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we drove out here to find destroyed truck camper tops. Ones was torn apart. Another was burned up. We felt a "campers will be murdered" vibe and left.

Forest Road near Canon Beach 45.86193, -123.76271

I was there after 5:00 pm and it was open.

Seldom Water Dispensing Room 49.61623, -54.19033

Easy access, self check-in. Large field with +/- 12 camping spots. You can drive your vehicle up to your spot, as I've been told by the groundskeeper, but most people just park in the parking space, keeping the field neat and clean. Also nice individual toilets with soap and hand sanitizer.

Lighthouse Apostolic Church 49.26197, -124.77054

tres belle arrêt.
Calme et tranquille. belle table avec ou sans toit place pour faiire un petit feu pour se faire a manger un genre de bbq je ne sais pas comment appelé ca mais tout est bien ici.

Halte routière Municipalité de Frontenac 45.50324, -70.86835

very small area on side of gravel loop. Not level and not much room to get off the road. It was a little too tight and uncomfortable in our 22 ft skoolie even after trying to level so we ended up staying at the north bound rest area. wouldn't reccomend this spot for anything larger than a car or small van.

Birch Point Loop 48.94373, -122.77434

Nice place for a picnic or a sleepover. Directly to the shore of a big lake. Very quiet. Only accessible by 4wd or feet/ cycle. Enough space for at least 4 campers and several tents.

Lake view campsite 64.80222, 29.31192
Van Life Designer

Great spot for a few nights. Only a few spots with level ground though. Partial view of Mt. Shasta.

Castle Lake pull off 41.24939, -122.38645

espacioso y con buen wifi si estas cerca de la casa de los dueños. Ducha caliente pero muy sucia e incomoda, estaba lejos del sitio de acampe. Los baños muy sucios tambien con la cadena rota. Fuimos porque no encontramos otra opción cerca de alta gracia pero muy caro para lo que fue.
($1000 x cabeza + 500 por la van)

El Bigua - 2km from Alta Gracia -31.65597, -64.39108

NOT POSSIBLE to stay here, we were first told that it’s okay, and then the night guard tells us we have to leave. Very unfriendly.

Camp Chuquicahuana -13.98566, -71.48589

Parked in the brewery parking lot in a small stealth(ish) van. No one raised an eyebrow. Not quite a level spot but close enough. Good for an overnight. Very quiet after 1030pm.

Wild camping cahaba brewery 33.52772, -86.76581

Plenty of parking, friendly staff, I asked about overnighting in the parking lot and they said you don't even need to ask permission if you park in the way back area by construction. Good food, very nice small casino. Peaceful and welcoming place for the night.

Coyote Valley Casino 39.25496, -123.21022

Nice spot with possibility to tent on the grass or park your motorhome at the parking area. Benches to sit and eat and public toilets (but no running water). Many locals go there to take a bath, but not so many people in the evening (and we visited in July).

The "no parking" signs are a bit confusing but only apply on a tight road down to the lower parking area closest to the water.

Bergesjøen Outdoor Area 60.98660, 11.76746

Already lots of campers when we showed up around 4. Registered at the front desk, you can use the washrooms inside 24/7 and it's open wifi. Friendly staff. Wifi doesn't make it to the parking spots, but is great inside. Lots of streetlights so if you don't have window covers or something it will look like daylight all night.

Stoney Nakoda Resort and Casino 51.10260, -115.01407

Small half-Island with lots of room for tents and a small picnic bench

beautiful view of the sunset

the entry is blocked by big boulders, we were just able to squeeze through on medium size motorbikes, boxers might be too wide.

(big) rigs can park just before the boulders (see second picture)

in the morning, some fishermen came to the island but they did not mind (and did not speak any English)

Beautiful spot at the lake 54.64178, 22.98569

We made only a break. Big rigs fit and at the moment it is not used as bypass of the bridge. With shade.

Next to bridge, well hidden -19.31549, -55.17343

Very good place, we had a quiet night. Enough space for big rigs.

