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This place is permanently closed.

Waldport 44.40435, -124.08554

Gravel lot at Emerald Cove Trail.
The road to get here is not maintained. But after we arrived, 2 other vans and an All Terrane Vehicle showed up to also camp. It is rainy and foggy but a wonderful view of the Bay, and the mountains.
Follow previous directions and keep going till you get to the top!

Gravel Lot with Amazing View 60.78738, -148.62476

This place is permanently closed.

Ingonish Ferry Road 46.63161, -60.38568

This is private property. The owner has been coming by every evening and asking people to leave, apparently 79 people in just the last few weeks.

Ingonish Ferry Road 46.59325, -60.38088

See photos for sign on left side of the road as going north for entrance. About .2 miles down dirt road to large rocky area by river. Would not recommend if raining, recently rained and/or river is high. Beautiful Friday evening for us. A few people camping further up river.

Muskwa Boat Launch 58.78830, -122.65740

The turn around is perfect for an overnight in our travel trailer! It's hard packed getting here and the turnaround is flat. It's so quiet and peaceful. Gorgeous!

North East Lyman 41.41047, -110.17888

wifi libre, hay un lindo camping con baño y agua.. gratis..

YPF Puerto Eva Peron -26.66353, -58.63266
Piston Society

A small pullout just before the Golden Horn campground. Several good spots for tents or you can just camp in your vehicle in the pullout. It is right alongside the stream looking up the valley at the big mountains. No cell phone service but Starlink worked great.

South Mineral, Silverton, Colorado 37.80473, -107.76618

Tel que décrit dans la description. Nous sommes arrivés à 19h30, il n’y avait pas d’autres van ou camper.Plusieurs stationnement avec table à pique-nique. Un peu de trafic passant mais coin tranquille. Vue sur le barrage et accès à piste cyclable.

River Road Pullouts 43.14298, -79.04556

We arrived Friday evening and there were still a couple overflow spots left. Lovely, quiet, and also clean pit toilet. One has to cross a low creek area. Bugs not too bad.

Sheffield Creek, National Forest 44.09092, -110.66342

several pullouts along road to lake in case the lake campgrounds are full
trail riders and motor bikes make most of the noise

Postill Lake Rd 49.98337, -119.35278

With out service, with out saints, with out Internet. Triste

Ecoparque Rayos del Sol 2.51336, -76.53810

hotel . cocina . piezas compartidas matrimonial .WiFi ..patio y lavadero

Motoposada Camperas Negras - La Casona de Mari -23.21078, -65.34688

This is the same sight as "rest stop" nearby. Lists no camping now but no signage about overnight parking.

Seton Provincial Park 49.90230, -99.21580
Rigoureusement Futile

This place now has an official name (in Frrnch) : Halte de la Belle-Étoile. I can send a picture.

Halte de la Belle-Étoile 48.78389, -67.71989

Enough space for several motorhomes and tents, friendly owners. Toilets, shower, Wifi and electricity included in 20000 COP/p/night. Directly located at the main road. Be careful about the entrance (sign is almost not visible, keep right soon after the shooping store (ara). The biger sign shown on the website is missing.

Camping Los Corales 11.15090, -74.22150

Despite the 24ft Sprinter being able to fit, our class B was not even able to turn around, had to back out. Very Rocky and not flat. Would not recommend the spot except for cars.

End of Fisherman’s Harbor Lake 45.11325, -61.72342

No camping allowed.

the dune 48.15063, -69.67408

hospedaje para el motociclista . bici y familia gral. casa equipada

Motoposada Camperas Negras - La Casona de Mari -23.21078, -65.34688

now a construction site and access under a 20' stack of boulderscould stay by the highway but it's hardly idyllic now

Riverside 56.13456, -121.64887

el lugar tiene una excelente ubicación, 3 cuadras del centro.
la atención es excelente, el lugar es atendido por la dueña y su hijo. ambos muy bien predispuestos y amables.
el lugar cuenta con una cocina, heladera y microondas. las habitaciones son cómodas

Motoposada Camperas Negras - La Casona de Mari -23.20512, -65.34882

roads in construction around the site...

Quebec Cycle-way 46.78884, -71.23416

Excelente local. Restaurante agradável e com ótimo atendimento. Tivemos apoio total do clube náutico, cederam água e banheiro. Foi uma experiência maravilhosa.

Restaurant's parking lot -34.93380, -56.16078

Quiet place near a small river. Not a god place to swim. Shadow.

Riverside 56.41727, 15.68166

Parked at Rest area for the night. Additional parking area is little quieter than the main rest area.

Rest Area I5 South to Salem 45.27374, -122.77702

Authorized for Class B only. Nice level parking very close to the lake.

Parc J.-Émile Cloutier 45.57375, -70.88279

many locals come here, some comes here to smoke and play loud music.

I stayed for two nights, and both was waken up by music after midnight.

Laguna Grande Campspot -36.85004, -73.10263

This place was apparently re-newed, sites were newly set-up and bathouses were super nice and clean. We paid $55 for one night, family of four in a truck with camper cabin. Hot showers and good wifi included. Very nice host at check-in.

Ranch house lodge 62.10322, -145.96953

Quite beautiful spot. The place is in view of some houses, but locals didn't bother. We had to rush our departure after a rainy night, as the river level came up quite a bit and the meadow got quite soggy.

By the river 42.39676, 42.23219

Spare Parts, Oilchange, Tyres and Repairs in Idil.We bought a new Radiator Cap and had to wait until the Motor cools down. We were invited for a tea under shady tree. Very friendly and helpful.

Oto Tanisman - Workshop, Tyres, Parts 37.34186, 41.90164

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