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San Pedro de Atacama

Price: 12 000 Chilean Pesos

Puritama Hostal & Camping -22.91195, -68.20288

Wild camp just of the road somewhere. Rough road.

Salar de Atacama wild camp -23.74923, -68.29185

Need 4x4 drive to get off the road.

West of Mina Escondida, wild camp -24.18403, -69.29503

On the coast of Atacama. Need 4x4 to get there.

South of Blanco Encalada, wild camp -24.39687, -70.54748

Need 4x4 to get to where we camped.

Cifuncho wild camp -25.78138, -70.54360

Just off the road behind a little hill

Cordillera Domeyko, wild camp -26.43248, -69.26972

Need 4x4 to get there, off the road

Valle de Chaschili??? -27.80092, -68.08510

Price include camping in the parking lot and 24 hours access to the hot spring. Possible with power and there is toilet at the parking lot. Changing room, toilet, shower and restaurant next to the hot spring. Really, really nice place to relax. Thought we would stay one night, ended up staying three and would have stayed longer if they had internet (we needed to get online).

Price: 40 Argentinian Pesos

Camping Los Alamitos de las Thermas de Fiambalá -27.74443, -67.55708

Off the road and you need 4x4 to get there

Guandacol wild camp -29.71873, -68.48723

Off the road and you need 4x4 to get there

Barreal wild camp -31.74628, -69.47662

Power, water, hot shower, WIFI at the reception area. A bit expensive for a rundown place.

Price: 110 Arg Peso

Camping Churrasqueras Del Parque -32.89000, -68.88342

Camping south of Mendoza. In a sport, soccer area with swimming pool. Power,water and hot showers.

Price: 50 Arg Peso

Viñas de Vieytes -33.01580, -68.83473

A bit rundown. Power, water, hot shower.

Price: 30 Arg peso

Camping Municipal Uspallata "Apuyam" -32.58645, -69.34687

Just off the road

Los Pennitentes wild camp -32.85127, -69.81147

Wild camp at the parking lot of the ski resort. We were told to move in the morning. Maybe ask the guard if there is some where better to park in the area.

Portillo -32.83595, -70.12962

Camp in the forest out by the coast. Hard to find and not the best facilities.

Price: 6000 Chile peso

Islote Las Gaviotas -33.09345, -71.72528

Power, water, hot shower, Wifi. Really nice place in a small coastal village that is becoming more up marked. Surfing.

Price: 15 000 Chile peso, in low season after bargaining

Olas de Matanzas -33.96322, -71.87550

We had to different wild camps at the lake

Field by the Lake -35.66473, -71.31958

Good location on the lake. With private toilet shower hut on the camp site. Wifi by the reception.

Price: 15 000

Huimpalay – Lemu -39.29785, -72.09725

Off the road up to the park entrance

Palguin Park wild camp -39.44557, -71.79552

Nice place by the lake. Asked some local is it was ok to camp and they said yes. Also camping possible at Huile- Huile resort (15 min away to the east) in the summer, but it was not open in early spring.

Lago Neltume wild camp -39.77718, -71.95775

Free campsite at the lake. No facilities. Great view. Covered in volcanic ash when we were there.

Lago Villarino -40.44642, -71.54573

In a nice garden/ apple orchard. Power, water, hot shower, wifi.

Price: 60 Arg peso

La Chacra camping -41.97227, -71.52572

No facilities. Nice location on the river just next to the road.

Price: free when we was there, looked like they charged in summer season.

Villa St Lucia -43.43967, -72.36092

Located next to the road on the lake. Toilet is on the other side of the road. Next to the camp site a small shelter to hide from the wind.

Price: 4000 Chile pesos

Lago Las Torres Picnic area -44.79807, -72.20175

Rio Ibanez wild camp just off the road

Rio Ibanez wild camp -46.12570, -72.48613

Nice location overlooking the lake. Hot shower.

Price: 6000 Chile peso

Terra Luna -46.84217, -72.69142

Casa Piedra wild camp at Ruta 40

Casa Piedra camp / Cabana at Ruta 40 -47.11849, -70.86002

In the city center. Access to kitchen, hot shower, wifi, water.

Price: 60 Arg peso

Hostal del Lago -49.33210, -72.88745

Tierra del Fuego, wild camp just south of the ferry

Tierra del Fuego, wild camp -52.52770, -69.39290

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