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Gas station with food and plenty of parking for large vehicles.

Guest WiFi available. 3-4M down .30 up. Not the best, good in a pinch. Strongest signal next to the U-Haul rentals.

One shower. $7.35 was super hot (Scolding if not careful!) and very high pressure. No mention of a time limit when I bought it. I was in and out in 20. The toilet is not really fastened down so it rocks.

150 Mile House Husky on receipt (Esso on sign) 52.10355, -121.92755

Rough road but passable in dry conditions. Not recommended during rainy weather. Flat sites with fire rings. Quiet at night and beautiful hiking right out the door. Only complaint is dirt bikes are allowed on the trail, so it can be a bit loud.

05027 Bear Scat Trail 35.03473, -106.32026

water fountain and water spigot perfect for refilling larger 1 gallon-10 gallon jugs. not for RV’s. located on the lawn near the parking lot- just to the side of the West Glacier Camp Store. close to the street.

Water Spigot outside of West Glacier Camp Store/Gas Station 48.49663, -113.98295

Here you can get the Polio Vaccination to get your Visa for India. 8am-2pm. Closed on Sundays.

Polio Vaccination 33.70467, 73.05529

Big parking lot free of charge, adjacent to the North Light fuel station. Great night stop if crossing from Turkey at late evening. Coming from the border crossing, turn left and the fuel station is on the right side immediately after.
Spent one night there, it was illuminated and felt safe. There were many other travellers sleeping in their cars, or outside on the ground (it was very hot).

North Light Rest area 37.13761, 42.57755
Eugene da Silva

Emma is the owner +250781208105 and allowed us to wash per kilo. They open 07:30-21:30 Mon to Sun. good service.

Best Cleaning Laundry -1.93887, 30.07766

Kamp plaats waar verblijf van 1 nacht is toegestaan. Je moet wel volledig zelf voorziend zijn want er is geen water of stroom voorhanden . Er is een dixie toilet voorzien . Aan de oever van Donau rivier en op wandelafstand van charmant dorpje. We hebben super lekker Italiaans gegeten in resto SAN Marco , eveneens op wandelafstand . Laat de plaats achter zoals je ze zelf had willen aantreffen , overlander groetjes . Nico en Leentje

Rest area for bikers 48.77270, 11.62250

Tried to go up. Got about 900m to the spot and it was incredibly muddy and we had no traction so backed out. We are in a 4x4 sprinter

Healy overlook 63.82751, -149.06531

A small Campground that welcomes tenting Motorcycles, bicyclists, vans and self contained camper trailers and Motorhomes.

Belly Acres Motorcycle Campground 49.94424, -110.04004

two water taps, very good pressure. locals use it as drinking water.

water tap 45.58245, 19.63311
4ever2wherever (Margriet & Jan)

We intended to go to the Kingfisher Eco-Lodge, but it was closed (reopening scheduled for 2022/10). We got permission to camp on the terrain of the village office. Grassy site with shady trees. Squat toilet, but very little water.

Kiet Ngong 14.77314, 106.03795
Dirt Sunrise

Several spots along this switch back gravel/rock path up to the communication towers on top. We camped at the pin, but there are spots with more wind protection or for bigger groups further up.
A view of the Sea on one side and Pine trees on the other. No trash up here, yet.
4x4 Recommended, but I'm sure someone with a 2wd car has made it up!

Mountain Top campsites 40.19810, 19.58443

wild camping na lagoa do Jegue, próximo a lagoa das Almecegas. Lugar tranquilo, aos finais de semana pode ser mais movimentado por turistas. Funciona 4g da vivo em algumas areas. Pra acessar a lagoa da almecegas só com 4x4

Lagoa dos Jegues -3.32916, -39.16753

Quaint little place, quiet. Some local traffic but very friendly unique people

South Brook Beach 49.43116, -56.08622

Fountain of water, potable. The local people come to fill their bottles.

Livno 43.82798, 17.00382

2 parkings. Une rivière et des chutes . Une dizaine de places. Nous y avons passer la
nuit avec notre 24 pieds sans problème.

Mariaville Falls 44.79716, -68.38636

very good shower and wonderful beach. ocean was pretty warm.

Miscou beach showers 47.95807, -64.56262

Flat spot near a quite road. Wonderfull sunset. 4G internet. Restaurant 200m

place near the road 41.16724, 40.82450

MUST GO ! make the detour to get there i swear you wont regret it . it was just amazing . the view is unbelievable . room for 1 or 2 van . so be there early .

Meat Cove 47.02660, -60.53603

got kick out at 9 . park canada with gate at the entrance . they empty the park at the end of the day .... not recommended

Groves Point Park 46.23144, -60.34698

la localisation du débordement est fausse.
Aréna est sur la rue Digue en face de Roxy

Havre-St-Pierre (Arena Municipal) 50.24493, -63.60235

behind municple building on the lake. stayed 1 night no issues. has outhouse

Blind River 46.18759, -82.95533

Great place near the beach. Lots of places.

Free Camp RMK Seaside 57.93850, 24.39017

Great place near the beach. Lots of places.

Free Camp RMK Seaside 57.93850, 24.39017

found this location on iOverlander. needed a safe quiet place to get a good night's rest, and boy did i. huge Walmart parking lot,, much more than needed, even fir a WMT Supercenter. parked at the Starbucks end of the lot used their wi-fi. WiFi in Walmart too. Location was clean, quiet, I felt safe. multiple restaurants surrounded. I parked next to a pole that said lot was under security camera 24/7. nobody bothered me and I slept well.

Walmart Ancestor Ontario 43.19841, -80.01549

We went to customer service and asked if we could park our van overnight. They initially sad no, but that there was a 24 hour mobile station down the road. But then the manager said it would be OK for one night. Thank goodness because it had just begun to rain very hard. We made sure to do some shopping. The night was quiet.

Walmart Adams 42.66504, -73.10966

Not really sure what the last poster was talking about, this seems like a great camp site. At these coordinates specifically there are two sites, each overlooking the valley below. Relatively free of trash. Decently fast Verizon and T Mobile service, plus wonderful views. A lot nicer and more private than many of the other sites on North Fork Rd.

National Forest Road 803 48.51443, -114.14817

Parfait pour passer la nuit(Woodbine Park). Nous avons pris un Ubert pour nous rendre à la tour du CN pour 35$. Sinon le circuit d'autobus est directement au parking de la plage.

Woodbine Beach. $15 All Day. 43.66493, -79.31415

A parking lot in the main street. It doesn’t offer water or energy, but it’s very safe, quiet and near the stores.

Estacionamento na rua principal. Não oferece água e energia, mas é muito seguro, silencioso e perto das lojas.

Parking -28.32359, -49.06481

Good place for overnight RV parking. Free. There is a war memorial related to torpedoed ships during WW2.

Lance Cove Bell Island 47.60047, -52.97754

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