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The summit of Jones Pass. Stayed here for a night, multiple other campervans as well. Road noise was ‘okay’, just ran a sound machine and parked further away from the road.

No signs saying you couldn’t camp overnight, it is in the national forest.

Level spots within parking lot.

Full AT&T and T-Mobile service - worked awhile while sitting here.

Jones Pass Summit 39.79821, -105.77697

Owner Nomad Green Welcomes Family,
Please practice patients and empathy for the community. Spaces outside fence are available for parking, Services situation dependent.
Kind Regards,

Kamar-Taj 33.35358, -115.72863

Simple campground with space for three Camper Vans at a small Farm. Beautyful view to Baltic Sea and island Aeroe. 300 meter walk to shoreline. Very friendly hosts, but no additional Services available.

Graesgard Farmcamping 54.97909, 9.99221

Nice, as described. Almost no one here. Just me and a couple on bicycles. Lots of trains and some sort of alarm going off in the day, but so far in the evening just the cows. Lots of shade, lots of room for tents. The water isn't on in the electric sites, but seems to be elsewhere, including at the RV dump. I haven't checked out the restrooms yet, as they are a ways away.

Crawford City Park 42.68915, -103.41696

Spent 2 nights here once again. Great spot and a great trail along the river across the road. Still $5 and $2 for the dump. Every town should have these, a great way to explore the towns.

Elliott Park 43.35639, -81.48349

This is a lovely little state park! It was $25 USD cash for the night which we were happy to pay after hiking mount saint Helen’s. Campsites nicely spaced apart and good hot shower (not super nice looking and only 1-2 but limitless hot water!). No cell service for ATT or Telus. Quiet hours at 10pm and no possession of alcohol or cannabis allowed

Beaver Bay 46.06090, -122.26948

No overnight parking since last week. there are sign and the lady at the visitor center told us many people were staying there recently and the campings around town were complaining so the City put no overnight parking last week

Sign Forest - Watson Lake 60.06408, -128.71236

stayed a few nights and would not stay there again. Witnessed someone smash someone's window then drove away and another person came and questioned me about why I was reading in the parking lot (def someone that was not there to hike). Lots of vechiles driving in checking out our vechiles throughout the night. Was very paranoid the entire stay.

Trail head parking 45.58867, -122.79069

I would suggest going out here a day early or earlier in the day. As of right now Crab Cooker is dry. Looks like the pipe was broken. There is another spring north of it that is walking distance but it is very small and it was already occupied so getting there early is best.

Crab Cooker Hot Spring 37.66377, -118.80052
Wilde Weite Welt

Remote desert camping beside the stony track between red drum and blue drum with a view towards Hartmannberge. One surprising car passed by at 6 pm after we did not see one other car that day. No MTC-signal.

Between Blue Drum and Red Drum -17.80108, 12.48836

This place is not fancy but it is pretty nice for one or two nights. Has clean showers and it’s nice and quiet.

Dease Lake RV Park 58.43289, -129.98416

Had a great camp on the Gowrie farm on wild camp above a waterfall and another along the banks of the river.
Amazing hikes,fishing and swimming.

4x4 will be well used along the scenic drive In with shallow river crossings.

Gowrie Getaway Farm -30.97008, 27.29062

Kind people, they told us that the insurance is voluntary and not obligated. They were aware that it is obligated in many other countries but told us it was not in Kyrgyzstan

Jubilee car insurance 42.86894, 74.60644

lovely showers, such a relief during long drives in the summer months. thankful for this place!
also handicap assessable:) happy trails

Amazing Showers 41.10877, -100.76522

Confirmed! Sami is Definitely the best mechanic in Islamabad and one of best mechanic we ever met. We like him so much that we repair few things including all suspension, a problem we had with engine power since many months ago and many other little things we had. He also repair even more things he found. We stay there for a week even sleeping in the work shop. He is very reliable mechanic and better person. Very much fare prices also. Even a month latter we had a problem in Kashmir and he help us out with the mechanics in India as they both speaks Urdu. Without his help we would had a big problem as he told them how to make a new leaf spring for us as we couldn’t find it in India. do not hesitate! If you need a good mechanic, Sami is the one you need!

