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this place is still closed and it is to bad.. looks like it could have been a very nice place... they did allow us to park in there parking lot and use the dump station... we fit 3, 36 foot trailers in there with no problems... very level

Beaver Creek RV Park&Motel 62.38226, -140.87440

Big empty dirt lot, arrived 9pm and stayed till around 1pm no knocks no issues, stay to the side tho cuz El Flamingo Taco truck parks up here during the day. Good vegi burritos!

76 Gas Station 36.83129, -121.77210

Large gravel parking area. No level spots but doable. Good for one night.

Decent LTE service ATT

South Carrillo Highway 37.37679, -122.40419

still good, lovely and peaceful area next to the river. beware the water can rise if it has been raining further down the valley

Wildcamping with river bathing 41.38023, 43.29188

the coordinates are a little off, it is right off of Belmont lane not on the side road

Mound Dump Station 44.93833, -93.66350

Campsite is open from may untill november. It has a nice view on the river, we saw elephants crossing and it the campsite is nice and quiet :-) No baboons trying to take your stuff, which is nice. People are friendly! They light a fire for you, if you like. We really liked it here. Shower and toilet available, with hot water if you want. There's a borehole for water. We paid 350 kwacha.

Kamkonzo Community Campsite -12.44412, 32.20621

What a great place to stay. Luxury Campsite with private Abolutin. Full access to the Lodge Facilities.
Good Restaurant and bar directly at the own Waterhole. Elephants coming there all the time.
Now with a new Name Chobe Mopani Forest Lodge.

Chobe Mopani Forest Lodge -18.12345, 25.36490

There's a shower next to the saint henri's cafe which is in the basement.

But PLEASE, buy something at the cafe if you go and be very discrete.

Also it's writen that it is only for residents so it's not for a long time but for one day it can help someone

shower in the basement of saint henri Cafe 46.81605, -71.21825

Great packed gravel parking area with room for snall and mid-sized rigs.

Pointe-Yamachiche 46.26555, -72.80971
Africa Twin Mike

friendly shepherd still here. No problem sleeping there. it gets VERY windy, so for a tent like me, consider sleeping a bit lower instead of where you have best views. No completely hidden from roads, but the are far away. nobody bothered me for the night.

On the Bari hills with a fantastic view! 38.00651, 45.04901

Directions Sudan - Egypt

Sudan side
Arrived at 9.00 open at 12.00
1.) 1500 SP copy CDP & Passport no recipe, start arguing with him he tear the copies and gives me the money back.
2.) 5200 SP pp for the stamp in the passports. After talking to the chief we got the two children for free. recipe
3.)1100 SP pp local government fee north states. recipe
4.) 5000SP for a fixer taking your cdp to the police and customs for the stamp. We talk so long an waiting in the Customs office so they did it after one our without the fixer.

Egypt side start at 15.00
1.) 140EP for 4 of us health fee with recipe
2.) 720EP gate pass for a truck and 4 person with recipe
3.)130EP for copy need for the number plates
4.) 1845EP for number places depending on your vehicle ……with recipe
5.) 305 EP for the cdp stamp recipe
6.)200EP when going out for fireworks papers don’t know with recipe
7.) 70EP gate out pass

It is a big border post, they say (24/7) lots of trucks and busses. We did not use a fixer, but it can be quite annoying and frustrating. Officer are always friendly but you can not negotiate. The Bank was closed do to holidays, but you can get EP at the Sudan side for a bad rate. 22.00 we got out yeah!

Argeen Border Land port 22.00078, 31.15142

great spot to dump, very clean. dump station located across from the front entrance.

Work and Play Limited 46.07517, -64.82327

Amazing views of the lake. Bathroom has a door off and it looks a little sketchy now but still a nice place to stop for the night.

Good Hope Lake 59.29109, -129.29761

This side road is mostly grown over by grass but you can see the obvious road, there is about 4 or 5 established fire rings as you go down that are nicely spaced out, some spots are more accessible then others as the road becomes more puddles and ruts as you go down. Easily manageable with any truck or lift. Road stops at a cattle fence that looks like once had signs but is just old board now. We didn’t go past and stoped for camp here cause it was level. Great views at the top site as well. No reception for AT&T or Verizon.

Helena NF dispersed 46.90117, -112.89026

We spent 2 fantastic nights here in our camper in the parking lot. One of the most memorous wild camps we have had. This park is wel worth a visit for nature lovers.

Parking for Podocarpus National Park -4.10813, -78.96375

Ponto com ducha gratis e banheiro, pátio amplo ( mas com muito lixo )

Posto Freitas -2.90813, -40.43773

Pricing has gone up. We paid 50.000 for two in a camper. The pool costs an additional 10.000 each. Water and electric very convenient, but still think it’s pricey. Only bonus was that they let us use the washing machine for free, so that made up for it!

Hotel Campestre Aguas Vivas 5.88593, -74.72628

Gorgeous spot, right by the water. Very peaceful- except for the exciting thunderstorm that blew through last night! Lots of room for several RVs on a large, level parking area.

Woodstock - Riverside 46.14717, -67.58084

Wonderful place to sleep. Quiet and great toilets across the street.

Village of Hillsborough RV Overnight Parking Area 45.92300, -64.64356

Stayed here for 1 night, very nice, quiet spot. We have a class c motorhome and could drive down to the river, take the left path. There was no one else there. Some people coming to walk their dogs and soms fisherman dropping their boat in the water. Nobody was bothered we were there. There were 2 or 3 fire rings down at the river. You could also stay at the parking.

Boat Ramp Parking Lot 49.59964, -114.95492

Great spot. Park often used in evening by locals for softball. Field is the main LZ for local paraglider pilots. Wifi available at park with Shaw- I tried to connect as a guest but couldn't access, someone else might have better luck

Town park 50.33508, -122.81291

Quiet on a weekday, though a day camp group parked nearby to walk down to the lake to swim. Easy spot beside the lake with great showers.

Wolden Recreation Area 43.31016, -94.70539

water & dump open to public. cost $5.00 located by office. turn right to go around to pull in dump station. if office locked drop money in pay box across from dump.

Matanuska River Park 61.60590, -149.10115

The road is open. A few turn outs on this forest road, we spent 2 nights in different spots and both very quiet even for a spot closer to the town. Very close to the West entrance of Yellowstone, very convenient for us, 5 min drive.

Forest Rd Turnout 44.62156, -111.11780

amplio y seguro, a pasos de la ciudad amurallada y frente a cervesa y chorizos alemanes " el leon de baviera"

Cartagena 10.41872, -75.54711

Perfect place to stay to hike Cape Scott. We stayed 2 nights with the hope the torrential rains would subside but alas, no luck. I expect this place would be full in nice weather.

San Josef Recreation Site 50.68353, -128.24063

There is free WiFi (average speed) in the park. The park is located at the southern end of the town.

Parque Comunal Suardi -30.54583, -61.95642

just off the highway. a little noisy in the chimney lot. 3 or 4 vans stayed the night as well. great starlink signal.

Roadside creek pullout 39.69125, -105.80594

Public water tap (with spire to connect a hose).

Konitsa. 40.04308, 20.74134

Local muito bonitinho e tranquilo, tem banheiro público na frente, ponto de água, mercado e açaí. O sino da igreja começa 6 da manhã, bem alto e depois toca várias vezes ao dia.

Praça da Igreja -21.48770, -44.64213

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