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Belle arrêt dodo très tranquille comme place

Boat area 38.98674, -74.84102

Great place
i paid 40 for bread, vegetables, soup, and coffee, friendly guy

Restaurant 38.69876, 70.48488

Some electronig parts like switches, inline fuse, soldering equipment, ...

Electronic Store DAC 41.77987, 44.78006

As described. Great for a quick night. River is accessible through rough path for a dog swim on river side of big field. Beware the 10’6” underpass to enter area. Nice field for activity. TREVELN!

Water Street 42.15445, -72.32954
4ever2wherever (Margriet & Jan)

This place no longer exists after the COVID pandemic.

Pov Socheat Guesthouse 13.52468, 105.98065
4ever2wherever (Margriet & Jan)

We paid USD 15 for a 2/3 person room. Room is OK, but nothing special. Parking in front of the hotel. Owners are friendly, but do not speak any English. Our Cellcard data didn't work here.

Moni Ratanak 13.52537, 105.97161

Cute little grocery store with basic things like soda, pasta and bread. There is not much else on the road between Gweta and Maun so this is a nice stopover.

little groceries shop -20.20189, 24.53653

There is currently no signage on the highway for this rest area. I think it’s due to the pipeline construction going on in the immediate area. There is a fence that sets off the construction area so there is no problem getting to and using the rest area. But, I think as a result of no signage on the highway, I had to place all to myself. I was worried that construction would start early in the morning but so far I’ve only seen one security guy and that was last night. He was over by the fence for about 15 minutes and left. It’s currently 6 AM and no sign of any activity at the construction area. Such a great place to stay!

Thunder River 52.22461, -119.21772
Des routes & nous

Sénégal>Guinée. All good, stamp on the Passeport and CPD. Very friendly. You can change some Franc cfa to Franc Guineen.

Senegal - Guinee Conakry border 12.92444, -13.63840
Wyld Eagle Adventures

The official campground of the Recreational Park, offers stunning views over the lake, and the opportunity to see some 18 Rhinos the small park has to offer (minus their horns which already apparently were cut off for their protection).
As far as the campsite goes, it's falling apart. Be prepared for basically a wild camp. Water and electricity reportedly haven't worked since 2013.
$9 pppn for international visitors, plus the park fee of $10 per person or auto, comes to $48 for a vehicle with 2 adults, for a night in the park.

Lake Mutirikwi (Kyle) Rec Park Campground -20.21964, 31.00357
Wyld Eagle Adventures

Still as described. Reportedly 18 Rhinos with cut off horns and friendly rangers with AK-47 to protect them. Also saw some Zebras. Offer Rhino drives with rangers who know where they are in your vehicle, 2h $15.

Kyle National Park -20.18578, 30.99557

This place was nice. It had lots of parking options for all sizes. By nightfall, the lot seemed full. If you do decided to park here for the night and sleep, arrive a little before sunset to guarantee a spot.
Nobody bothered us the whole night.
*Class C 26ft

Rest area near Chattahoochee River 30.62548, -84.89181

Water spigot in the Visitor Center Picnic area near the Women's restroom entrance.

Grand Coulee Dam Water spigot 47.96090, -118.98619

Used the dump station. They also have propane so we filled our tank here as well. Friendly and helpful staff.

Rainy Lake One Stop 48.60911, -93.31788

I stayed right at the entrance to the campground. There is a parking lot to the right before you enter. There is a sign that says overnight parking . I had no trouble . It was very quiet but there were a few vehicles entering the campground. Lots of bird noises and the wind. Very nice stay. Saved the $17 fee. No one else stayed in the lot.

Wooden Frog State Forest Campground 48.48131, -93.06150

They have moved to next to agrimark! Busy guys but diagnosed our rattle immediately. We couldnt stay to fix as they were busy for another 2 days

Auto Aid -19.57015, 18.09891
Danzi Camping and Caravan

Wi-fi,free parking for customer car, Tiny House,Breakfast,Cafe,laundry,shower,River,camping

Danzi Camping and Caravan 41.17515, 40.97049

New campground. Super nice place with trees and shadow. Fishpond in the middle. Hammocks, tables, fireplace provided. Bathroom is new and clean! Owners are superfriendly and naturelovers. Friendly dogs running around.

Camping Gradina Ioanei 45.13491, 24.25141

good place for wildcamping
lake 10m Walking. there is a Firepit.
good place for fishing and swimmjng

ipenburg camp 57.21008, 14.37635

quiet secluded level space with beautiful trail by a river. road noise only during daytime. beware of the ticks, found two on me just after 10 min walk on the trail. LTE reception is good.

Four Mile Stillwater Trailhead 44.49983, -65.24692

lots of daytime highway noise and trash but it's a spot for the night. 1 bar Verizon. no signs posted. plenty of room and flat. I parked a small class c here.

dirt lot near bridge behind guard rail 42.16732, -124.35940

Stayed here one night. No issues. No signs. Just the end of a gravel road with parking for a couple cars/vans. Nothing bigger. Quiet and great verizon service

End of gravel road. 49.13169, -113.78614

si echas gasolina es gratis la ducha.pero en el de mujeres no funciona el sistema, así que el agua sale caliente y sin límite de tiempo, sino, son 6 minutos

Posto Jenipapo Salinas - BR Petrobras -16.14178, -42.30075

Indeed nice quiet place with some trees for shadow. Still hot though at the end of a 40 degree day on the road. No people, no dogs, no mosquitos, very peaceful!

Lakeside 38.18203, 41.23533

Beside huge sign or restaurant and Young's Motel. Class A parked overnight.
Allowed. Open hours 6 am-10 pm.

Fast Eddy's Restaurant 63.33428, -142.95672

Sites are in deep shade, no direct sun for solar. Quiet and cool.

Sulak 43.92389, -86.00808

Gas station towards Iguazu Falls, no problem spending the night here. Armed guard present. No showers though.

Petromax gas station -25.48843, -54.83912
4ever2wherever (Margriet & Jan)

Great place, even more mystical than the remote parts of Angkor. Entrance fee USD 15.

Koh Ker - absolutely fabulous temples! 13.78316, 104.53735

next to the road, very quiet (no others cars), stunning sunset

Old ruta40 -34.37010, -69.23960

looks like they are still remodeling the place. once done it will be a great place to chill by the water :)

Balneario Municipal de Bacalar 18.67168, -88.38943

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