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Beautiful campsite (sites 6,7,8 and 9) are directly at the river. Great hide out where we saw giraffes, elephants and warthog. Ablutions are fine, with hot water shower. You can drink from the tap.

During our stay there were also big groups camping, who where a bit loud. That is a shame, because the surroundings are beautiful and there is much to see and to hear when it's more quiet. But in overall I would definitely recommend going here!

Wildlife Camp -13.10963, 31.75382

In a year time prices are doubled. We had to pay 110 lei for 2 people and a small camper including electricity. The places are very small

Camping Ananas 45.70625, 24.10555

At the boarding point for Delfinópolis there is a bar restaurant next to which, on the banks of Rio Grande there is a large space where they park cars and buses, without energy, but you can use the toilets of the bar and if you are willing to take baths in the river because the water is clean. You can discard blurred water at the toilet of the bar. There is no Very well structured club, bright evening hot airborns Energy 110 and 220, no neighborhood, so no noise. Place so much pleasant. There is no hifi.
or faucet. I stayed 3 days. It's very safe and has a bird corner. Free

Porto de Cassia -20.42289, -46.85896

Last Gas Station for 176km when you‘re going north. Next gas station is in Fort Nelson. Gas, Diesel, Propane available. Selfservice, no cash.

Buckinghorse River Lodge 57.38835, -122.85373

An den Koordinaten gibt es keinen Platz!

lavaltrie parking vr 45.89067, -73.32808

Reno depot parking lot, quiet other than noise from the road. free wifi. some lights but kind of dark

Reno depot 45.57017, -73.44198
Dejando huella en familia

Clothes 10kilos and paid 190pesos. They washed and dryed. Good service

Lavandería Lava Plus 20.85003, -86.87587

Very nice people, not perfect but they try to solve the problem immediately. And they do😁. Wifi was fast, when worked. Recommend it, place for enough big rigs.

Hospedaje Costa Blanca -3.63198, -80.57679

Casa de alquiler por días, semanas o meses! la casa es perfecta para pasar una larga temporada en plena naturaleza y para 4 personas! Se puede pasear hasta el rio y los monos aulladores están cerca! también se puede compartir el espacio y alquilar por habitación! tienen baño privado y aire acondicionado! El lugar está a 5 minutos de Playa Guánico en coche! Teléfono de contacto +507 6756 9594 hablar con Virginia

Pelican's Shack Home 7.29312, -80.43457

Ahora cobran a 2,50 dólares el kilo! Un robo! encima es un mínimo de 4 de kilos que es lo que entra en la lavadora ( si no lo pagas igual) el lugar muy bonito y parece muy limpio pero por precio no lo recomiendo!

Lavandería 7.43242, -80.18857
Cubby Van Life

It is not closed , we spoke with a ranger. Ioverander is incorrect. The fee is $13, half with a pass. Very clean. Bathrooms are open. BUT, it is just a newly paved parking areas with a few picnic tables imbedded in the pavement. So it is a camplot not a campground. Probably ok for an overnighter but not the prettiest. Some grassier cgs (Men’s and Willow’s cgs) in the next 1/2 mile but no one was at either when we drove through except one permanent old trailer.

There is also a boat ramp/ launch for a $5 fee.

Forest Rd 92 at Sheeps Creek Marina. 40.92266, -109.70734

Pretty spot off the main road. Overall quiet as there’s not a lot of traffic. Easy to be levelled with blocks. Fire ring (beware of fire restrictions). Walking distance to the day use area bathroom and dumpsters.

Nice spot off Big Meadows forest road 36.70426, -118.87621

We felt very welcomed when we walked in. They have plenty of washers (20lbs, 40lbs, 60lbs) and dryers. They also offer drop-off laundry service. A good amount of seating for everybody. Because it is an Internet Cafe, they have free wifi and computers.
This place was great for our traveling family. A large lot for our 26' Class C RV too!

Cyclone Laundry & Internet Cafe 30.39969, -91.17584

Showers here and at Split Rock Lighthouse park. No showers at Tettegouche but you can buy a $7 day pass and go to all the parks in the same day and shower at either gooseberry or split rock. However if you just have time for one, this one has a bigger visitor’s center and just as much trail access and the falls are a short walk from the main parking area.

Gooseberry Falls St Park showers 47.13966, -91.47028

Rosedale community Campground, $20 per camping unit. Self registration, but someone came in the evening to check if everyone paid.
Two outhouses, potable water, cooking shelter, garbage bins. Some spots have trees and shade. Nice place to stay.

Drumheller 51.41497, -112.63792

Fresh water literally just diagonally across the drive from the dump. Blue hose and sign that says fresh water. Super simple spot!

Silver Bay Parks &Rec Dump 47.29301, -91.26764

I really recommend this place for lunch only, cheap and healthy Chilean comida de verdad. Most expensive 7000clp, least expensive 4000clp, average 5000clp.
Closes at 4pm

El Huerto -22.91046, -68.20142

We were to find more of an established campground than we were expecting. Big field with an RV parked in it. Several parking areas. Picnic benches, including several under a pavilion. Fire rings. Campground host. Nice, well maintained area.

Matthew's Recreational 46.50201, -105.73422

We couldn’t get to the beach. There is a gate with height restriction approx. 1.5 km prior to final destination. Laguna seems to be much smaller nowadays than in

Laguna Mar Chiquita, Portal de La Paquita -30.87896, -62.26357

This is a continuation of my last comment. I just forgot to add pictures.

Cyclone Laundry & Internet Cafe 30.39985, -91.17571
Victor Hugo

Small entrance, side de River, nice and quiet , good for over night.

PN Calilegua road -23.76706, -64.84742

Lovely camp in the woods with several spots right on the river. No showers but flush toilets. About 10 miles to Crater Lake entrance.

Farewell Bend Campground 42.91559, -122.43588

Nice place to sleep. Super quiet and beautiful view on the Canyon.
A place to sleep !

view of the canon, place to sleep 6.80176, -72.99307

a quiet place with a wooden table with benches, not far from it is a lake

Quiet Place with a table 69.26806, 15.94858

A really nice place with a lot of spots to put a tent or car! Some people come here on the summer to swim so unfortunately there is some garbage that haven’t been thrown away. A nice walk by the lake too
To access here you need to drive away from the point on the map and you will find a fort road that leads you there

Coeur d'Alene River 47.48027, -116.69920

Dispersed camping, not a campground. lots of room close to town with useable cell service.

Turkey springs campground 37.32722, -107.14353

water has good flow. nice reservoir. picnic area. $5 day use, but we filled water without paying and left.

Haystack Reservoir 44.49457, -121.16069

Teníamos problema, perdíamos diesel.
Muy amable, dispuesto a ayudar y con un buen precio. Recomendable

solca dominguez -2.23803, -80.89972

large quiet and safe parking lot

amplio estacionamiento tranquilo y seguro

Salinas -2.20302, -80.97702

Big swimming pool, warm and private showers. outlets in the changerooms. shower pressure was okay but it was warm!

Public pool 46.72668, -71.29904

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