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The water hose is no longer there

Southbound Rest Stop with Potable Water 44.31751, -87.81469

The water hose is no longer there

Southbound Rest Stop with Potable Water 44.31751, -87.81469

Excellent campsite next to the creek. We camped with hammocks just fine. Very nice spot down the trail with an awesome fire pit. Perfect ‘white noise’ location due to the creek. Local sheep roam and there is the potential for the local farms’ herding dogs to come through, due to recent flood damage, so be mindful of your pups. Restroom is relatively clean. 2 bars LTE ATT

Big Boulder campground on Boulder Creek 45.79149, -109.96567

coming from agri you turn to the right on the road to kazli.the next small path to the right ist your destination. go to the end a great place for the night

place for the night 39.69035, 43.19341

The A loop was open, but the B and C loops were closed for maintenance. As the OP reported, it is a very nice place, actually much nicer that the Willow Flat campground in the park. On a Tuesday night in mid.-summer, this place was 1/4 - 1/3 occupied. Interestingly, it has credit card electronic payment kiosk. Weak ATT cell service and intermittent T-Mobile service.

Horsethief BLM CG 38.58338, -109.81592

Was a busy town on the east-west railway line but now a bit deserted. Was the main road to darwin before the road was bypassed and bitumened through glendambo.
Camping sites, great pub meals and credit card petrol bowser

Kingoonya -30.91351, 135.31798

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vinsial8 41.83371, -87.67000
Direction East

The gate was closed so we called the number. A friendly lady opened and called someone that speaks English.
Looks like a permanent camping place, but no one was here (maybe more on the weekends?) Nomally they don't take tents but made an exception.
Little shop with drinks, beer, snacks, food and there's a pool!

Camperist Camping 41.18636, 28.41206

30 places. Wc and hot showers. 4,74€ for 2 peoples and 1 tent. Very calme with the Vienne river next the camping.

Camping municipal de Gouex 46.36971, 0.69430

we stayed one night here during the week,cand no other camper. place is quiet at night. because of the first broken bridge, you will need to do around 5 km on a dirt road.
In the afternoon we met the owner of the land right next to this place and the mountain behind, and he is hoping to open a paragliding center this August, so the landing area would be right next to this Io place, so could be busy in the future. the owners is a really nice guy who is a paragliding instructor in Gudauri. and he is in the process of cleaning up the area

Lake Zhinvali 42.16630, 44.71827

Prices have gone up... quantity of amenities has gone down.
Lack of working electrical outlets is annoying.
We were told showers were working... they’re not!
Ok for one night if you just want a safe place to stay... shame because this used to be one of my favorite places to stay on the coast.

Laguna Park camping 32.72581, -9.04395

Check in at the visitor center. $63 a night at the split and $53 a bit further out. The are the only places your are allowed to stay overnight so please pay and support the community.

That being said you get electricity and portable water at two red buildings as well as a cooking shelter and toilets. The sites aren't level but you have a really nice view on the ocean.
Just don't expect a quiet night as there are some cars, atvs and motor cross bikes driving along during the night.

Tuktoyaktuk Sandspit 69.45441, -133.03811

Nice quiet campsite on a farm. We were greeted by a farner, we could choose our spot, pitches are a bit sloped, views of the Robin Hood's Bay are very nice. Pitch for van without electricity was £25 (cash only). Access road is narrow and bumpy, but there were also caravan trailers and larger caravans.

Bay Ness Farm 54.44359, -0.53006

Lovely lady selling good food right at the beach to the artic ocean. You can either sit outside or in a sheltered room overlooking the ocean while enjoying home made fish and chips or a tasty burger. You can also try 6 pieces of Muktuk (Cooked beluga whale) for $10, which is a traditional meal up here.

Highly recommended!

Grandma's Kitchen 69.44259, -133.04096

The don't sell gasoline anymore. Both pumps are closed and there is a sign stating that they are permanently closed.

Tuktoyaktuk 69.45066, -133.03380

A little road ending in two open spaces, both with informal firepits. The ground is hard to get your tent mounted on. It is quite and the forest stops the harsh winds. Just like any other forest place, there are plenty of berries.

Open space in forest 59.24628, 14.06945

Quiet dirt road. Over the hill with sunset view and bay view. Some areas to pitch a tent or two but very rocky.
4x4 best, especially due to sharp rocks.

Over the hill 44.83366, 14.70064

Super helpful tire repair service, very professional equipped. Can change tube tires and works perfectly. Very friendly! If you need a motorbike mechanic ask him, I'm sure he will help! Open from 8am till 4pm.
Caution! The Google routing is wrong, take this coordinates and drive through the bark down to the shop.
At the moment because of the war in Ukraine there is no chance to get tires here, you have to get them from Germany for example...

Automoto gume (ex Duras) Dubrovnik 42.65747, 18.08861

Actually this is something like a hotel where you spend a few hours with a partner. We chose it as it right next to the Toyota workshop were we had the car for repair. the appartment has 150 m2, two bedrooms, air con, TV, fridge, water Cooker, no kitchen . Matraces are a bit weak. paid 85 Lari per day. Staff is friendly and speaks only georgean or russian. You can park your car right in front of the building, there is a person 24/7 on duty. No size limit. the apartment was very clean and we were not desturbed by other people.

Hotel Sachveno 41.77404, 44.76799

We filled a wynen tank with German Adapter. they have the right pieces to connect it. very helpful, even gave us the connecting parts for free.

Gas It - Refill -22.59230, 17.07494

Service on MB cars and vans. English spoken. Efficient, but check the price first (they ask). For simple jobs, we suggest to go elsewhere.

Mercedes-Benz service 40.19786, 44.56650

Nice camp ground great views. Get quiet after dark.

Button Place State Park 44.18119, -73.35925

End of the street with a view on the bay. No signs with no camping. Residences close so better be quiet. A chemical toilet is available at the snack bar just down the street.

Rivière-Port-Daniel rue de l'Église 48.18280, -64.95512

Perfect spot to stop after the ferry ride. 5 minutes away from the terminal. Large flat parking lot. Very clean toilets. Nice sandy beach and walking trails.

Grand Bay Park 47.58311, -59.18429

spot is lovely, quiet, easy access. little bit of light from the streetlights but the view is breath taking.

Pictou - Marine Terminal. 45.67569, -62.71212

Still working! They have a card!
Made a Copy of my Passport, but they gave me just 100l max.
For 600 Toman

TORANJ Diesel for foreigners 27.22325, 56.25808

Amazing spot. We pulled up on a Tuesday evening just as the sun finished setting. There were plenty of friendly locals there to watch the sunset that quickly departed as the last of the light left the sky. We had the entire place to ourselves. Despite the lighthouse, the night sky is incredibly dark and we could clearly see the milky way. It was a very memorable stay.

As others have said, this is not the place to pull in a big rig, its more suited for a class b or smaller. Depending on the width of your vehicle, you may not make it through the narrow rocky entrance at the top that puts you level with the base of the light house. There are still several other places to park below the light house. Enjoy!

Brier Island, Nova Scotia 44.25001, -66.39330

Local tranquilo e silencioso, ótimo pra ter uma noite de descanso!
Não tem estrutura como água e energia, tbm não tem comércio perto. Local pra se esconder e dormir em paz!

Igreja Santa Isabel -21.97752, -44.93574

Ice cream parlor with a variety of flavor. Both traditional scoop and soft serve. I love ice cream after a long day of riding.

House of Ice Cream -3.37277, 36.69379

Great place for coffee and breakfast. And cheap, 350kwz for espresso.

Pastelaria Auria -12.35812, 13.54955

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