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Really Nice spot very safe, and right next to one of the most beatiful beaches of Costa Rica : playa conchal.
2000 colónes to park the car so very cheap.
During the day there is bbq( go to the stand of big mama) , pinas coladas available. I recommand it . It was great to stay there

Beach of Puerto Viejo 10.40017, -85.81817

Tried staying here. Was asked to leave at 10pm
This should be marked as closed.

Fishermans refuge 46.83275, -64.93395

Overnight parking with permit, just go to the guest services to get the permit

Southcenter Mall 50.95056, -114.06179
Major Tom

check the tool prices, and make sure they charge you right, they wanted to charge us in a class c as an "autobus" bus even though in all of Mexico they charge us as a "Camión" truck. the difference is 151 vs 148. Not much, but still. told them I'm paying as a truck and didn't pay until they charged me correctly

Toll at San Miguel 25.97072, -109.04017

Great water. Spout is in the trees and excess runs down a small culvert into a stream. Take a right just before the bridge, in driveway of small cream colored metal building

Spring water 48.36845, -89.56990
Major Tom

Very sketchy "police" checkpoint going north (maybe south too).

Police cars have no indication of what agency they are. They immediately told me to pull for inspection. Never asked for my name, just where I'm going and where I came from.

Asked to open the hood which is the first time I've ever been asked to do so. Then they wanted us to come out of the vehicle while they inspect it, which is also the first time since I'm always there while they check.

Wouldn't identify what "police branch" they were when I asked. Instead just got the main person in charge, which showed me his id, then explained that they are an investigations unit, looking for drugs and guns.

Very sketchy! watch out, I don't think they are real cops specially since there was a military checkpoint not too far from here, so why another one right away.

Record everything! Stay safe!

Oh also at the end they didn't want to close my hood....

Incógnito Police Checkpoint 26.57510, -109.15700
Cubby Van Life

Excellent site!! Right now, on a Saturday early evening, we are the only campers here. It is still 93 degrees but there is some tree shade, waiting for the sun to lower. The road was fine in our 2wd 1500 Pro-master van , hard packed and dry. Some random stone-made fire rings. Hoping for a night sky filled with stars and parting coyotes in the distant.

Very clean, haven’t seen any make-shift ‘toilet’ areas yet. Pack it or bury it, people. TP is trash, too.

blm spot before brothers, oregon 43.73422, -120.31343

Absolutely untenable onslaught of mosquitos in summer, full clothing and headnet was not enough to suffice. Otherwise perfect oasis, but I can see why every single camper here was inside an RV. Keyword inside. I'm SUV camping and it's too hot to have the windows up, nearly unbearable to be outside. I ended up going up the dirt road that begins in the campground less than a mile and I have beautiful views and zero mosquitos. Tradeoff is zero trees, full exposure yet pretty views for a night stay. Happy I made the move.

Deer Gulch 44.71291, -114.03582

water is here and works. I added photos as well.

Well water at campground 61.77826, -149.19795

Drove through but didn't stay, there were probably 5-6 campers about half we being lived in full time.

st regis riverside spot 47.30760, -115.20668

We wanted to stay at hatcher pass but it said no camping, so we drove back down here. Views are very nice and there are restrooms, fire rings, and picnic tables for campspots (big parking area). T-Mobile service here as well.

Fishhook Parking Lot 61.76662, -149.26521

Was a wonderful stay - the only weird part is someone came by and asked for 20$ for the property owner… don’t know if he was legit

Beach Pull-out 46.73987, -124.08204
Andrew Kingston

Awesome views from clearcut of mountains and forest. Super close to bike trails. Dead end road and super quiet.

Clear cut on Crown land 49.89336, -124.49036

Great hike to stretch out the legs. Nice board walk with info on the rain forest

Ancient Forest 53.76287, -121.21860

$3.25/load. Not the cleanest. Only 2 dryers out of 6 are in working order.

Laundromat 62.10722, -145.51287

Friendly staff, ATM and some machines out of order. Staff member gave me change. Expensive compared to other laundromats, $6 for a normal wash and $0.25 for 3 mins of drying. Roughly $8 a load.

Wash the Works 54.78692, -127.17253

Just as described! it was located along the side of the gas station building/convenience store.

Petro Canada 47.01954, -65.44238

No longer serving food, however, they have tea and coffee. The grocery side of the business is well-stocked with all the goods! The couple working are fabulous! 250+ member co-op with fully stocked freezer section, too.

