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nice wide family driven campground. some sites near the river. Good WIFI free.
C$ 45

Riversedge Campground 45.14745, -61.97718

This place is permanently closed.

Meziadin Lake 56.07834, -129.27470

Free camping. Plenty of places but the hill is steep to go in 4 wheel drive if you’re towing. Nice views and easy to find a place.

Chek canyon recreation site camping 49.90920, -123.15765

Posto de gasolina com loja de conveniência, lanches e lembranças. Estacionamento para nossa VAN para pernoite, tranquilo e calmo. Seguro.

Posto de Gasolina -20.61511, -46.05702

Parking permit available at the hotel reception (not in the casino) for free,
parking lot is not really level which is a shame...also they play music at the nearby gas station all night long..
Besides that the place is ok for one night.
Permit also includes discount at the gas station and in the restaurants etc.

Angel of the Winds casino 48.21073, -122.18414

The place is great. We arrived on a Wednesday, the restaurant is closed. We were 4VR, great evening and night. But in the morning the owner came at 8 a.m. to tell us that it is private land and that we must leave.

Chowder House, Neil's Point 46.80680, -60.31847

We slept 2 nights parked on this street. Very quiet place, same as entire village :) during the day we were moving to the parkings in front of the beach to have a nice view of the ocean.

Street parking -34.04512, -53.53995

Amazing panoramic views of the valley below. Beautiful sunset. At the first “y” in the dirt road after the fence take the road to the right at the gas pipeline shut off and follow it to the end where the cliffs are.

Wow!! Amazing Red Canyon views 41.11182, -109.18020

parking area gravel for trail head. Parked at upper area did not go down to the one spot below. Quiet was only one here. No facilities.

Four Mile Stillwater Trailhead 44.50015, -65.24694

El mejor lugar para alojar con tu motorhome en Lima. Un lugar seguro, con todos los servicios: baño privado con ducha caliente, wifi, electricidad y una acogida muy atenta de John quien te entrega toda la información que puedas necesitar. US 15 por noche x 2 personas

El Tip Viajero -12.01565, -77.07664

There is big area for camping and big beach , you can also find many places by following the beach road

Lake Sevan Public Beach No. 8 (near Tsovagyugh) 40.62035, 44.97105

lovely, peaceful small lake not far from Tbilisi. Friday night, mid July, and no one around

Lake Kumisi 41.58903, 44.85820
For The Love Of Kate

Back in the area and had to say near our loved #19.
We’re actuall in #18 this time, but they are right next to each other. #18 has more shade and less view, its also closer to the main dirt road. Still on a busy Friday night it’s pretty quiet.

Take a little drive up to the walk in only sites! The view is AMAZING!

Forest Road 30310 43.76477, -110.54806

Great free camping spot with picnic tables and fire rings. The loop has several spots. Beautiful sunset. we were the only ones here on a hot friday night. About 4mb down and .5mb up with att 4g. No hookups or water that we could see.

Ford Lake free camping on lake 37.82177, -99.92057

Very big pullout. Good place to stay for a night of you need to be near SF. Verizon weak but usable. AT&T good.

Ocean view overlook, West side of road. 37.86993, -122.59003
Daisy Mae

Great spot to stop and reset. Overnight parking is allowed. There's wifi, lots of grass space, an outdoor water tap, a few outlets if you needed to plug in any portables, a large dog park, and proper sorting receptacles for recycling and compost. Beware of mosquitoes and no bathroom access after they close for the day.

Woodland Islands Ferry Terminal 45.95591, -62.74901

like the last comment said, go pass the boats at the end of the road, it's a bit hidden, so follow the edge of the water, you'll see a dirt road, narrow in the beginning but it opens up at the end, a large gravel space. Tonight, there's another camper van beside me, a minivan, and a car with a tent. This spot seems popular among the overlanders since it's now high season the campsite at the national park is all booked up. This place is the closest you can get to the national park, got a good view, quiet, sleeping with the waves, a lot of fire pits, besides the fact it doesn't have toilets, it seems ideal.

Ingonish Ferry Road 46.63176, -60.38582
Life Remotely

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El Pochote 20.16919, -104.04316
Life Remotely

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This is a test place 20.71118, -5.49347

leave road h10 after 200m you can stay perfect.

near hells canyon 39.81804, 45.01621

nice camping ground. very cheap. 3€ pp and 2€ your car.
we came by bike so we only payed 6€.
You have bathrooms, hot shower and a fridge.
there are also bbq places with wood for you to use.
very nice owners.


camping à la ferme 47.57393, -1.38485

Public campground (rest area) with 7 concrete pads, multiple campsites (approx. 25), additional large parking area, picnic tables, toilets, water and dumpsite. All free. The 'no camping' sign is so people don't block the driveway of the farmer that lives there, but the main sign says stays allowed up to 20 hrs.

Benaraby Public Campgrounds -24.01139, 151.34073

Campsite from a local farmer. 6 Pits. No Facility or something else. A small walk (300m) trough the wood to beach. Great for Dogowners.

Camping Los Limoneros 38.14555, -0.63877

Free fresh water access point with choice between sparkling or still water !

Water point 43.78607, 11.25580

Nice campsite. Ablutions not super clean, but okay. Just ask for toiletpaper at the reception:) Besides relaxing in the hotsprings, we can recommend the Hill loop (1,5 hour hike), also nice with sunset. Beautiful views on the valley on both sides of the hill. A map is provided at the reception. Path is not super well marked, but you should be okay (follow white instead of red marks)

Kapishya Hot Springs -11.16952, 31.60015
Puva Vida Lodge

The location of the Pura Vida Lodge is very remote.

On the Linga peninsula right across the bay of Inhambane, Pura Vida Lodge is embedded in a natural environment surrounded by palm trees full of coconuts. All houses are just about 50 meters away from the beach and face towards sunrise.

Pura Vida Lodge is only accessible via 4×4 drive or by boat.

Pura Vida Lodge -23.67349, 35.42232

Wonderful views over the lake. No trash at all. Easy access for all vehicles. Occasional farmers getting to and from work - everybody is waving friendly. Quiet. Great moon and sunrise.

High above Tortum Golu 40.64297, 41.62204

Still same price, big new road neing built to Pagani along the north shore.
We came in from Muheza and a dirt track which is OK

Ferry Temesa - Tanga -5.44699, 38.98901

Very quiet. Great view. Sign says « park closes at dawn » but noting about night camping. No problem for us last night. Incredible sunset et even sunrise on the other side.

Port Maitland Provincial Park 43.98861, -66.15290
Cartagena Pirate

nice place, nice people. the only negative is the road traffic noise is really loud and the barking dogs start around 4am. however it's safe

Hostal Padua 1.34426, -77.28402

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