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Still there and still cheaper than Dawson City. At the time of writing it was $2,05 while $2,30 in Dawson (for regular).

24 HR Self-pay Gas 63.99101, -138.75027

Nice guy running the gas station.

If you ask you can get your water bottle or jugs filled here. Just no RV filling as stated by previous comments.

Town center 64.05945, -139.43232

Stayed here for one night, as usual we checked with the staff and made a purchase out of courtesy. We had a good nights sleep and enjoyed the free WiFi

Cracker Barrel 43.52538, -96.77528

Just a normal camper spot. Close to the beach, that’s nice. It was €23/night. Toilets and shower are only open at day and cost 50cents. Water is free and dirty water disposal as well

Camper park Sirmione 45.46033, 10.63328

Perfect spot, quiet, peaceful. Trees and river. We had a perfect night all alone. 3 sites are available. No amenities. Clear night very nice for stargazing.

roberts bluff 38.92216, -92.98076

Fomos recebidos pelo Victor e ficamos uma noite. o espaço foi construído por ele com aproveitamento de material recolhido na praia. o lugar fica de frente para o mar (com um por de sol maravilhoso) e ao lado de restobar. a noite foi muito tranquila e segura (teve música alta no restobar até às 10PM). o Victor tem um projeto de conscientização ambiental e ecológica. promove palestras para as crianças sobre como cuidar e manter o meio ambiente e recolhimento voluntário de lixo deixado na praia. agradecemos pela oportunidade de conhecer o Victor.

Refugio de Victor -13.71320, -76.21971

El lugar es muy tranquilo y tiene una hermosa vista. Sólo pasamos una noche acá. A la mañana siguiente se acercó una camioneta de la Municipalidad y nos preguntó si estábamos de paso, a lo que respondemos que si, que solo habíamos pasado la noche, por lo cual no nos dijeron nada y siguieron. No se si nos hubieran permitido quedarnos más.

Parking in front of the Lake -41.07723, -71.18121

talk to police man for camping behind the base, safty and quite local. i spend 2nigth here, have just water in the base.
wild camping, perfect for bike.

falei com os policias para acampar no bosque de trás da base, local segura e calmo. fiquei duas noites, nao há facilidades apenas agua na base policial, camping selvagem em meio ao bosque , perfeito pra quem esta de bicicleta.

behind de police/for Bike -34.88376, -55.04133

Basic but nice hostel along the road, runned by a family.

There is no panel for now (they are waiting to have more money to do a "pretty" one), but when coming from the south, it's the wood door on the left, a few meters after the bridge (see pictures). The owner's name is Raoul.

There are one 3 bed's room, and two 2 bed's ones.
- 40bol for shared room with shared bathroom
- 120bol for private room with private bathroom
Possible to eat there (dinner and breakfast), but I didn't ask for it so I don't know the prices. They allowed me to cook in my room and gave me hot water for free.
Electric showers (I was able to have a really short hot one), no heaters obviously.

The place is simple, but clean and the owner is really nice, he makes sure you have everything you need.

No secured parking, but I was able to park my motorcycle behind the house.

Be aware it can be busy with the 4x4 tours.

Hospedaje Jatun Mayu -21.75202, -67.48240
Cinquentões na Estrada (Marcia &Marco)

Next to Ypf, a simple menu, but delicious food, we paid 1750pesos a plate with a side dish.

Restobar Dom Pedro -38.53880, -70.36699

Great spot in the middle of the forest. Had two to three bars LTE with T-Mobile.

Pre Hawk Rec. Area Camp 39.09175, -78.51538

Great place! Quiet, $6 for 24 hours.

There is a phone number to text where you put in your info.

Had AT&T & T-Mobile service - enough to stream and do zoom calls.

The town was cute, had a few restaurants/bars/shops

Gravel lot 43.11957, -124.41566

Nous avons pu charger en eau notre RV de 27 pieds sans problème rapidement.

Anse a Beaufils 48.47191, -64.30686

pase la noche en la kombi, tiene estacionamientos arbolado, una Parrilla restaurant. el baño bien. la noche fue tranquila, a la mañana SE LLENO DE AUTOS Y GENTE, !

YPF Gas Station (ACA) -38.88978, -70.03752

We decided to pay for the tour guide and she had a lot more information than the signs. She spoke English as well. The archeological site is beautiful, especially the subterranean temple and the sun gate and monoliths. The stone museum only has a couple of things but they’re worth seeing. And the ceramic museum has a lot of cool stuff. Pumapunku is also pretty cool and included in the ticket price.

