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The current GPS point for this is 45 minutes from Los Azufres hot springs on a private fruit orchard far away from any hills, as shown in the original post’s photos. Vehicles coming here (we are a van) will have difficulties turning around.

Free Boondocking in Meadow Near Hotsprings 19.86674, -100.66101

Marcos is the owner! He is very friendly! He is bulding a sustainable hostal, and he needs some help with lot of things! So he is open to recive volunteers! The place is amazing, have an entrance in a private beach! And sometimes there is a good wave! But if it doesn’t, playa el bonjo is very close to go walking or in motorcycle!

If you don’t want to be a volunteer, u can stay there and maybe the price is 5 or 10 dollars per night per person! Have a kitchen, bathrooms, showrs, private beach and bikes to go around!

Playa punta mango is 10 or 15 minutes in car!

Beach shack 2019 13.16749, -88.20245

Nice rooms but, nope. Only one here.

Baja Oasis Hotel 27.30134, -112.88689

no camping sign.
plusieurs signe d'interdiction de camping.
j'ai ete au camper au sanger memorial rv park. 2 minutes plus loin.

Windsor Falls 48.92722, -55.63582

Road was a bit sketchy in my skoolie (just because of the steep grade on gravel on a rainy day) but we took the first spot at the turn off and sign for mallet pond and its very peaceful here

Rossman Pond 42.59328, -74.52510

plenty of room for my 37 foot Class A rig. I parked parallel taking up several parking spots. no one bothered me. I saw a few other boondockers on both sides of the street.

Ride Share 35.12275, -120.58957

This place is permanently closed.

Parking lot 25.66788, -100.31875

Stationnement 24 h près de piste cyclable, toilette ouverte de 8h00 a 22h00, . 10 places

Parc Beauséjour (face au 235, rue Dumoulin) Rimouski 48.43412, -68.54436

This place is small, it's not a marina with a club house. There are bathrooms anyone can use. The shower requires a code and costs. If you get there late then it's unlikely you can take a shower unless a kind marina member happens to be around and knows the code.

Hot showers at Mahone Bay civic Marina 44.45159, -64.38029

Basically a big parking lot with roofed picnic tables and fire rings for each spot. First come first serve for $10 a night. Humming of the power station in the distance but not too bad.

Holter Dam Campground 46.99481, -112.01134

Overnight parking is prohibited. --- interdiction de stationner a cet endroit pendant la nuit.

Windsor Falls 48.92442, -55.65169

Manastash Ridge Observatory correction for the mangled name. Also adding that if you decide to use the track towards Ellensburg it’s borderline 4WD with a 43” wheeled Unimog so use caution and you’ll need to get onto a field of the farm that is at exit. Turn left for 50 yards and use caution to stay off the crops.

Manastash Ridge Observatory 46.95129, -120.72408

Good place to shower, get food, gas. plenty of other rv, van, cars overnighting

Love’s 46.94745, -114.13283
Rodrigo Piovesan

Estacionamento em frente a Gruta, com ponto de energia elétrica em uma caixa de concreto na grama. Ponto de água fica de baixo da gruta, mas precisa falar com os vigilantes que são muito educados.

Basilica do Pai Eterno -16.66187, -49.48556

Nice open area to camp next to the Blue River. Restrooms were clean. Only issue was others letting their dogs run around.

Columbine Landing Recreation Site 39.75956, -106.13535

muy bueno han vuelto abrir el restaurante en una nueva ubicación por la plaza principal de la misma ciudad de Cusco.

Vida Vegan Bistro -13.51389, -71.97578


Vida Vegan Bistro -13.51389, -71.97578
Cherise Prinsloo

Please note that these are the contact details for this listing:
Willie Prinsloo:
+ 27 83 390 1330
+258 84 6729302

Buffalo camp -20.90146, 34.28925

Opened in 2019, in very good condtion. Very clean, good hot shower, good bed nets and secure parking. Before we looked at Tiga hotel and Hondo Hondo but similar to what you get here, hence not worth their high prices. Here rooms for 40.000 inc breakfast. Very friendly staff, the mama cooks nice dinners for 6.000 (best Chipsi mayai I've had)

Mgaya executive lodge -7.85140, 36.88735

Very nice place for breakfast, lunch or a coffee! The owner is very passionate about his bread. They have very nice bread, with no chemicals added. They also sell an assortiment of cookies, dates bites etcetera.

Note: they will move in a week to the centre of town (near props). This location will be take away only for pies and pastries.

Artisan Bread, Bakery and Coffeeshop -22.94503, 14.51602

There is a parking lot at the end of Stewart Mountain Road. 5 other campers stayed here which include a large trailer, some smaller rvs and a camper van. There were a lot of other vehicles here enjoying the beach until dark. Some search and rescue people showed up with a hovercraft but were not needed. They seemed to have no interest in all the campers.

Houston's Beach 45.21484, -64.36615

Peaceful, windy night in this driveway next to the lighthouse. Very close to the kite-surfing area and in front of natural tidal pools. Bring everything and take everything away. This place has no amenities and is pristine. The sandy driveway maybe too soft for big rigs but was ok for our kombi.

Farol do trapiá -2.86263, -40.86092

Around 50m near the walking trail, you can go among trees and find places for tent, out of sight.
you also can park your bike with you.

there is the road on the opposite side but nothing annoying.

just the walking dogs can come to see you 😉

Among trees 52.03211, 4.41932

a battery car dealer, recommended by car mechanics

Varta and other brands battery dealer 40.20976, 44.51254

As described! Beautiful spot in the complete dark. Few cars coming in and out. A lot of fishermen activity to watch from our bed. Cool!

Pointe de pruches 46.98778, -64.81117

print shop quick easy efficient very nice

print shop 6.35755, 2.44026

Aire de pic-nic légèrement en retrait de la route 134. Peu ou pas de circulation entre 22h et 7h30.

Halte pique-nique à Cocagne 46.39068, -64.64382

Great spot next to a nice Natural Reserve. It was raining and the 4x4 was not an unnecessary luxury.

Remote Camping at the beach 41.23150, 37.02550

WiFi in the time horton

WiFi au tim horton

TIM Horton 49.12546, -66.48448

estou viajando de bicicleta. era tarde da noite
e acampei nesse local foi muito tranquilo.

acampamento selvage -16.05568, -57.71698

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