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It shortens the 2 hour detour via Itumbiara. Also possibility to sleep overnight near the ferry. Paid 80 Rs for pickup with loaded camper.

Balsa MG/GO -18.49142, -49.51747
Austin trip

Nice level lot, not lit and park at own risk. When we stayed, they were doing road work. Has trees on two sides for shade. Nice lot.

Raynham Park and Ride 41.95492, -71.07039

There's an opening space that lead to a dead end road only a few meters before St Ann's Provincial Park. It looks like local people use this road for boat ramp which is farther down the dirt road, look almost like a trail to me. There was another camper from Quebec when I was there. So, for sure the place can fit at least 2 vans, I think maybe 3 camper vans is max. It got a decent view of the water, not that pretty but ok. A bit noisy when there's vehicle passing by during the day but very quiet at night. There's pit toilet at the provincial park which is 10mins walk or less. If you go all the way to the dead end of the dirt road, there's a fire pit, look like you can put up a tent there, and it would be a lot more quiet. Lastly, Telus reception is spotty here and very weak data service.

Close to St Ann's Provincial Park 46.20711, -60.61945

We took the tour at 9:40 am and had a english speaking guide for us. We saw a lot of red-blue macows flying through the sinkhole, sitting in the trees and in the walls.
You can make a reservation with WhatsApp in english: +55 67 9995-2586

This Information we got with WhatsApp:

*Contemplative trail:*🦜 🏞
The tour lasts approximately 01h20min and is a contemplative walk around the sinkhole with two stopping points for observing the birds and the sinkhole. The trail is 970m and the groups are accompanied by a local guide.

Adults: BRL 92.00/person
Children and Seniors: R$ 78.00 (children from 8 to 12 years old)
Children up to 7 years old are free

Buraco das Araras -21.49005, -56.40074

searching for non alcoholic beer we Fonds another selection of real ones :)

Cinaroglu Tekel Bayi Beer Shop 38.49897, 43.35116

Good restaurant. Relaxed and nice viel on the lake. We did not camp.

Camping Grand Deniz 38.31427, 43.11735

The best market , can find everything , bread , food , drinks , fruits and ….

Big Supermarket and Fuel Station 40.61815, 44.95172
Karin Vriese

A nice place next to the river. Friendly staff, easy going. The name of the camping is Kompasz. Pizza’s and burgers to order. Simple amenities.

szigetköz kemping 47.82601, 17.40362

Very nice place to spend the night. Quiet, safe and with a nice view over the sea. No wind during the night, but it picked up in the morning around 9-10am. 4G signal with Claro.

Place to the right 500 m before the hotel -15.83395, -74.31350

I found all the beach parking spots in this area of town to be an absolute noise nightmare and didn’t even feel that safe. This little alley is at least quiet. All the local residents leave their cars in the street. No services. Quick walk to Jumbo.

Small rigs only and you have butt up against a wall but you aren’t in front of any houses or driveways.

Quiet Street Parking -18.46829, -70.30508

We are staying in the paid city camping area and have observed street camping here for the last 3 days. Not much street traffic at night but there are street lights.

Waterfront Parking 60.10119, -149.43589

Still here, still fresh, still cold. Please be kind to others and acknowledge the rules.

water spring 45.44984, -84.78520

Number of pullouts along highway, this is large paved one with open views of mountains and access to river. Good cell service. No signs, spent one night alone no issues. No services but put toilet and trash right down road at rest area. Minimal road noise at night, train passes a couple times.

Pullout 54.21864, -129.73697

Sation Harnois, propane pour VR
1187 bd de l’Escale Havre St-Pierre

Endroit a Havre St-Pierre 50.25078, -63.60643

Beautiful spot near a small pond. Reachable on a small gravel road. No traffic and not so far from the main road. Also suitable for Vans.

Wild camping near a small pond 38.97000, 42.05036

A quiet super cool place can accommodate large vehicles 30 camping place to have internet go to the bridge it's free but you have to register at this number 6418497309 we can stay 7 consecutive days

Cross Ford Park (Access 272) 42.47730, -93.18907

Gravel lot next to trailhead at the end of Commercial Blvd, behind Home Depot. Big enough for several rigs. Someone living there full-time when I visited. Trash bin at trailhead and bathrooms at Home Depot.