Tiwanaku archeological site tickets -16.55762, -68.67616

I won’t try this road if it’s wet season, I got stuck for 2 days with my motorcycle The first section was OK because it was sunny than halfway to the border it started to rain and mud was everywhere

Shortcut to Diama 16.79017, -16.09886

Stayed Sunday, Monday & Tuesday nights in our B-van, arriving around dusk and leaving before 8 am each morning. Absolutely no problems. The park seemed to leave one restroom open all hours. One morning we woke to find another van parked on the other end of the parking area, other nights we were alone.

Coatsville Park 45.45228, -123.85020

Bel endroit sur le bord de l’eau. Achalandé, mais nous avons très bien dormi. Le stationnement est gratuit en tout temps les fins de semaines.

Pump House parking 44.22389, -76.48509

We stayed here on Sunday 7/24 and there was only one other van. In by 8pm, out by 9am. Quiet as can be - just one pair of 4wheelers on the road around 830am

Haugen Mt 47.37498, -115.39593

small campsite really on the end of peninsule.
very nice spot
beautiful sunset
quiet and clean
friendly staff
good wifi and also good reception vodacom network
shower with hot water.
good restaurant

first the manager asks 15$/pppn which is too expensive. So we negotiated at 10$/pppn which is a fair price for all.

Matvilla Beach Lodge & Campsite -1.47835, 33.80225

Beautiful spot. big enough to fit quite a few people but technically only 3-4 firepits. if you get here early enough you can snag an actual "site" and people are pretty respectful. there is only one pit toilet at the bottom of the mountain, by the entrance. road is rough, but worth it. I have AWD and high clearance (which I recommend) but I did see one sedan up here. no service. creek by site.

Shadow Mountain #21 43.76577, -110.54232

Muy lindo lugar y re tranquilo. La vista increíble pero la verdad que nos costó bastante entrar con la camioneta. La calle de entrada era muy angosta y empinada
El wifi funcionaba re bien cerca del restaurante

APA campground -31.87697, -65.02318

Like everyone else has said, the views are awesome but it gets too crowded at times. They were starting some construction, I believe putting up a cell tower so that totally ruined it for us. Definitely did not feel comfortable going any further past this spot in a Promaster as the rest of Last Dollar Road gets pretty rough. Overall was nice to stay for a night. Road up this spot is easy for any type of rig.

Mountain View Bush Camp 37.98299, -107.94941

Rainforest camp sites 1 & 2. Basic clearing in forest with space for three vehicles. No facilities. Must be prebooked online. No phone service

Rainforest Camping -12.71286, 143.28877

Very friendly women ! We wanted to do our own laundry and paid 30 pesos per load for the small washing machine and 20 for the drying machine.
They also have wifi and a toilet

Lavenderia Leon 27.96871, -114.04220

Perfect « big » supermarket ! Lots of choice of food ans fresh fruits and vegetables. Also have some vegan meat near the vegetables and planted based milk
You can pay with card and there is an atm inside the shop.

Ley express supermarket 27.96773, -114.04147

plenty of spots to park out here and the road was fine. lots of flies and a few cattle. found some shade under a nice juniper tree. four bars of Verizon service.

Glass Buttes road 43.56821, -120.00355

This is a hidden lil oasis! Full time camp host has been here for 2 years and cares so much about keeping this place nice because he holds a special place in his heart for it. He’s the kindest and there if you need anything. Good vibes all around and he likes good music! I wanna hype this place up for him cause he’s really killing it out here. The river is also beautiful and clear. Little sand beach at a 3 min walk of a trail.

Steelbridge Campground 40.67621, -122.91556

Simple campsite but they also have a bush camp between the rocks! The rock formations at Bull's Party are fantastic. You can either hike or drive there.

Ameib Guestfarm -21.78877, 15.62782

Backpacker Connection is a bright spot for longtime overlanders. We stood in the grassy parking lot for about a week to do work on the vehicle. ZAR 120 pppn. We were immediately supplied with electricity, which worked continuously. The toilets are clean and tidy, the showers hot, the staff friendly. Backpackers Connection also has a large workshop that can be used by appointment.

Backpackers Connection -26.10574, 28.30702

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