Sunsets West Co-op Eatery 48.25436, -124.26002

There is three separate parking lots very large. The top one has restrooms, small fenced in dog area, picnic table with shelter and plenty of grass. The lower lot is mainly for tractor trailers. Then you can park at the seven feathers truck and travel center across the street. There is electric hooks up but calling the number for them to turn it on we was told this location was disabled permanently luckily we have our generator that we ran all night. Very clean and quite if you don’t mind the noise of tractor trailers running which we couldn’t hear in our camper.

Riddle Rest Stop. Southbound. 42.94319, -123.29853

Provincial Park. Some with reservations and others that are first come first serve.
Sani Dump available 1.3km from campground.
Potable water at Sani dump to fill trailers.
$5 fee to dump

Wasa Lake Provincial Park Camp Ground 49.78052, -115.72560

Historical site of where The Trail of Tears crossed the Ohio River. Any size rig will fit. Well maintained grounds. I have a Toyota Tacoma with sleeping accommodations in the bed. Backed up to an open view of the river at the far south end. At that location found a small but steep trail down to the water. Was quite secluded & perfect for taking a bath, even with other campers there. Would definitely stay here again. Cellular: AT&T 1.4 Mbps

Berry's Ferry/Boat Ramp 37.37215, -88.46795

Nice large flat area. Can be accessed by any vehicle. No Shade

Full bars 4G LTE (T-Mobile)

Blm road 226 38.96257, -109.90983

Wow. no exaggeration, one of the nicest campsites I've had. far fewer mosquitoes than expected, beautiful creeks on two sides, fire pits. Road gets a little hairy towards the end and would be worse if it was raining, but 8d probably come here anyway. There's a little swimming hole if you are feeling brave and trails that lead off to more adventurous campsites I imagine.

At Bighorn Highway near Muskeg River 53.91943, -118.70758

nice air compressor in front of Lowe's, free

Free air in front of Lowe's 64.85676, -147.69486

A huge parking lot for campers, trailers and etc. It’s next to wall green. Parking lot is $10.00 for 24 hrs. for vehicles and $ 20.00 for vehicles wh trailers. This place is more like wild camping and there is a fee to park. Pay as vehicle enters. There is internet but no bathrooms, showers, no hookups and no water, etc. I used the bathroom in wall green n bought ice. Only noise is the vehicles going by main road otherwise feel the breeze from the ocean. I recommend for an overnighter. There were a few trailers here kind like an over flow from the Sand Piper RV.

Galveston parking 29.30854, -94.77048

Great place. We met Hermann the turtle but did not find the drone 😉. Some people walked down to watch and swim and left soon.

Camping at the beach 38.60833, 42.24132

This is a secluded wild camp place suitable only for hikers or bikepackers.

It is a large stone walled sheep pen (no sheep inhabit or use it) adjacent to a small waterfall.

Space for 2 x 2-person tents, bikes etc.

Ground is fairly level but a few rocks are close to the surface so choose your pitch carefully.

Offers some protection from the wind and any vehicles driving past.

Roadside 65.91674, -22.81097

Was there at opening time (8am) and the guard first had to sort the people in different groups. I went there with a local who could pay for me onside. After I was let in I had to give my phone to lock it up. Inside follow the yellow line. At the end of the yellow line I immediately was picked up and skipped all the other people. If you have a Iranian credit card it’s possible to pay the 500.000 Rial there. I then got a paper to go to the copy shop. There I had to pay 240.000 Rial for all the copies and the folder you get.
This took 15 minutes of waiting.
Afterwards I delivered all to the guy at the end of the yellow line again.
Now it was 8:45 a.m. and he told me to come back at 11am to pick up my requested 30-day-extension.
Really smooth process. Picking up the visa was also no hassle. All went very smooth and they told me that another extension would not be a problem :)

Visa Extensions Office 29.60554, 52.56159

I stayed here on a Saturday in July. Scenic place to stay for a night. I stayed a bit further down the track on the open field. I'd rate the rubbish level at around 5/10, by local standards. :-) Later that night, some locals arrived and also stayed overnight. They weren't loud and minded their own business.

Next to river/dam 41.11920, 34.61861

It’s Walmart ! ! ! !
You come in at night, and leave in the am !
I saddened that 6+ very expensive motor homes here, that tow their vehicles.
They park their rigs here all day as they drive around in their cars.
Sorry folks, this isn’t what these places are for.
It’s stuff like this that ruins it for others.
Thank you for letting me vent

Walmart Beauport 46.87100, -71.20567

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