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Such a wonderful place about 30-40 minutes from the village (it’s a dirt road but totally doable for any kind of car)
It’s a small fishing village where you can surf on a point break. You can camp on the cliff or even on the beach. And you can see some beautiful dolphins.
When the fishermen come back, you can ask them to buy some fresh fish.

There is no cell reception.

Punts Baja Lighthouse 29.94904, -115.81189

nice spot on a flat mountain top above Shelter Cove. used as a shooting site, please pick up any shooter trash you find. leave it better than you found it, and hopefully it returns to its natural state.

Accessible on a 4x4 road, that narrows to a trail just before the flat top. Ocean views, flat dirt/rock ground, no mosquitos or ticks. quiet place on BLM land, that is unknown to most.

Ocean view 40.05480, -124.02417

Nous avions rendez-vous avec Chico le matin à 7h30 à sa maison et personne pour nous accueillir. 20 minutes plus tard sa femme est venue et a été appeler un voisin pour nous faire l’excursion. Ce a balbutié une dizaine de courtes phrases durant les 2h20 de promenade. Nous avons été très déçus, l’excursion ne correspondait pas aux précédents commentaires. On a payé 2000Arp/pers

Chilo Ruiz - Bañado la Estrella, Fortin La Soledad -24.14910, -60.68939

lots of RVs, ok for a night, generator running, people late arrive, not nice, no road noise, ca 50 Campers when we arrived

Cabela's 61.12777, -149.88365

There is a spigot near the entrance to Johnston Canyon at P1 parking, on the building for the bathrooms (closest to entrance). Sign says potable. I think it would be too far to run a hose but is good for filling jugs. This spot gets insanely busy, so I recommend going off-peak hours to get a good parking spot and not be in people's way- I went around 7pm.

Johnston Canyon P1 potable water 51.24578, -115.84023
Me leve sem destino

Ficamos por 2 dias neste ponto de apoio. O local fica praticamente ao lado no Beco das Garrafas e dos principais comércios da cidade, além de ter uma sombra muito boa que ajuda em dias mais quentes. O pessoal da barraca ao lado nos ofereceu água e tem um ponto de energia com voltagem 220v.
O GPS manda em direção a uma rua que está isolada por tapumes por causa da obra na igreja, porém é só contornar por trás da rua principal para acessar.

Praça de eventos -17.34370, -39.21745

nice place with view. calm... lots of room for VRs, but many people

Parking behind Super C 48.85310, -67.53625

Quiet with view of a lake. Went for a run on the trail outside the parking lot across the street, and over a pedestrian bridge 👌🏼

Woodstock large parking by the river 46.14883, -67.57827

What a Beauty. Nice spot, we decided to stay 2 nights. The lake is refreshing, it’s quite at night and an amazing view. Sunset behind the mountain. We have a long van and drove in backwards, there was not enough space to turn. It’s small so maybe for one group. Please don’t leave toilet paper in the bush.

Lakeside 49.95042, -125.59764

still 15000 per person. there is an upper terrace area the is flat that could fit several vehicles if it wasn't so muddy. one spot in the corner was flat and out of the mud. this is the staging area for banana farmers up the hill and there's a ton of people coming and going at all hours up the road immediately next to where you are parked and this area isn't visible from the restaurant which made us uneasy but we stayed here for 2 nights without any incident. the restaurant only serves trout, which is delicious but no longer farmed here, for 25k for a plate. no wifi and very cold showers. good claro and dog friendly.

Truchera / Restaurant Montemar Camping 5.60175, -75.81348

park opens at 830am, get here before 10 and you will have it basically to yourself. then the buses start showing up and you'll be bumping elbows with a thousand people.

Piedra del Peñol 6.22301, -75.17860

drinki water, mountains water, two taps going enough fast

water 42.26082, 22.22364

$3 showers. They also have restrooms & laundry + a general store. Super nice people & easy access.

Eagle Cliff Store. 46.05190, -121.95960

Headed to this beauty of a manmade spot after pushing mamush to its limits on the steep logging road up there, 2WD certainly does the job

Jim Mitchell Lake 49.51851, -125.60080

We stayed here for two nights, so the camping is open and not only for day use! Very lovely place and nice owners! We enjoyed!

