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quiet secluded level space with beautiful trail by a river. road noise only during daytime. beware of the ticks, found two on me just after 10 min walk on the trail. LTE reception is good.

Four Mile Stillwater Trailhead 44.49983, -65.24692

lots of daytime highway noise and trash but it's a spot for the night. 1 bar Verizon. no signs posted. plenty of room and flat. I parked a small class c here.

dirt lot near bridge behind guard rail 42.16732, -124.35940

Stayed here one night. No issues. No signs. Just the end of a gravel road with parking for a couple cars/vans. Nothing bigger. Quiet and great verizon service

End of gravel road. 49.13169, -113.78614

si echas gasolina es gratis la ducha.pero en el de mujeres no funciona el sistema, así que el agua sale caliente y sin límite de tiempo, sino, son 6 minutos

Posto Jenipapo Salinas - BR Petrobras -16.14178, -42.30075

Indeed nice quiet place with some trees for shadow. Still hot though at the end of a 40 degree day on the road. No people, no dogs, no mosquitos, very peaceful!

Lakeside 38.18203, 41.23533

Beside huge sign or restaurant and Young's Motel. Class A parked overnight.
Allowed. Open hours 6 am-10 pm.

Fast Eddy's Restaurant 63.33428, -142.95672

Sites are in deep shade, no direct sun for solar. Quiet and cool.

Sulak 43.92389, -86.00808

Gas station towards Iguazu Falls, no problem spending the night here. Armed guard present. No showers though.

Petromax gas station -25.48843, -54.83912
4ever2wherever (Margriet & Jan)

Great place, even more mystical than the remote parts of Angkor. Entrance fee USD 15.

Koh Ker - absolutely fabulous temples! 13.78316, 104.53735

next to the road, very quiet (no others cars), stunning sunset

Old ruta40 -34.37010, -69.23960

looks like they are still remodeling the place. once done it will be a great place to chill by the water :)

Balneario Municipal de Bacalar 18.67168, -88.38943

Hot showers, changing rooms, clean toilets and sinks! Perfect spot to freshen up.

Public Toilettes & Showers 34.40157, -119.70112

Quiet street parking with clean toilets walking distance away. Plenty of other vans parked up. No problems.

700 N Quarantina Street 34.42688, -119.69128

Open parking. I stayed a night in the street around the opposite end of the baseball field. It’s so nice to walk outside on grass in the morning. Bathroom was open, and the little workout station was cool. Would recommend.

Across the street from McFarland Park 35.67213, -119.22635

Nice spot enough big for 3-4 vans. Is a quiet open space without bugs (the only one we found on this area after 30 min checking several places)

Off road Knowles creek rd 45.36120, -88.46109

Indeed one of the best and honest mechanics I encountered in the Americas, very helpful and efficient and very decent price. Top quality, look no further here in Cochabamba. As mentioned below, contact him before you come so he can plan you in.

All type of car mecanic - Alex -17.39080, -66.11275

we spent a quiet night at this location, but we didn't find a water point
passamos uma noite tranquila neste local, mas não encontramos ponto de água

Igreja de São Francisco de Paula -20.38216, -43.50780

The parking is noted as no overnight parking from 00:01 to 06:00, but we stayed anyway with no issues. Others overlanders as well.

Coupons at Tourism Calgary 50.98382, -114.04354

Didn’t park at this location but lots of quiet streets around here all with parking that is unrestricted after 5/6pm. Fairly easy to find a good spot!

Coatsville Park 45.45228, -123.85020

Good dump station with lots of room. Couldn't see any potable water though.

Crossfield Municipal Dump Station 51.42199, -114.03764

Lots and lots of pullouts along NF30. I liked this particular spot because it was quiet (took a quick naked outdoor shower in the morning) and had solid 1-2 bars on verizon. A little creek nearby can be heard. Mostly shady so not great for solar. Also, pullouts are not very wide. Fit my promaster just so but not ideal for big rigs.
Bonus: loads of thimbleberry bushes around. Only a couple were ripe (and delicious!) when i was here mid july. Maybe youll be lucky.

Pullout NF30 48.07770, -124.17704

We’ve been to several vets between NS and Ontario. Some are good, some not so good.
I was absolutely impressed with this vet. They were more than friendly, the vet sat on the floor with my 180lbs dog while she examined him and she had an assistant taking notes while she talked to me about my concerns and his needs.
Prices were average and the receipt had a bonus at the bottom: all the notes and tidbits we talked about during our visit… I’ve never seen that! We even got extra pain meds for his 1st aid kit! Super helpful and friendly vet clinic. Easy to recommend.
Lots of places to eat and shop nearby.

Fredericton Animal Hospital 45.94166, -66.66996

We always get diesel at repsol or petroperu for higher quality and were pleasantly surprised to find a petroperu here.

PetroPeru -14.89482, -70.58772

Stayed on a Tuesday night, 2 other vehicle stayed the night with me. Road noise isn’t bad at all and facilities are clean. Full Verizon service. All the lights turn on when it starts to get dark.

Collier Tunnel Rest Area 41.96746, -123.74845

Convenient place to stop and dump your tank and fill with fresh water. There is no fee, however they appreciate donations.

Riverbank Discovery Centre 49.88638, -99.84928

Very busy on a summer Tuesday afternoon. Lake is less clear than some of the other ones around here. I think if I had been able to snag one of the pullouts, we would have enjoyed it more but we could only get a parking spot on the dirt road. Beautiful scenery and would be great for kayaking or paddle boarding.

Sparks Lake Recreation Area 44.01455, -121.73278

Appears to be closed, we didn’t see any sign of camping other than an overgrown parking area

Ecovila Hospedagem -13.93569, -38.93140

It's very close to the highway, which is convenient, but light sleepers take note of vehicle noise. $20 (or $10 with senior pass.)

Hornsilver Campground 39.48891, -106.36674

Pony and beach lovers paradise. Bayside sites were well spaced, with lovely views of the marsh and ponies. Across road is white sand, crashing wave beach that is swimmable and pony friendly too!
Bugs are bitey, thermocell products worked well.

Assateague Island National Seashore 38.20803, -75.16341

Public access to drinking water. It's a sink, so probably not suitable to fill big RV tanks with a hose.
Also washrooms available.
Signs at the street leading to the place.

Halte de l'usine 49.05443, -64.47933

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