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Gilligan’s RV

Wanted to specify that propane for RV onboard tank is available here.

Loves Truck Stop 42.37710, -77.36246

Beautiful, windy, level, picnic table, fire pit. Right on the lake. Handicap access. Pit toilet. Limited to 7 day stay. Potable water shut off. Verizon 4G. Great fishing spot!

Ennis Town Meadow Lake Fishing Access 45.44283, -111.70799

Missed this exact turnout, but found one a little further along the road. Road is pretty rough, so I don't recommend it unless you're doing a hike in the area. (IE: Tolmie). Other than that, not too bad. Some traffic throughout the night, but it's sporadic and didn't keep me up.

State Forest Roadside Turn Out 46.95780, -121.99797

idea wild camping spot, great views when not mizzling. Loop track just off main road, but out of sight.

Tony view point 56.70881, -5.00595
A very long Honeymoon

Very beautiful lodge. They allowed us to camp in our car on the property, use pool, shower and toilet of restaurant and wifi. We were expected to at least eat the breakfast of 50 Reales per person in the restaurant (which was very good and rich) but also had in addition dinner and a few cocktails for a total of 245 Reales (dinner for 2, 3 cocktails, 1 beer, olives). Apart from the consumption we didn't have to pay additionally. Had the whole lodge for us, there were no other guests.

Pousada Bela Vista -2.62153, -60.94398
A very long Honeymoon

Tourist Info Center. They are very nice and helpful (but they only speak Portuguese) and have some info on the area and flyers layed out. We understood as much as that they offered that we camp in front as its very secure (police station also very near) and use the toilets for free. Would have been a great option, but we ended up at Bella Vista for the shower.

Tourist Info Center -2.63355, -60.94159

nous nous sommes fait réveillé à 1h du matin par la sécurité car il est interdit de dormir sur le parking...

Circus Circus self parking 36.73237, -119.49895

Loved it. Nice, fairly private sites. Lots of trails to hike. Star link worked.

Dead Horse Ranch State Park 34.75399, -112.01760

Great spot with clean bathrooms! Loved it!

Mendon Ponds Park 43.02987, -77.55837

Stayed the night without issues, no explicit “no overnight parking” signs. Fishers there late but they left, only one came overnight. Two other people stayed the night, one truck and one other van. No facilities, but not far from an Exxon up the road. Nice lake view!

Old 98 Public Fishing Area 35.97917, -78.62687

decent clearing on the side of a "road" , not completely flat but was able to get level enough with a few rocks. stayed here for one night and saw not a single other person on the road, very remote. Probably need 4x4 or high clearance to get here, although our 2wd van made it with no problems with some aggressive driving. turn on the dirt road next to the Halifax regional fire station 33 to get here.

Hilltop Clearing 44.96164, -62.36525

great place, drove all the way to the pond. we were the only ones there

Elbow Pond; White Mtn Nat’l Forest 43.99024, -71.74696

200pp over night stay, very nice, fast wifi, showers, potable water

Ancap Petrol Station -34.64590, -56.61618

parking for motorhomes only along the street

Shopping Centre Punta Caretas shopping -34.92373, -56.15863

Great flat, paved parking lot with plenty of spaces. Next to a river you can swim in (life jackets are free). Free Wi-Fi that works well and next to the bathrooms. Cops patrolled the area but didn’t seem bothered by me.

parking near to the snake river 42.54442, -113.76350

we stayed for one night. nice free campground. we were covered in snow when we woke up

Lower Virginia Creek Primitive Campground USFS 38.05776, -119.24120

Just off I-17. A little bumpy and stony but we made it slowly with low clearance and 2wd. The area is big but there are only 2 or 3 flat spots. Almost no highway noise. 3 bars T-mobile.

Just off I-17 34.51297, -111.98873

in the back of the rest area you a a free access to water spigoand dump also with a 5G signal but no overnight camping at this place

Free water and dump station 44.41394, -104.33869

Great views of Mt Shasta, flat parking spots

Mt Shasta View 41.24360, -122.38367

We parked not in front of the building, but in the side street. The night was quiet.

Mostardas-secrétariat municipal de turismo -31.10570, -50.91991

Stayed here one night. Paid 20$ cash for a tent site with electric and water. Nothing fancy, but was cheap and had access to a hott shower as well. I think they stay open until Canadian Thanksgiving but call them ahead of time. Thanks for the tip!

Brookdale Country Inn RV Park 48.98954, -55.54147

Very cool place and friendly host! Hot shower and beautifuo oasis near the place!

El Padrino Campground 27.28482, -112.90184

We accidentaly drove through even there were some officers haha .. So they were pretty upset and searched us of course.. But they were polite and friendly!

Military Checkpoint 27.29019, -112.92673

the road down is steep but very smooth. the whole site has been redeveloped and there is fresh gravel everywhere and enough room to turn around a truck with a large trailer or 5th wheel, but getting back up the hill and onto the highway could be difficult. Nowhere to pull over on the highway to walk down and check it out. Nice new boat launch. Every site on the lake has a table, fireplace and bench. 6 sites are done, looks like more are being built. Can hear traffic noise above when outside but in my van I don't notice. I have recently stayed in far noisier locations.

Latremouille Lake Recreation Site 51.49391, -120.33747
Serena Dryden

We stayed here 1 night in our van but got here pretty late. We couldn’t see much since it was dark already so for safety we stayed at a site that was closer to the road. In the morning we left and were able to see the rest of the area. There was a couple normal campers but unfortunately there was also 1 campsite that had around 5 cars/rvs and looked like they been living there awhile. The whole area was trashed that they had. We had a great night though because we found a site very far from them. Overall I’d say it’s decent but nothing special.

South Sand Dunes 45.41017, -93.66449

Gravel lot along river with 16 spots for RVs and trailers. $25 (May - October) $16 (Novber - April). Bathroom/showers were clean.

Griffin Park 44.35825, -100.34360

van weatherstrips and windows wipes on the car park at mi bodega Aurrera, there is a gentleman called Mesías , had got all type of weatherstrips
for van doors and windows, also has windows wipe, very competent did an amazing job on my van, also good prices

weatherstrips replacement 15.86796, -97.07436

Many other overnighters (vans/cars) road noise is loud but good enough for a nights sleep

Love's Travel Stop 42.87083, -87.94083

We slept here in our sprinter. Very quiet at night, lots of fisherman in the morning, so you might wake up early, but they were all very friendly :). Beautiful sunset And sunrise on the dunes!
Nice fishing, lot of wind in the evening. Good cell reception.

Nous avons dormi ici dans notre sprinter. Très bel endroit calme et sécuritaire. Nous étions seuls le soir. Beaucoup de vent, magnifique coucher de soleil et levé de soleil sur les dunes!
Plusieurs pêcheurs tôt le matin, alors prévoyez vous réveiller tôt. Mais ils sont tellement sympathiques!

Exploravan du Québec au Costa Rica :)

Old Warf - Guerrero Negro 28.03483, -114.11708

Nice hot showers. As described. Still 25 pesos per persons. Not perfectly clean but ok.

Douches chaudes, comme décrites. Toujours 25 pesos par personnes. Pas parfaitement propre mais ok.
Deux douches séparées avec vanité et lavabo dans une grande pièce avec une toilette commune aux deux douches. La porte extérieure se barre, vous serez donc seuls.

Gas Station with Showers (VP Fuels) 27.96733, -114.02800

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