Pousada Portal Paraiso -16.40990, -56.67488

Plenty of campsites to choose from. Far apart. Plenty of animal activity day and night. No hot water

Khwai - Magotho Campsite -19.11634, 23.86037

Placed seemed permanently closed. Gas pumps looked out of operation and didn’t see anything resembling a store. Looks like another struggling town :(

Good Hope Lake services 59.29527, -129.28980

A nice impromptu camp spot for the night. Just North of Whitehorse (Yukon Territory), just off the Klondike Highway , overlooking the Yukon River, and the Mount Slim, and Mount Laurier. Accessibility would be 4 wheel drive, as the trail deteriorates, and would not be recommended in wet conditions.

Yukon River, Policeman’s point Road. 60.94792, -135.09334

Fountain with potable water on a small place.

Fountain 45.84610, 5.56076

Absolutely idyllic! There are 5 sites. I stayed 6 nights. During the days, I was mostly alone. At night, other's came in for one night. Sites are spread out so even if someone takes the site next to you, they are far away. Sites are adjacent to Platte River. My dog and I took advantage and got in every day to get some relief from the heat. (And I had two baths in the river). Well-maintained Roads in allow easy access; the campground loop has some pretty big potholes, so just go slow and go around them when you can. Verizon was barely one bar and went in and out. Some days I could do YouTube and other days I couldn't even send a text. Coyotes, cows, coyotes, antelope and (at least) one rattlesnake. Did not use the pit toilet as I have my own bathroom. I'd definitely stay here again.

Dugway BLM 41.86086, -107.05388

Clean bathrooms, easy access to water and the staff is super nice. Great place to park and get work done

Ellsworth Harbor Park and Marina 44.53546, -68.42068

nice little campsite, 2 week max stay, we stayed for 2 nights in our 19ft motorhome. there’s fire rings and pit toilets, and it’s quiet and peaceful. :)

Hunter checkin camping 35.16578, -85.41823

We spend one night here, price 18.75$ first come first served. Beautiful spots next to the river with beautiful view. No phone service. Level spots. Park rangers allowed us to stay 2 vehicles in one spot as the campground was full.
Bm.aroundtheworld from Switzerland

Mosquito Creek Campground 51.62996, -116.33028

Beautiful part of the Island to visit. close to Tow Hill which is a must. Sites are crammed together. Some have no privacy. Some were wet and muddy. Shelter provided for cold stormy days. Host collects money. Got short changed on the #of days stayed. Paid five and host miscounted days. My mistake for not catching. Also in a RTT and packed up my things to go for the day. Left a chair. Host gave away my site the next day when I stayed somewhere else when it got late.

Agate Beach Provincial Campground 54.07036, -131.81521

Beautiful spot. Arrived late in the evening, a number of spots available. Pit toilet.

Pilcher Reservoir County Park 45.03992, -118.08010

in the camping we bought the excursion to cuevas de acsibi with Fernando Aban the best guide and the best excursión in the North tel 3875798822

En el camping contratamos la excursión a Cuevas de Acsibi con Fernando Aban, el mejor guia de la zona y la mejor excursion del norte Argentino. tel 3875798822
a la excursión fuimos en nuestra Renault Kangoo sin problemas son 20 km ida y vuelta (40 en total en vehículo) y una caminata de 3 a 4 hs (8 km) al llegar a las cuevas Fernando tiene mesas y sillas donde descansar, almorzar y pasar un buen momento junto a él.

Camping Municipal Seclantas -25.33071, -66.24474

A fantastic place to camp. Very good ablutions. No need to do a drive as animals come to you. Very friendly staff. 15USD conservation fee and 5USD camping for locals.

Tashinga -16.81243, 28.44621

Highly irritated owner. Annoyed by my arrival. Grumbled at the state of my bike and told me the price was $2,000 and that’s “what it is everywhere and it should be more for people like me “

Highly rude and I left to find other accommodations. Faster wifi and cleaner at the ACA up the road

Hotel Carfa -23.89982, -61.84963
Vivendo Estradas

um Lugar muito tranquilo pra dormir, silencioso e seguro.

Parking lot in front of the lighthouse La Paloma -34.66792, -54.15256
Dan Robrecht

This is called Juntura Hot Spring. Nice little spring. There was no one there when we arrived, a couple others came in later. The road was rough, but we made it to the end of the horseshoe in our civic. The river was high and fast, but not a problem to wade through. The island with the spring is covered with goat heads (plant that drops very sharp little spike balls) so wear shoes. We found the upper pond to hot, but down in the lower one on the river we could titrate to whatever temp we liked.

Juntura Hot Spring 43.77120, -118.04896

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