night, very calm.

J'ai dormi là dans mon char, je suis arrivee vers 20h. C'était parfait pour la nuit (oui y'a des moustiques et la rivière est loin, mais c'est beau pareil). Très calme.

View saint-Jean river 48.77005, -64.52267

Passed through to use the shower and the gate attendant said the showers are not open to non-campers and to use the laundromat in town.

Shower at Honeyman Campground for no campers 43.92234, -124.11280

Wow!! Super spot avec quelques sites de camping et beaucoup de sentiers pédestres avec donation pour entretien des sentiers
Vue spectaculaire
Anne et Michel:)

By the cliff high clearance vehicule only 51.65003, -119.96863

Very Nice spot. Awesome view in the morning. we did not sleep but we passed the spot this morning.there was a camper parked for the night

the dear mountain spot 47.09344, -112.05968

Information center, flyers
Restroom very clean
Dont know if we can spend the night

Information Center - Choteau 47.81841, -112.18775

Smallish parking lot but we got permission to park along the perimeter. Larger rigs may find it a bit tight. Dump station is on the lot, open and free. Hwy noise is minimal in our truck camper.

Canadian Tire 54.77328, -127.15419

Great mall but be warned breaks in's of vehicles does happen, friend had alot stolen from his vehicle when he parked here, don't leave valuables in vehicle, seems they target foreign vehicles.
when I park I make sure to park near the security guys and be polite and greet, it makes their day and they'll watch your vehicle, tip on your return and they'll appreciate it, been a few times no problems

Manda Hills Mall -15.39841, 28.30638

Good spot. Quiet. Highway noise isn’t too bad. Other local boondockers here sometimes. If you have a dog, be careful on your walk. A homeowner let’s their two reactive dogs out in the front yard without leashes.

Delta Hotel Street Parking 47.97486, -122.19206

There’s a cute little pull off along the road for you to have a small fire to cook food! Locals are really nice and the scenery is beautiful

Spectacle lake road 48.56869, -123.56167

There is now a locked gate about 10 minutes up Paradise Valley Rd. No way to get past the gate. Turn around was ok in a 19’ sprinter, but would be difficult for vehicles any longer

Paradise Valley Road 48.93284, -122.20571

5am to 11pm free parking.
the neighbors of the buidling called to report me. lifeguards came around 12pm. I parked on the neighborhood until 5am , when I came back.

parking lot 29.20892, -80.99854

Lugar seguro bem iluminado e um bom ponto para se passar a noite

Paradouro Grill -31.01680, -52.05361

Perfect spot to sleep before or after ferry! Quiet, beautiful view. They have live music from 630 to 830 M to Th in the summer. It's the parking for Scott's Cove Park.

Port Aux Basques 47.57527, -59.14068

Perfect spot for before or after the ferry. Quiet, on the harbor. Live music 630 to 830 Mon thru Thurs. Little shops, restaurants. Bathrooms are locked at night.

Port Aux Basques 47.57527, -59.14070

Great views of the waters all around. Level gravel with some picnic tables. Memorial in the middle. Can accommodate maybe 3-4 rigs.

'Lost to the Sea' memorial--Overton 43.81873, -66.14323

You cannot park here. I got booted yesterday morning by an Ingles employee with about a dozen other folks. this morning he is back at it again warning another 6 or so vans parked in the lot. respect the wishes of Ingles, do not park here, and consider taking your grocery shopping elsewhere ;)

Planet Fitness 35.56648, -82.62732
Mr van

This place is permanently closed.

Beach 48.10211, -65.68712

Overnight stay in parking lot of Tammarack Conference Center overlooking the travel plaza. Multiple RV’s and had no issues. Strong cell signal!

RV parking of Tamarack 37.80012, -81.21652

A beautiful spot. If you get the right fire ring, the views are beautiful. We were the only ones there on a Wednesday. Mosquitos do get bad at night.

Phillips Lake Edge 44.68735, -118.09118

This was a great location to take a dip in the water. Can’t believe how little traffic this lake sees, it’s gorgeous. Tons of wildlife viewing too.

Phillips Lake Boat Inlet 44.68728, -118.09116

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