Bush Camp -19.12517, -55.05344

Slept here in my car for over 8hrs without issue. I didn’t see any signs restricting duration of stay like someone else posted, and “No Camping” means no tents, ime. Dump station still “closed for season”.

Rest Area 47.00145, -113.37120
Instagram: @savannatales

Small local supermarket but sells local gouda cheese 22,000 tzs 1kg, nutella, good cashew nuts and more..

Musoma Business Care -1.49643, 33.80647

Super tranquille. Grand stationnement un peu avant la rivière pour de plus gros Vr. Source d’eau pour se laver.

Public boat launch 39.22486, -77.82020

Nice secluded spots off forest road 9T with fire rings. Short walk to the canyon rim that offers a good view of the Rio Grande. Good cell signal from some carrier that I can't register on. No Verizon/Visible service.

FR9T 36.64294, -105.68874

decent sized spot directly across from the very popular Ryan Rd Dispersed Camping (which fills up very quickly and can be hard to turn around). this road is much easier (a Class A is here tonight) than Ryan. wider and level dirt. very short road to drive down. easy enough to turn around if it’s full. enough room for at least 4 decent sized setups. pretty much any rig/car could stay here. about 4mins from West Glacier town where there’s water, little bit better cell, restaurants, gas and Glacier NP West Entrance. cell service is kinda all over the place. ranging from 1-3bars LTE Verizon to 1-2 Bars 5G/LTE on TMobile. sometimes i can browse, stream. other times it’s impossible to send a text message.

Ryan Rd 48.49871, -113.94457

This is about one half mile beyond the site marked in this app. There are nice shady trees, two picnic tables, a fire pit, and pit toilets.

Little White River Reservoir 43.17081, -101.54498

Really beautiful beach with wonderful shade to park under! Had the place to ourselves and felt safe with a few houses nearby. Stayed here one night. BUT it has lots of those biting midges/noseeums that were so tiny they fit through our screen and tormented us all evening and night. Couldn’t really sit outside. Could just be the time of year or something, not sure. Otherwise this spot is amazing.

Playa Junquillal spot surf 10.16559, -85.81144

Several spots for RVs, clean bathrooms 24/7, well lit, picnic area, feels safe. Some traffic noise from the Interstate.

Rest area north of lubbock 33.93360, -101.85458
2gether 2

it's just off the road. There is a rail line. quiet at night noisy during day. lots of space big rigs friendly. no facilities

Gravel Area 60.93088, -149.33682

Lovely place, old but with everything you need. Les douches sont chaudes et gratuites, il y a de l'eau potable pour remplir son campeur, 22$ en "dry camping". Le décor est magnifique. et le Wi-Fi parfait quant à moi.
La couverture cellulaire aussi.

Rainey Creek Communal Campground 55.93877, -130.00026

Behind Sissy's thrift store in Heritage Square parking lot there is a spigot that is turned on and has threads if you need to hook up a hose.

Not sure if it's potable or not there are no signs about the quality of the water.

Used it to fill up a gallon for grey water.

Heritage square parking 45.92600, -116.12184

Thank you so much for this it was a life saver! No TMobile service anywhere in this town so used this pavilion for work.

There is also a Les Schwab tire center across the street that you can connect to their guest WiFi. Both work great.

WiFi in the pavilion 45.92392, -116.11385

Great spot, some traffic throughout the night but manageable. Safeway is open all night for bathroom breaks. 5 others slept the night, 3 in RV’s that all parked in the centre of the parking lot, one with slides out… that kind of behaviour is bound to bring heat eventually… especially considering there is a starbucks in the lot which attracts police in the early AM.

Safeway - Carmel by the Sea 36.53708, -121.91115

we would never stay here again. we parked in the wide open parking lot near the baseball fields. in the evening, a cop stopped by to "check us out" - he was nice but said we were fine parking there overnight. then, at 12:30am, a different officer gave us "the knock" - woke us up just to see what we were doing... he was ok with us camping overnight and left. a very annoying experience.

Meeker Lake 35.49310, -96.93713

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