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Stayed here last night with about 10 other vans, motor homes and trucks. The view was amazing in the morning.

Moolack Beach Parking Area 44.78467, -124.07315

Absolutely quit place. Unfortunately it is one of the places where pizza boxes seem to grown on the trees.

Lost beach by lake side 66.98843, 19.83415

Arriver trop tôt 14:30 aucune place de libre car à côté d’une piscine municipale. Seulement pour petit VR.

Victoria Park Parking 53.37081, -111.52937

This place is permanently closed.

North Shore Picnic Area 44.14428, -114.91810
JR Wayfinder

This place is permanently closed.

Snake Rivers Canyons Park 42.60728, -114.44346

Located across from local airport on Matanuska River. Has paved loop with 30a electric. Unpaved wooded loop has nicer private sites.

Matanuska River Park 61.60405, -149.11486

Great place to park a big rig and then explore the city. Lots within walking distance. 15 pesos per hour.

Parking in front of hotel Minas 21.01546, -101.26686

Es ist das Übernachten verboten. Überall Schilder und ich habe an der Information nachgefragt . Es bleibt verboten

Walmart 50.44965, -104.54597

I wasn't able to find this place.

Risk of robbery -22.00000, -68.00000

Ótimo lugar para pernoite, tranquilo e com estacionamento coberto.

YPF -25.61754, -63.27275
Mr van

C’est un terrain privé.Veuillez effacer les coordonnées s’il vous plaît

Beach 48.10211, -65.68712

Gate was closed but we opened it ourselves and were greeted by a friendly guy. Still 30000 PYG per person. Hot shower and electricity available. No wifi nor signal though. From the campsite you can find the trail leading you up the hill. About 1,5 hours go and back. Nice place, friendly owners!

Cerro Hû camping and posada -25.60274, -57.13263

Nice little turn out with some privacy from the few cars on the main road, beautiful view of the trees and can see the ocean in the distance. Getting 2 bars here with Verizon

Low Divide Up Top 41.89103, -124.06971

This place is permanently closed.

Potable water -34.78993, -55.49189

It is now a chevron station. No sure if this matters but esso is not there.

Esso 58.62555, -122.69294

Quiet spot enjoyed by locals meeting at the beach. Beautiful sunset. 4.67/64.6 up/down internet. You can hear road noise from nearby Rt 19.

Ceilidh Trail - Parking Lot 45.69111, -61.44219

clean and free to use for 3 nights
concrete tables and fire pits
toilets are clean and no smell.
shady and has 7 spots
donation box

Kitwanga Centennial Park 55.11325, -128.02282

There is still potable water here from the spigot on the left side of the building

Flying J Water & Propane 46.91526, -120.48175

Belle place pour camper. Dépanneur et toilette très proche.

Saint-Henry-de-Taillon 48.66017, -71.82017

Nice place with ranger talk at the amphitheater at 7pm and nice view of the mountains from various spots. a little expensive and bad dishwashing opportunities in bear country

Gros Ventre Campground 43.61797, -110.66247
Roadtrip 2020

Place as described. Spend one night here. As it stayed dry, beautiful lighting around the plains.

gravel dump 49.37713, -106.67665

Zero star location. No ATT phone servis.

Tonsina River Crossing 61.64967, -144.66026
Mr van

C’est un terrain privé qui est situé à côté d’une plage public, c’est effronté d’aller s’installer là comme si les gens serais chez eux

Beach 48.10211, -65.68712

A very popular restaurant in Cholpon Ata. Good fish dishes and other local dishes. They distill their own liquor (in Russian: самогон). My favorite was apricot (yes, I tried them all).

"Fisherman's place" (У Рыбака) 42.65136, 77.09668

Huge and easy accessible area along this beautiful beach. Unfortunately lots of people here in the evening and through the night sometimes. It's loud, it's active , people are friendly, but leave tons of trash. In the morning everything is tidy again, as lots of helpers gather all the trash.

Nevertheless it's quite nice here and while the day it's mostly calm.
We stood here for a few days along the wall, but it doesn't seem to be forbidden, to directly drive to the water, as many people did it.

Yamaniya Beach 29.44458, 34.97016

Even in somewhat rainy weather, the grassy flat(ish) space next to the tower is still ok with minimal trash and traffic noise mid week. Overhanging branches might be a problem for v tall rigs on the v short but a bit steep dirt drive up to this space.

Svan Tower 42.73100, 42.03067

Arriving at midnight, I'm not sure we are in exactly this spot, but there are any number of pull-off locations in this road. The road looks like it's mostly for Jeep/ATV/motorcycle use, but proceeding carefully it's OK for larger vehicle (we're in 4x4 Sprinter van, so wasn't an issue for us).

Parowan Gap Panoramic 37.91399, -112.97590

nice clean campsite with good facilities

Marielyst Ny Camping, Sildestrup Øvej, Idestrup, Denmark 54.71257, 11.97913

There have to be at least 10 spots in between the last private property and the dead end of the rough road. Had traffic all day long, mostly from hikers (who all legally(?) let their dogs off leash). River too fast flowing and cold to swim, but we did swim the lake. Quiet at night (only one other camper in high season July). Loved it here!

Riverside 49.88893, -123.18086

Great spot for the night, amazing few.
But please take your rubbish with you. If we like to do this longer we have to watch for the nature

Mountain Plateau. Stunning! 38.56276, 35.54646

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