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Wild camping is legally forbidden in the country and especially in nature parks and other protected areas.

Portuguese/Spanish frontier 38.71242, -9.16819

Wild camping is legally forbidden in the country especially in nature parks

Cântaros 38.71245, -9.16816

Wild camping is legally forbidden in the country

Riverside camp (4WD only) 38.71250, -9.16823

Wild camping na beira do dique,sem infraestrutura porém depois de algumas horas da noite fica bem calmo,passei uma noite bem agradável

parking dique -37.34816, -59.12737

This place is permanently closed.

Valle Glaciare de Rio Zezere 40.35659, -7.55899

This place is permanently closed.

Senhora de Lourdes 41.19346, -7.40035


Senhora de Lourdes 38.71257, -9.16828

hot showers, full hookups tent sites as well. 30amp and 50amp hookups available at most sites.Sites are grav with plenty of room and many are well shaded. there is even a small playground and park across the street.During spring/summer season $15 for tent and $25 for RV/using hookups. train was my alarm clock at 7:30. very pleasant stay and would certainly stay again.

Ellis Lakeside Campground 38.93993, -99.55918

Wild camping is legally forbidden in the country

Nogueira fountain 38.71253, -9.16823

Wild camping is legally forbidden in the country

Mertola river side 38.71252, -9.16823

Close to highway. Quiet after store closes.

Wal-Mart, New Glasgow 45.57850, -62.66956

Beautiful spot beside the river! Road isn’t great, but we were fine in our sprinter

Riverside 49.11237, -121.62727

Stock Creek rd.
Quite a few spots for multi-day. Small rigs and 5er have loads of space. Pit toilets within a few miles along main road.

Dispersed camping near Stanley lake 44.32406, -115.06448

Park rangers approached us and said that overnight camping isn't allowed in this spot. they were really nice and let us finish cooking and all before heading out. but, so not overnight camp here, it is illegal according to them.

Under the Bridge 37.83152, -122.47831

Quiet, fisherman passed by at 5 pm!
Tranquille, on a entendu les pêcheurs passer environ vers 5h

TCT / Celtic Shores Coastal Trail 45.85591, -61.49076
Cubby Van Life

Pretty nice place on the river when it is quiet. Thursday night and we were the only people on this 5-site Cedar Loop. We stopped at quite a few spots that were trashed or had palettes/garbage strewn about and clean metal garbage cans are provided. Use them!!! Bathrooms are really clean. Rules say sites cannot be unoccupied for 24 hours but it looks like there are many vacant trailers that have been here for weeks. Local, loud partying from the boat-ramp could be heard throughout the night.

Milner Recreation 42.52644, -113.98994

10 min walking from the city, nice views. Plenty space but no shade, windy only at night.

Shady people always around. Didn’t feel like a safe place, with people even coming to make trouble while we were inside the van. Good if you have no alternative

Arles at the Riverside 43.67790, 4.61884

Incredibly sweet spot! Drive along 270, 272 or 274 and there are quite a few camping areas on either side of the road. Peaceful. Graded road. Pack in/out. No generators. Gorgeous here.

Browns Creek 38.68439, -106.15790

Nice dispersed campground. Only about 6 sites and nicely spaced. Tables, fire rings, pit toilet. Minimal cel ATT

Surveyor Campground 42.24964, -122.22861

truck service center with tourist info and trailer dumping.

Tourisme Québec in Dégelis 47.54357, -68.63156

I wasn't able to find this place.

Ecogranja Ñandu'a -25.56452, -57.33297

pleasant place, with waterfall and access to the boat ride. Darlan and Fernanda are very kind, they have a restaurant where you can eat the best crackling in the parish, the daily rate is R$30.00 per person with drinking water, hot bath and energy 110e220, and discount for neighboring waterfalls if you stay in the anteater. very good, I recommend

Camping do Tamanduá -20.65205, -46.28623

Stayed one night with this great family! Very hospitable! Found it on the corner, gray brick wall with black metal gates. One of the coolest families in Mexico! A simple spot in their yard for a super quiet night. They let us use their toilet, and said mi casa es su casa. Panaderia down the block and an Oxxo, and a purified water dispenser.

Chirrolo's Camping (Great place and súper safe) 20.56606, -100.41973

It’s flying J not love’s. Loves is on the other side of the freeway.

flying J Travel Stop 29.79522, -95.03453

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 51.84606, 12.36673

Vockerode Near Elbe River 51.84606, 12.36673

This place is permanently closed.

Forest Rest Area 50.14428, -117.79707

I wasn't able to find this place.

Old Gravel Pit 68.18151, -149.21208

Lavandero/ Gomeria EL GALPON
Locação de Pneus com Clavos para Neve

Gomeria El Galpon -53.78816, -67.71772

This place is in the wrong location, but I'm not sure where it is!

Haida Heritage Center 53.24842, -131.99709

Great place to stay! We’re the second time here, space for bikes in the courtyard and for cars in front of the hostel. Rooms are clean and the staff is super friendly!

BB Hostel 29.61313, 52.53856

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