Best Mechanic Islamabad 33.66059, 73.06204

Very clean showers with towel, soap and washcloth for $7. they also offer laundry for $1.50 per machine. great place to clean up!

Yellowstone rv park 42.86419, -109.88338

Pompiste sympathique, rempli directement dans le réservoir au prix local, donné une belle bonne-main.

Los Sauces YPFB -19.80927, -63.96044

Great spot. Stoped here eastbound out of Vancouver headed to Winnipeg. Quite a few sites with rock-ring fire pits and level sites. The “road” is passable by most vehicles but having a truck or some clearance helps to get to the back. There was about a dozen campers here the night we stayed but you’re spaced out and don’t even notice one another. Be bear smart and take out your trash. Excellent cell service.

Inks lake 50.62011, -120.44836

There is a big sign at the entrance „no overnight parking“. You can drive far through the forest to the river and there is one spot.

But then you are standing in the middle of the golf course. It doesn't really look like a golf course, but who knows?

Parking Lot 59.46610, -135.30806

not closed currently. there are signs that say no overnight camping but assuming they mean tent camping since it was very obvious a ton of people were shacked for the night. small lot for cars, larger spaces for rvs right near a park and a river. bathrooms available and not too sketchy.

could fill up fast. I was here on a Wednesday and the car spots were near full.

Edward's Rest Area 39.64500, -106.59036
Ouest Canadien

Très bel endroit. Nous sommes 4 a couché ici. La vue est magnifique devant le lac Supérieur. Aucune indication qui interdit de coucher. Il a des tables de picknick. C’est sur le bord de la route, mais le bruit n’est pas si pire.

Rest area 48.83790, -87.48975

$12 parking, lots of RV parking, you can walk around Pioneer Park if you get bored. Did not see access to water.

Pioneer Park 64.83732, -147.77124

This site is a horrible suggestion for camping, you are camping with a 100 yards of a massive electrical station. I could feel the electrical pulses in my rv, not sure I would even want to take my dog to this dog park. I would not recommend being in this area camping.

Ouray Dog Park 35.11335, -106.72023

$15 shower room, towels provided. They will let you share a shower room with the person you’re traveling with for no additional charge which is nice.

Pilot Travel Stop 48.18745, -122.19658

Asked if we could park our RV overnight. Were told that RVs normally have to park near the back of the lot, but there were no spaces available.

Pilot Travel Center 46.95343, -122.93490

Stayed here for one night. It is a large rest area with designated parking spaces for cars, RVs, and semi trucks. We have a 24ft motorhome and parked in one of the car parking spaces (which are quite large - long and wide enough to easily fit our 24ft motorhome). Most of the semi truck spaces were full, but only about 1/3 of the car spaces were occupied when we arrived and when we left. Signs say “Please limit stay to 8 hours”, but the time limit is not actively monitored overnight. Washrooms were decently clean. Felt safe staying here overnight and it was fairly quiet considering that it is off the I-5.

Rest Stop - South bound 46.87081, -122.97056

Reception is okay in a few spots. Used to be a really rough drive in but someone was nice enough to pour gravel the whole way in. Can be quite busy in some sections but usually along the water you can squeeze in. Water is okay. Nothing super special but its local for us.

Wolf Lake 44.65021, -77.55612

A large parking lot for RV’s to park. There are no hook ups but it’s as close to Quebec City you are going to get. A bike ride away from old Quebec. Great views of the harbor. $70 Canadian 24hr

Stationnement Bassin Louise VR - Port de Québec 46.81989, -71.21043

Location closed for camping. Sign posted “no overnight parking or camping”

Gravel Turnout 43.43723, -124.23648

c'est le stationnement de l'église. les gens sont très gentils. Svp.faites un don. please this is a church parking . make a donation for overnight ....

Whycocomagh Parking Lot 45.97346, -61.11742

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