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No shower-only option, have to do day pass $$$

Aspen Recreation Center 39.18929, -106.85108

Chalets with shared bathroom and shared kitchen, it has all the utensils, quiet place. If you don't want to cook there is a Restaurant.

price paid per night 8000 argentinian pesos

Bodega Josefa Rodo -25.63269, -66.17074


We read all the great reviews, and decided to drive all the way here to experience this "awesome venue". Little did we know what was awaiting us....! Upon checking in we had to read and sign this form about all the do's and don'ts. All was fine, because this is a wildlife sanctuary.....! We went for dinner and as we came back to our campsite we heard this loud music, and people shouting. I immediately phoned the office, and he said that he will quiet them down.
Well, it is now 1 hour later, and still the music is booming, people shouting.
This is most unpleasant.
I called all their phone numbers, none gets answered.
My husband walked back to the office TWICE, and still they are playing their music, and shouting.
I will strongly advice people to not support this establishment, as they do not care for their guests!!!!


Harnas Wildlife Foundation and accommodation -21.72488, 19.34710

25.000 pp/pn. Firewood, beers etc available for extra. Renting kayak is 25.000 per hour. Let us use the hot shower inside for free, amazing!!! Wifi is good and works in the van. Entrance is quite narrow and a bit steep, also you’ll have to turn around to get in due to the angle of the driveway to the road. Probably not great if you have any have a big rig.

Portus 6.24565, -75.23549

A water source on the side of the road (signed). Says it must be boiled for a minute if drinking. We used to fill our tank by attaching our hose and a hose adaptor. Worked like a charm.

Port au Choix Historical Site 50.69775, -57.40583

Spent some time sitting at beach talking to a local resident. there is not a port a potty. Nice views quite busy.

Mutton Cove Beach 45.19053, -64.16015

Forest road turn off on NF-13. Its across the street from the landing strip field. On google maps the forest road is 644. You’ll definitely brush up against some branches driving in but it is very remote, quiet, and we didn’t see anyone for two days. Lots of ticks and mosquitos. The first good spot with solar is at the end of the road. You can also enter from Chamberlain rd and there’s a huge open field once you drive through the forest a little bit.

Forest road 46.35485, -86.60505

Posto YPF muito bem equipado loja de conveniências, dois banheiros, com duchas quentes que são cobradas $ (100 ARS), funcionários muito atenciosos e um grande espaço para estacionar. Passamos a noite e fui super tranquilo e seguro.

San Andres de Gile -34.46933, -59.38907

Lovely spot. Lovely people. Hot shower in their house. $3 pp to camp. It was raining so we left our bikes in the cave and stayed in a cute barn which was a treat :)

Campsite Mitad Del Mundo 0.00367, -78.17296

Pump #15, #16 dump and city water connection. Big parking lot for trucks

Spigot at pump 38.93900, -97.21557

Nice spot! Beautiful view, there was a sign no overnight camping but we didnt have an issue staying here with 2 other poeple, a must go spot for sure

Margaree Harbour 46.43994, -61.11281
The Lost Leopards

Small dry camping site next to Glacier viewpoint area. $20 for camping, $7 for day use. 12 campsites total, 3 dedicated tent sites. Some privacy, pit toilets (clean), a manual water pump (non-potable, boil advisory, see picture). small and medium RVs okay. watch for overhead obstructions. It's a short stroll to the glacier overlook. Highway nearby but quiets down at night. AT&T had good signal, Verizon had none at all, even with a cell booster. This is not at all associated with the private tours conducted by a private party nearby.

Matanuska Glacier State Recreation Site Campground 61.80019, -147.81669

Nice and cozy official parking lot for motorhomes. Located at the border of the little town Neuenkirchen. Close to the river Weser. Perfect for a walk to the river.

A BBQ site and a soccer field for children is here, too. You need to bring your own grill grate to use the BBQ site.

You don't have to pay fees here.

This is an official spot for motorhomes, but unknown and hard to find. So you'll be alone here!

