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Fantastic roadside restaurant next to gas station. Issa is a great host, and an overlander himself.

Ndisiga Joint -4.57296, 30.09636

currently there is a construction area!
On the parking of the hospital you find a big pipe which is usually turned off. ask at the hospital to use it.

filled up 30 liters in around 10 seconds

Drinking water at hospital 34.45708, 76.51923

Wooded gravel car park for walking and mountain bike trails. Quiet. Access up a steep, narrow, single track lane so no suitable for large vehicles.

Shropshire Sowdley Wood 52.42004, -2.97509

regular Walmart parking
I got there at midnight
planning to leave early in the morning

Walmart Parking 31.03839, -87.49414

Small parking place with a small field. On the foot of the highest point of the island.

Parking of highest point of the island 57.95782, 11.59061

Entrance is actual 15 TYL. We had only turkish speaking guide. Maybe ask for someone with language skills as they seems to provide lot of Information.

Monastery Mor Gabriel 37.31948, 41.53689

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Port Shahid Bahonar - UAE <-> Iran 27.15365, 56.20398

excellent free point in front of a beautiful beach. very quiet and safe place at night. next to a bar where we had a few beers out of courtesy since it allowed us showers and water

Praia Sargi -14.50674, -39.03487

On farm next to building. Private shower and toilet. Lovely couple (she’s Dutch) Quiet place. 75 dnk p/car
You can whatsapp or call Linda-Mae: 00 45 41 72 82 23

Gyrup 2 56.88122, 8.42664

small restaurant and shop. friendly staff. perfect stop between Maun and Sehitwa there is nothing else on the road.

small restaurant and shop -20.35557, 22.95648
Volta a África

Marco histórico do tempo do neolítico perto de castelo de vide

Anta de Melriça - Castelo de Vide 39.43312, -7.50186

Beautiful spot in the near to the official camp site. Direct access to the lake, place for 2 tents or 2 campers. There is a fireplace and table with sitting possibilities.

Tockförs lake site 59.50166, 11.86640

end of the asphalt towards Shatili. In July 2022, we passed with a large vehicle (13t). Some passages are tricky due to landslides. But overall the track is good and relatively wide. And the village of Shatili is well worth the difficulties!

Track towards Shatili 42.52757, 44.93602

Build it can fill propane tanks on M-F 7:30-5, Sat (8-12:30).

New propane tanks available across robo (traffic light) on right Cymot and also Agramart in town.

Build it -19.25182, 17.71041

Only 2 rooms do have windows. 6 rooms without windows but with very silent „caloventores“-A/C. So I could really sleep very well and long without a window 😃

DonAcho -17.84475, -60.74193

stayed overnight and it was fine. lots of people coming and going for sunrise, sunset, and star gazing. that being said overnight stealth camping is illegal on the BRP. there were two park rangers at the overlook during sunset. parking here should be fine but don't be surprised if you get ticketed or asked to move.

Craggy Dome Overlook 35.70411, -82.37364

Great spot to quietly boondock for a night. There are no services though so only suitable for self contained units. And please ensure you park and stay respectfully. I.e.don't take up five spots so you can have a better view and yard sale your vehicle all over. If you want a camping spot go to the provincial park down the road.

Cape Blow Me Down Trail - South Shore Outer Bay 49.06163, -58.30517

Belle place au bout du chemin (il faut traverser la piste cyclable) sur le bord de la mer. Très tranquille. Superbe coucher de soleil.

Ceilidh coastal trail 45.69565, -61.44618

Huge gravel turnout on a very quiet road. reasonably level with five bars of AT&T. Room for several large vans

Langlois 42.92886, -124.40804

Local water source with bucket. Enough water and clean.

Open water source with bucket 45.10412, 23.63352

According to locals drinking water out of a pipe.

Drinking Water Mardin 37.31948, 41.53689

The road up here is worth the trip. Or the amazing view from there picknick area. I got a deal on a mini bungalow, as they would allow tenting because off expected rain.

Nosy campsite 45.57853, 7.84864

No camping sign in parking lot - not for overnight

Jerry Lawrence Provincial Park 44.69006, -63.84624

Carga de garrafa por $250 el kilo. Variedad de artículos de ferreteria. Abierto sábado hasta las 14hs.

Ferretería Casa Carioca -32.90380, -68.86038

Place on the lake. You can build a fire. A lot of muskitos.

Place on the lake with a firepit 65.67880, 13.84385

water source. Not much flow but clear and cold water.

water source 40.67449, 31.63504

I’m surprised this Cracker Barrel was not already listed. Convenient location just off the highway minutes from Virginia Tech. RV parking is in the back with four pull-thru and a large number of regular spaces. You know the drill. The night we stayed there were 7+ other campers.

Cracker Barrel 37.13926, -80.35413

Small car park with no restrictions. Open views.

Just into Wales, Mitchell's stone circle 52.57535, -3.03076

Washing and drying for expensive 200 TL.

Kuru Temizleme Express 41.02667, 40.51454

Water tap at ftont of visitors centre, also refreshments and wc open 11 to 4

Water tap at Visitors Centre Stiperstones 52.57546, -2.95137

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