Lemon Creek Trailhead 58.35779, -134.47806

This is the hangout for the local overlanders club. Great bunch of guys. This is NOT a mechanic but they're connected to everyone in the area. If you have any problems these guys can help.

Oto Yedek Parca 41.72864, 27.22284

Great spot with great views. Further back was another campsite with a lot of trash unfortunately. Leave no trace. Easy to get to in 2wd.

Abajo Flat National Forest 37.83257, -109.38181

This area is large enough for bigger rigs. It right next to a small pond off the Slana river. There are no amenities but 3 bars on Verizon. Be prepared for a lot of mosquitoes. Easy drive for any rig.

Slana Riverside 62.70593, -143.94392

Problème de contamination de l’eau, non potable

Water Taps/showers 44.64443, -63.34245

Awesome views. Facilities were clean and the owners very nice! Quiet open, a few spots in the trees. Paid $38 for a no services. got spots for bug rigs and tent spots.

Camping Côte Surprise 48.51058, -64.22077

I decided to stay and use the wifi overnight. The wifi was great all night and no one told me to leave, even though with a pop up truck camper, I am far from stealth. There is not a parking lot, just room for one rig next to the library and just off the road. The library doesn't open till 2pm today so I don't need to rush in the morning, which is nice. This location is loud however. You can hear every car on the highway, which is a ways away. There is a train that blows its horn way too many times going by. A few times there was a police siren sound, never did see a cop and not sure where it was coming from. The neighborhood has people driving and walking by at all hours. If you can sleep through noise or wear earplugs this will work. Especially if you need the wifi to download/upload stuff like I did. We are planning on exploring this little town today. I added a couple photos as well. Again. there were no signs prohibiting overnight parking and I was not asked to leave.This is not good for a big rig or trailers, but if you have a van or truck camper it will work.

Nenana public library 64.56236, -149.09453

Nice baked empanadas, meat or vegetarian, and coffee in a nice atmosphere with patio out back. Wifi. Friendly owner. Also selling locally made kombucha.

El Paste - Empanadas & Cafe 18.67935, -88.39375

Another spot along the shore just off the road. Quiet at night. Class B and smaller only. Great cell signal.

Port au Choix # 3 50.68089, -57.32909

Great little place to stop. Rocky beach you can drive and park overlooking the ocean. The T-Mobile cell is the best I’ve found at any camping site in Newfoundland. The town is large enough to have everything you need, but still has that small town feel.

Stroll Shore Wayside 48.53799, -58.56929

I hope to meet a poor donkey. But he didn’t appear during all night(maybe finally he met a girlfriend!). We have one couple who spend a night here. Tents can be installed in gravel and sandy part. It was very quite night under the starlight. You can use the toilet from 8:30am-approx 6:30pm(operating time). The first tour will be 8:30am(10:00am, 11:00am and we don’t know later). Camping is free, tour costs 500AR$ pp.

Parking lot of the El Shincal Inca site -27.69014, -67.18455

Moved to new location south west of here.

Meat king butchery. cheese and wine -3.39897, 36.74100

Place is clean and not much vehicles here at night. No security guards roaming around. There are signs for towing enforced but it does not mention about overnighters. There are a few pandhandlers in the area. It’s a Truck stop therefore it has all the amnemeties like showers, laundry, etc. It’s highly recommended as a place for overnight.

Flying J 29.79610, -95.03321

What a great spot here, with an absolutely phantastic view onto the Canyon and - at this time - with the Milkyway in front. Whereas the temps are rising up to 40°C and still 33°C at night in the valleys, here it was 26°C at 9 pm. What a blessing in July. The place is easy to access, but a bit more ground clearance could be necessary. We doubt, that a standard car can make it, as there are lying a few bigger rocks in the way.
There's one smaller part, which could make problems for bigger rigs, but the falt at the rime is huge enough, even for smaller trucks.

THE VIEW 31.47475, 35.78170

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