Chestnut Tree Campervan Site 53.23665, 8.50910

We went diving with Gustavo for four days (first we did the advanced open water course and the last day we went to dos ojos and the pit cenotes). Gustavo and Paulina are the best dive instructors! They make you feel very comfortable and become your friends along the way. They give a lot of info about the fish and the area and we absolutely loved the dive sites! The reefs, the mama Viña wreck and the cenotes! If you want to dive in this area we can recommend them highly. For experienced as well as not experienced divers. Enjoy the dive!
PS: we just went to their store, but they don’t have a clear sign outside. So just knock at the gate or text him: +52 984 145 2663

Diversity diving 20.64850, -87.05875

It is the second parking at the monument. It is quiet and inside a nature forest with walking possibilities. We are here on a saturday night in summer and alone. No cars since 21:00.

Parking at Monument 43.25727, 26.92579

Showers available. Fairly new and clean gas station, market with showers.

Sinclair Gas Station 37.06616, -106.01126

Just in front of the Foccaceria Tiziana there is a water fountain to wash your feet. It is fee of access and you can drink the water !

Water fountain in Piazza Brusacà 44.08298, 9.89677

had a good night, they offer water and ssfe place to sleep if you fill some gas

Posto Progresso -9.77205, -66.36442

We came here to try butbit is closed. And the property is now for sale.

Hostal las Margaritas 1.19325, -77.30667

We stayed for thw night because it was late, after Sunset. 2k cop to use the lookout and 10k to stay the night. That is what the lady owner charged us to camp 2 ppl. We did not bargain tho.

Grassy Field next to the road 1.14880, -77.12787

Original coordinates took me to the other side of the park, but I eventually spotted the spigot on the left as i started into the one way loop. It’s a VERY busy area on a Saturday afternoon in the summer and it should be noted that connecting a big rig would definitely block the one way traffic while you fill. I only needed to fill a 5 gallon jug though so I simply parked and walked the few steps with the jug. It’s a beautiful park though too!

Stewart Park 42.46120, -76.50610

As described, behind the Chevron station - between Chevron & WalMart. Several truckers here now, seems quiet though.

Large Paved Empty Lot behind Walmart 30.89823, -102.90635

Had a great time here! Stayed on a Friday night and it was very quiet, many level spots, and no garbage trucks or loud workers! Your standard Cracker Barrel

Sacramento Cracker Barrel 38.58411, -121.41527

cool spot outlooking the ocen. Situated next to the bicycle path. After the tunnel you can park on the left side of the road. Walk up the hill.

Camp site next to cycling path 67.90729, 13.05088

I tried to use this again, however er, they now have a dollar and card machine and says .10 per gal. I put .50 and did not get 5 gals. it stopped almost instantly. Beware, this is not working as it should now that they "improved" it.

Trapper Creek Watering Point 62.30741, -150.24098

Stayed one night here, quiet and calm even if it was the party in plaza mayor. But also we heard the firework at 6am but it was party and all city can heard it.

Parque Antonio Ricaute 5.63537, -73.52144

Super nice food and meat ! And cheap. You can take picada or just sausages!

robertico// sutmarchan 5.62085, -73.61831

Perfecto para pernoctar. Super nueva, muy grande y con baños

PS gas station -2.34126, -80.27223

Now it’s 60 per person. The lady is very friendly and it’s clean. The hot water doesn’t last long but it’s not cold afterwards

Hot Shower and Laundry 30.72130, -115.98983

Stayed there because we had to dump.
200 pesos for electricity, water and dump.
The staff is very friendly. We were the only one on the campground and didn’t feel very safe at night as the campground is next to a road and everyone can come by. There were a lot of traffic as it was Friday night and very noisy during the night because the locals came here to party… plus there is trash everywhere…

Benji & Audrey🇨🇭travelling with our Truck Camper IG: @on.vagabonde

La Cueva Del Pirata 30.82203, -116.08888

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